How to Care for Relaxed Texture Hair – 2024 Guide

Out of all the textures of extensions, the relaxed texture is one of the best. Loose texture hair blends perfectly with natural hair and is durable. Extensions have different life spans, which tell their durability value.

Weaves that blend with your natural tresses should be the type to go for in the market. Such extensions also must require low maintenance and still have their shine.

To ensure your permed weave lasts longer or if you are not sure how to maintain one, this guide will help you.

 About Relaxed Texture Extensions

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The relaxed texture mimics how natural hair looks after treatment with a relaxer. The permed texture of these extensions is similar to African American hair treated mildly with a relaxer. Relaxed extensions can exist as clip-ins, tape-ins, sew-ins, flip-ins, or more, considering installation methods.

The features of relaxed texture sew-ins make them one of the best textured straight hair extensions. Permed sew-in weaves are popular with African American women since they look similar to Type 4 hair when relaxed. Relaxed texture extensions blend seamlessly with natural hair. Permed weave sew-ins are also lightweight.

Caring for Relaxed Texture Extensions

Virgin extensions are more durable than others. Know that if you’re looking for relaxed texture weaves that will last, it is best to go with 100% Pure Virgin Hair. This type of extension is human hair, with its cuticles preserved. An extension will not last without maintenance despite its standard.

Here are a few tips on how to care for a relaxed texture:


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You can wash Virgin Extensions as often as you do your natural hair without bothering about losing its quality. But if you wish to retain the shine of your permed weaves, there are certain things to do you should do when you wash.

Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Shampoo products with sulfate as an ingredient will dry out your permed extension.

Use Deep Conditioners or Moisturizers

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Always use moisturizers when washing and detangling your permed weave. Keratin-rich conditioner is a good type.

Air Dry After Washing

After washing your extension, it is best to air-dry rather than blow-dry. This method prevents frizz and subjection to excess heat when blow drying.


The safest ways to comb and detangle your permed weave are;

Detangler Brush

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Use a good brush or wide toothcomb to detangle your relaxed extensions. Small-toothed combs will cause knots and pull at the weaves.

Finger Comb

Let your fingers glide through your permed weaves from base to roots. This method is also one of the safest ways to detangle natural Type 4C type.

Other ways to maintain your relaxed weaves are:

  • Do not use excess heat on your extensions.
  • Reduce the number of heat protectants, hairsprays, serums, and other products.
  • Wear a satin/silk scarf before bed if you are on tape-ins or sew-ins. It is also favorable to use a satin pillowcase on your pillow.
  • You can easily dye Virgin relaxed hair extensions without worrying about damaging the hair.

When you dye your extension, use apple cider vinegar after rinsing off the color, shampoo, and condition it before drying.

The durability of any hair extension depends on maintenance. To ensure your relaxed hair texture retains its lushness and shine, follow the tips in this article.