4 Tips on Growing Marijuana Seeds Indoors

Over recent years, there has been a major rise in the number of people that are growing marijuana indoors. In comparison to growing outdoors, there are many reasons why people opt to grow cannabis inside.

When you plant your seeds outdoors, you are not in control of the environment. If you have a grow tent and LED lights, you can control your plant’s surroundings, making it difficult to get damaged or to become a victim of a bug infestation which often happens with outdoor crops. Severe weather conditions can cause lots of issues to plants grown outdoors. Strong winds, heavy rain, extreme heat, etc. can all destroy your plants in a very short space of time.

Although plenty of growers have had fantastic success growing cannabis plants outdoors, growing indoors is more popular nowadays. Although marijuana’s bad reputation is gradually changing, there are still many people who want to hide the fact that they are growing cannabis on their property. Growing indoors allows them to grow marijuana discreetly.

What Strain do you want?

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Before you start the growing process, you have to think about what strain you would like to use. Some people prefer to use the Sativa strain while others prefer Indica.

Sativa gives a person energy and can inspire the individual to be more creative. Many people suffering from depression and anxiety use the Sativa strain to help lift their mood. Sativa thrives in warm climates, and many people find it a difficult strain to grow indoors. Sativa plants are known to grow extremely tall, so you have to have a very large grow room. Although growing Sativa plants indoors is possible, very few growers have a room large enough to succeed. Some Sativa plants can grow 20 feet tall! Before you start growing, keep this in mind if you decide to use Sativa seeds. Sativa plants tend to grow a lot longer to grow than Indica plants.

Indica gives individuals a different experience. It helps those who consume the strain feel relaxed. Those suffering from chronic pain or insomnia often use the strain to treat their conditions. Most growers opt to use Indica seeds because the plants are much shorter and bushier in comparison to Sativa plants, which makes them ideal for growing indoors. You don’t need to have a really big grow room to successfully grow Indica Plants. Indica plants take a shorter time to fully grow.

The other option which is also very popular nowadays is Hybrid strains. Hybrids will have a mixture of the traits taken from the parent plants. To understand the effects of Hybrid plants, you will have to research both the parent plants.

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Purchase Quality LED Lights

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Over the past few years, if you are a regular grower you will have noticed that the LED grow lights technology is getting a lot better. Because these lights are rapidly improving, some well-known LED companies are struggling to keep up with their competitors. Some of the LED lights available on the market today are much more superior to those found a few years ago.

Although you can still successfully grow marijuana with these older models, don’t just purchase an LED light assuming it will get the job done. Some of the latest LED lights available help speed up the growing process and can help produce a healthier plant. Sometimes these LED lights can help you get a better yield, improve the smell of the buds and even increase the potency of the cannabis.

There are plenty of LED lights available in traditional and online grow stores. Consider researching the lights before you spend your hard-earned money. Growers often publish content online explaining their experiences with grow equipment they used.

Consider Growing with Clones

Instead of buying seeds, many growers grow their cannabis plants from cuttings from another mother plant. Here are some of the reasons why you might find this option appealing

  • Faster: If you use cuttings from a mother plant, you will avoid having to germinate seeds which will give you a good head start. Cloned plants tend to grow a lot faster than plants that are grown from seeds.
  • Same traits: Sometimes having the same traits as the mother plant isn’t always a good thing but it will help you prepare for the growing process. You will be able to accurately estimate how long it will take to harvest, what issues that might occur, the height of the plant, the taste, and the smell.
  • Cost-effective: Unless you purchase the clones from another grower, taking clones from a mother plant from one of your own plants won’t cost you a penny. Purchasing top-quality seeds can be expensive, so this is a nice option.

Although the laws on cannabis are rapidly changing in many countries and states all around the globe, it is still illegal in many areas. Even in countries where growing cannabis is illegal, the sale of marijuana seeds is often legal. Clones on the other hand are often a criminal offense.

Harvesting Tips

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Knowing when to harvest your plants is critical in making sure you maximize both the yield and the potency. It would be a big disappointment if you harvest your plants too early, after you have spent a lot of money and devoted a lot of your time into growing cannabis and then in the final phase losing out on a lot of buds.

If you harvest too soon or too late it can have a major effect on the marijuana’s THC level. Once the plants are harvested, you must make sure the buds are properly dried. This normally takes around 3 to 7 days. Although it might be tempting to try out some of your new buds while they are not fully dried, avoid making this mistake. Once the drying process is complete, the buds must then be cured for a couple of weeks. This is a vital phase as it will help improve the smell, taste, and overall smoothness. Again, this phase of the growing process should not be rushed.