Different Types of ONYC Hair Sassy Remy Hair Textures

ONYC Hair Sassy Remy textures give quality and affordability to customers. These tresses have quite a good reputation in the company due to their high quality and reliable source. With this concise guide, you will discover the extensions this collection offers.

ONYC Hair Sassy Remy Collection – What to Know

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ONYC Hair Sassy Remy collection offers a range of textured tresses suitable for any mane type. The strands have a perfect silky and soft feeling that leaves customers happy. The brand specializes in quality. Hence, it gives customers the best while proposing great deals.

The ONYC Hair Sassy Hair Reviews mention the easy maintenance of the weaves. These strands are tangle-free and have no shedding. The collection gets its source from various parts of the world. The Virgin hair company acquires the best wefts from India, Mongolia, Europe, and other parts of the world.

ONYC Hair Sassy Remy Products

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With a reputation for silky, soft strands, here are the ONYC Hair Sassy Remy products.

Sassy Remy Silky Straight

These wefts mimic the type 1 tress. They are known for their smooth, silky, and soft texture. The cuticles being intact offers flexibility and a lot of flow. The product is versatile. Curling and straightening are possible to create a variety of looks. These type 1 weaves are available in various lengths to give more volume. The strands flow in the same direction. This feature makes the extension very durable.

According to reviews, this product is the easiest to maintain in the collection. This mane is available in wefts, closure, and bundle deals. The bundle deals suggest affordable prices for wefts and a matching closure.

Sassy Remy Light Relaxed Yaki

This ONYC Hair Sassy Remy product mimics relaxed 4b-4c hair. It is suitable for black hair. The tresses are also perfect for other hair types. It gives that light yaki look. These weaves have more body and volume than the silky straight wefts. They are also soft and flexible. It is the perfect option for a full mane or blow-out look.

Customers state the fact that two packs of the wefts offer a lot of volumes. The kinky texture gives the weave more body. However, it is lightweight. These strands are also available in wefts, lace closures, and bundle deals.

Sassy Remy Body Wavy

This product is an exact copy of the type 2b-2c tresses. It has medium luster. The texture is a loose s-pattern. The wavy body gives customers volume and versatility. It’s the perfect summer extension. The strands are silky and soft to the touch. These ONYC Hair sassy remy extensions give off that Indian look.

With the perfect amount of luster, the hair does not require a lot of moisture. It is low maintenance. Customers attest to straightening and curling the weaves for the most exotic styles. With deep conditioning after washing, the waves bounce right back. It’s quite a lot from a simple product. This line is available in wefts, closures, bundle deals, and special ombre-colored wefts.

Sassy Remy Wavy

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This product is similar to the type 2b waves. However, its pattern mimics the loose 2a wavy texture. These tresses are very lightweight. The weave features magnificent waves running from the middle of the strands to the tips. It is tangle-free, silky, and soft like the other extensions. The wefts are low maintenance. This collection is available in lace frontal closure, wefts, and bundle deals.

The ONYC Hair Sassy Remy Collection is one the brand brags about. You can try out any of these products for an affordable price while expecting good quality.