5 Tips and Tricks for Using Discount and Promo Codes

Looking to make the best use of promo and discount codes? This article has got you covered. Today, we discuss a few tips and tricks that will help you make the most of online shopping and leverage discount coupons to earn unexpected discounts. Using coupons while shopping online, is similar to using coupons while shopping at a general store or a supermarket.

Several online websites offer numerous different kinds of coupon codes for the consumers that they can use at different places to avail of unbelievable discounts. During online shopping, you will have to enter the discount code before checking out. The discount applicable to that code is then deducted from your total purchase amount. The discount doesn’t need to be always in terms of price deduction. Sometimes it may include free shipping, and beyond.

1. Find Online Shopping Promo Codes

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Initially, when coupon codes came into existence, shoppers were not able to find them on the website of retailers. On the contrary, several other related websites used to contain discount codes for other websites, and this used to lead them to the website of a retailer, from where they can shop and avail discounts. Nowadays, several retailers still have promo codes listed on other websites, and they also have some incorporated on their websites. Additionally, they also send some codes to their consumers through emails, once in a while.

Shoppers can also locate some of the best discount codes available on the search engine. All you need to do is, simply type coupon codes on the search engine and it will revert with a long list of different websites, where you will find plenty of coupon codes. One of the most popular websites that offer several different types of coupon codes is Boohoo. If you want to know how it works, you can learn more here.

There are many couponing websites on the web today. However, consumers must be keen on signing up with these sites because some can be cybersecurity breach portals. When choosing a couponing website, you must check the security features, such as secure socket layer (SSL) and browser encryption (HTTPS), to ensure you’re dealing with a secure site. Identity theft and fraud may arise using your information. So, only deal with a couponing site with a data privacy policy and fair terms.

The most reputable couponing sites have tight partnerships with top retail brands in the market. They offer free coupons, promo codes, and gift cards that actually work. In addition, they also have helpful tools, like voucher finders and calendars, to make discounted shopping much easier. DontPayFull.com and other trusted platforms have such security features and couponing tools.

2. Claim a Discount Code

Based on the website on which you are shopping, you will find distinct boxes and places where you can enter the promo code you have. On several websites, you will notice that you will have to enter the coupon code at the time of checking out. On the contrary, several websites allow shoppers to add coupons on the order review page itself.

If you are not able to find a space to enter the coupons, you should look around well, before you complete your purchase. Even if you have copied the coupon, you will not be able to avail of the discount, unless it is being submitted to the retailer, through their website.

Redeeming a virtual voucher or promo code online for baby food, toiletries, appliances, clothes, gadgets, or, basically, any item can be tricky at times. For instance, some codes only work for specific brands. Also, you may be completely oblivious to the fact that a particular voucher is only good for one-time use.  Another reason a virtual voucher or code wouldn’t work is if one of the purchase requirements wasn’t met, such as a certain spending amount. That said, it’s always a must to check the validity period and requirements of the promo codes you acquire for a hassle-free and stress-free shopping experience.


3. Ensure that the Discount Coupon is Working

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While shopping, you will get a page on the merchant’s site where it shows the amount that you will have to pay for your purchase. After entering the coupon, it will also display the discount that is being deducted from the purchase amount, and shipping amount, if applicable.

All of the above-stated charges are contained on the order page, before you approve of the amount, you are ready to pay. If for some reason, even after entering the coupon, you notice that the discount is not deducted from the purchase amount, look for an error page, if the website is displaying something, or there is a glitch. You should contact the customer service of your retailer before completing your purchase.

4. Click on the “Add to Cart” option and leave the items in your cart

If you are looking to get a discount on something that you wish to buy, this trick may work. Just login to your account, add the desired item to your cart and leave it there. ECommerce websites wish to close as many deals as possible at the earliest. They will try drawing you back to the website by offering certain attractive discounts. You can expect to get an email with a coupon or notice that the price slashed for that particular item. However, this trick will not work on every website, but it worked on many.

Once you leave some items in your cart, the store tries to entice you by sending luring offers for you to complete your purchase.

5. Connect with the Social Media Profile of a Store

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You can choose to follow a particular retailer on social media. Follow their page on Twitter and like it on Facebook. They often provide some amazing discounts to their social media followers. You may get early access to major sales, about to come upon their website, or can also get exclusive coupons that they have only for their social media audience.

Different Types of Promotional Coupons

Did you know? There are three different types of promotional codes that shoppers can make use of to avail exciting discounts on online shopping. Store owners generally offer different types of promos to different consumers. That said, distinct coupons contain different discounts.

  • Private Codes: Private Codes are often used by online stores to target a specific group of people. Such codes are usually provided to loyal consumers to provide a special shopping opportunity. For instance, private codes work best when offered to first-time buyers. It helps stores attract more consumers.
  • Public Code: Public Coupons are usually displayed at several different places. Other sites also have public codes of a retailer, listed. Such coupons are beneficial both for previous consumers and new consumers. New shoppers get attracted and previous consumers think of buying something at discounted rates.
  • Restricted Codes: These coupons are targeted only to a single user and they can also use it only once. For instance, retailers often send restricted coupons to consumers when they have to apologize to their consumers for delayed shipment, or when their package was hampered during transit. They may also provide restricted coupons to their elite customers.


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With an increase in demand for online shopping, online stores are offering discount coupons to entice consumers to buy. Coupons don’t work many times due to several reasons. Hence you should ensure that you have a valid promo to make a beneficial purchase.