6 Tips for Matching Eyeglass Frames to Your Face Shape

Fashion is something that comes in many different forms. It has a lot of sides and subcategories and it is quite challenging to even mention them all at once. Both as an industry and a personal sense of style, fashion has always been important in the lives of humans. Expressing one’s believes and showing what we are about can be done through clothing, footwear, and accessories quite easily.

However, not everything we wear serves an aesthetic purpose. That which we put on ourselves often has a deeper role. This has also been the case throughout history with many different items, most of which were accessories. While footwear can help in many different ways, and while clothing does either keeps us warm or allows us to cool down, it is the accessories we wear that serve the highest of purposes.

One Accessory to Rule Them All

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Between jewelry, watches, and other things people enjoy, there an item that on its own checks more than one box. Those would be glasses, an essential product that every person needs in one form or another. Glasses help us in so many ways.

They protect our eyes from sun exposure and the elements, allow an easier time in certain situations like running or riding, and they even protect our vision from screens and dangerous light. Of course, if somebody’s vision has already suffered, specialized glasses are worn to help either correct their vision or mitigate what has already been lost.

Glasses have been crucial for mankind for centuries, but they have never come in so many varieties as they do now. Actually, it is the eyeglass frames that take the game to the next level and offer so much both in terms or aesthetics and use.

But can everyone wear just about any eyeglass frame, or are there rules to this? Of course there are as it all comes down to the face shape of the wearer. In the following sections we talk about how to match frames to your specific face shape and give you all the tips to continue doing it right. Read on to learn more and be sure to visit here for a great offer of eyeglasses.

1. Differentiate Between Face Shape

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Each of us falls under a certain face shape and the first tip for matching eyeglasses to your own is learning which shape you are. There are half a dozen shapes that most people belong to and once you find out which one you are you have to accept it.

Accepting the fact that some eyeglass frames will never look as good on you as they do on others is the initial step here. Then comes the realization that there are plenty of frames for every face shape and that you will eventually find exactly what you are looking for, provided that you give yourself enough time and browse enough brands and stores.

2. Ask for Guidance and Advice

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The person who is about to sell you the glasses should be able to give you proper advice regarding the type of frame you need. Buying online may not prove like the best course of action unless you know the exact shape and size, so make sure to first get some expert help at your local store. You can always order off the internet later.

The reason behind the professional helping you is simple. They have the experience needed and it is their job to recommend people what to get. Feel free to ask them whatever you feel like until you find the best option. Never settle for something just to make things quicker, or you will end up with a pair that does not agree with your face.

3. Round Face Frames

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Let us start with the specific shapes of faces and the best type of frames to look for. First off is the round face. People who have this type of face have full cheeks, rounded chins, and equal length and width of the entire face. Since your face is symmetrical on its own, you need some contrast with the frames. What this means is going bold and big with the glasses and choosing lenses that are as tall as they are wide. Do not be afraid of the details and make sure they are bold. The nose pads of the glasses should be adjustable.

4. Square Face Frames

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If you have a prominent jawline that is one of your signature facial features, angular face line, and a wide forehead, you have a square face. Glass frames that will work best with this facial shape need to be round or swept. Offsetting the square nature of your face with round frames is how you add contrast to the whole look. The frames themselves work best if they are thinner, while the colors should be neutral (cream, taupe, beige).

5. Oval Face Frames

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Now, oval is not the same as round. Oval face shapes include narrow chins, high cheekbones, and balanced features. It is a narrower shape than the aforementioned round one and the cheeks are not nearly as full. However, the shapes should still be bolder, but the size needs to be balanced, so not too big nor too small. You can experiment with textures and colors as this face shape goes well with fun and relaxed designs. From cat-eye to rectangle, you have a lot of variety to choose from.

6. Diamond Face Frames

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People with diamond-shaped faces have distinctive cheekbones, parallel and narrow eyes, and narrow jawlines. It is the rarest among all shapes and therefore calls for careful eyeglass frame picking. Make sure to avoid narrow frames and always go for wide.

The narrow nature of your eyes and jaw cannot work well with frames that are also narrow. Apart from going wide, pick frames that have angular lines. The best look will be achieved if you find a semi-rimless pair of eyeglasses that are top heavy. This will achieve a dramatic yet balanced look, stylish and well in agreement with your facial features.