9 Tips For Choosing The Right Lash Extension Option

Every woman wishes to flaunt her eyelashes. Lashes enhance natural beauty. If you are not satisfied with your eyelashes, you can always opt for lash extensions. But before opting for lash extensions, you need to know a few things to choose the best lashes for your eyes. If you are overwhelmed with the variety of options available in the market, we have got you covered. This write-up touches upon all dimensions that guide you in choosing the right eyelash extensions.

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People often confuse lash extensions with fake lashes. Fake eyelashes are artificial strips resembling natural lashes, while extensions are separate strands of fibers glued to natural lashes to enhance the look. You may not always find fake strips that suit all face dimensions, and makeup looks. That’s why separate lash extensions are the best option to create a customized eye makeup look. They are available in various materials, including silk, mink, synthetic, and faux-mink. Lash extensions are far more customizable and suit all eye shapes and sizes than artificial strips.

What factors do you need to take care of while choosing lash extensions?

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  • Eye Shape: As we all know, biological features vary across humankind including eyes. Hence, no two eyes are the same. Hooded, Monolid, protruded, almond, downsided, upturned, close-set, and wide-set are common shapes found. Each eye characteristic styles well with respective unique extensions. What suits one eye shape may not suit the other. While the C curl suits well for almond-shaped eyes, hooded eyes look more beautiful with L and L+ lashes. A proper understanding of eye shape can equip you with better knowledge about lash extensions.
  • Eyesize: Longer lashes don’t go well with small eyes, and smaller lashes don’t go well with large eyes. Eye size is the second most crucial dimension that needs your attention to choose the right lash extension.
  • Length: You cannot simply go and choose longer lashes just because you like to flaunt them. Your eyelashes must be able to tolerate the weight of lash extensions. For instance, shorter lashes cannot tolerate longer and voluminous extensions. Lash extensions must enhance the natural eye beauty rather than giving them an artificial look. Be choosy with the length, and make sure that they go well with your total makeup look.
  • Curl: Every woman loves to flaunt her curls, but there are specific thumb rules to follow. Lash extensions have a range of curls, including B, C, D, L, B+, C+, CC, D+, and DD. The higher letter represents a more pronounced thumb. If your eyes look sleepy, you may want to go with L-curved extensions as they give your eyes a more ‘wide-open’ look.
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  • Preferences: Preferences vary according to your needs. If you are attending a night-party, you might want to give your eye a sexier appeal by choosing lengthy and curly lashes over tiny and less curly lashes. Small and fine lashes are the perfect option for less crowded and formal functions, while long and voluminous lashes are preferable for night parties.
  • Colour: While length, volume, and curls add character to your eyes, colors glam-up your overall looks. As the fashionistas say, black color never goes out of fashion, and blue adds a pop of color to your eyes. Experiment with a range of colors by stepping out of your comfort zone. A few colors go well with specific eye colors. For instance, blue lash extensions add a sassy look to brown eyes, while brown neutralizes black eyes.
  • Tolerance: Besides looking glamorous, a couple more options need to be factored in to ensure that you don’t hurt your eyes while making them look more beautiful. Eyelashes are the most sensitive part of the eyes and need to be dealt with delicately. Choose the extensions depending upon the tolerance level of your natural lashes.
  • Thickness: There is no one-size-fits-all approach for thickness. It depends on your look. It might be challenging to make the right decision initially, but you will develop an instinct for the right thickness to each makeup look gradually. However, the ideal goal is to maintain the 1:1 formula to achieve a natural eye makeup look. This formula states that one lash extension on one natural lash gives a natural finish to the eye makeup look.
  • Material: As much as they enhance your eyes’ beauty, they might as well hurt your eyes in the longer run. So, be picky with the material you choose. Choose a suitable material that is fine and light. Faux-mink lashes are currently in trend as they are light, delicate, yet shiny, sassy, and voluminous. They give a glossy finish to your eyes and are recommended over silk lashes. As they are light, delicate, and silky, your eyes can easily tolerate the weight.
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A few tips to remember not to let the extensions disturb your eyelash health:

  • Never go to bed with eye makeup and extensions on your lashes.
  • While some suggest not to clean the lash area, they need to be taken care of to extend the life period. Cleansing your eye area is going to benefit your overall eye health in the longer run.
  • Avoid waterproof mascara with lash extensions on your eyes.
  • Always use oil-free cosmetics for your eye makeup if you are wearing lash extensions.
  • Eye-liner pencils create tension near your lash area and cause the glue to weaken. So, always prefer liquid eye-liner over eye-liner pencil.

On an end note, lash extensions enhance your eye beauty and work fine for a short-term glam-up look but hurt your hair follicles on longer-term usage. The process of applying lash extension involves tension and tugging of the lash area, which can weaken and break natural lashes. However, as suggested above, you can still choose light and fine materials to avoid giving an incomplete makeup look to your face while also caring for your eyes’ health.