How Do You Plant ACDC Seeds – 2024 Guide

Though cannabis falls into the category of psychoactive drugs, planting ACDC seeds or growing cannabis is often considered a part of recreational activities. If one is into gardening or looking for some greenery in their backyard, or needs some fun activities to spend their boring summer afternoons, cultivating cannabis does not seem to be that bad of an idea. And everyone knows the medicinal value of these plants, so having one at home is definitely a plus.

ACDC seeds are primarily found in the Central and East Asian regions and need a consistent temperature and moisture level to flourish beautifully. Cannabis requires more love and care to bloom into plants than you can imagine, especially if planted under inclement weather. Under such circumstances, growing acdc strain seeds indoors would be the best. For more information on where to get the seeds, you may check out

What Are ACDC Seeds?


Although it is a strain of cannabis, commonly known as marijuana, ACDC plants are mainly used for medicinal purposes.

It is one of the best cannabis strains available these days with little-to-no intoxicating qualities, i.e., it possesses mild psychoactive elements and has minimal side effects, unlike most other strains. Due to its low THC percentage, ACDC seeds are considered one of the best medicinal plants and remedies for anxiety, depression, inflammation, insomnia, PTSD, stress, and seizures. With the absence of THC components, ACDC plants do not contain any effects, be they destructive or good, making them brilliant physiological relaxers.

How To Cultivate ACDC Seeds?


As mentioned before, ACDC seeds are hard to grow and need regular care to thrive. Otherwise, they might rot even before germination. Here is how you can germinate them properly-

1. Soak The ACDC Seeds Under Tap Water

To accelerate germination, you can soak the seeds under tap water in a bowl. After 12 hours or so, the non-viable ACDC seeds will start to float, and the viable ones will sink to the bottom.

2. Get A Paper Towel And Wet It Properly

Meanwhile, take two thick paper towels and wet them with water, ensuring they are not dripping wet. Place one towel on a ceramic plate, provided the dish is completely covered. Keep the other towel beside.

3. Place The Seeds ½ Inch Apart On The Wet Towel

Now, take the viable ACDC seeds out of the water. Place the blunt side (non-pointy end)  of each seed ½ inch apart from each other on the paper towel over the plate. Now take the other wet towel and cover all the seeds gently from the top.

4. Store The Seeds Under A Consistent Temperature Of 21-29 Degree

When the seeds are all placed and covered, move the plate from direct sunlight or cold places. Store them under 21 to 29 degrees for the best result. ACDC seeds require a warm, moist, and consistent temperature to start rooting. You can use a heat lamp but make sure not to overheat it.

5. Maintain The Moisture On the Paper Towel

Keep checking the paper towel; if it feels dry, spray water on it as it is necessary for germination. But do not overdo it because too much water can rot the seeds.

6. Wait For The Germination

Viable ACDC seeds start to open within or after 48 hours. You will see tiny, white roots appear through the opening. Once the roots are ¼  to ½ inch long, the seeds are ready to be planted. However, you must be very careful while pulling out the seeds from the towel as they are open and fragile. Be very gentle not to damage the newly sprouted roots.

Remember to discard seeds that have not rooted even after a few days, as they are unlikely to germinate.

Growing The Germinated ACDC Seeds


Now it is time to plant the freshly germinated seeds-

1. Get 2inches Long Garden Pots And Fill Them With Soil

Look for sturdy, 2inches in height, small garden pots at your local store or online and buy a few. Now, fill 3/4th of all pots with loose and airy potting soil. If one does not have soil, one can also use starter cubes. One can get it at the local garden shop. Starter cubes are generally made of composted barks and have a hole in the middle to put the seeds in, but they are pretty expensive compared to soil.

2. Make A 1/4inch Hole In The Soil

Once you have finished filling the pots, dig a 0.64cm or 1/4inch long hole in the soil. One can use a pen or pencil and mark it to make digging easier. Be positive not to dig too shallow as the seeds would not have enough soil to grow and might root as a result, or too deep as the seeds would take longer than required to start sprouting.

3. Put The Seeds Inside With Tweezers

Pick the seeds with a tweezer and point out the tap root or the longer root out of the two. Now, place the seeds inside the hole while ensuring that the tap root faces the ground and touches the soil. Do not poke or protrude the seeds with tweezers, as it can damage them.

4. Cover The Seeds With Soil

Once done planting the seeds, cover the dug-up hole with soil. Do not press over the seeds instead, fill them up gently.

5. Make A Regular Watering Schedule

You must water the plant 1-2times every day to keep it well moist. Fix two times in the day according to your free time, preferably one time in the morning and one during the evening or night, and water the seeds regularly at that time.

6. Use LED Lamps

ACDC needs light all the time. So, one should purchase an LED that produces little heat, or cool white grow lamps to maintain the consistent mild warm weather near the plant.

Caring for the ACDC seeds


The hardest part is over. All you need to do now is ensure that the seeds are out of direct sunlight or cold weather and getting watered regularly. If you follow all the steps mentioned correctly, you should see them blooming within a few weeks. Avoid touching the plant when it’s growing, and enjoy the greenery.