What is the Difference Between Industrial and Normal PC?

We can say that there’s almost no household in the world that doesn’t have at least one PC. After mobile phones, this is probably one of the widespread technology. But, how many people know that there are both industrial PCs, besides normal PCs that we can find in our homes. As you can see from the name of the concept, industrial PCs are not the same as normal ones.

They are created to be stronger and stable with protections from pollutions like wreckage, soil, and in some cases, even water. At the same time, they are made to handle even extreme conditions like humidity and temperature. Basically, it needs to be said that they are made to withstand all the conditions of a working environment. When it comes to common computers, they are used for everyday activities by ordinary people. Probably the best way to describe them is to call them commercial.

But, when we say that, it needs to be said that desktop PCs are not the only commercial computers. One of the main components that make the real distinction between these two is the motherboard, and how powerful this one is. If you would like to take a look at one of the most powerful ones on the market, be sure to take a look at adek.com. However, this is not the only thing that separates these two concepts. Now, we would like to talk about some of the differences between these two.

The Comparison

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The first thing that needs to be said is that industrial computers are made to be used in an environment where is impossible to use commercial ones. At the same time, they can be used 24/7, and endurance against conditions like extreme weather conditions, sufficient thermal dissipation, and poor power supply. At the same time, we can see that they are way more reliable, and they provide any kind of essential support and services.

So, you can see that these, industrial computers are used for a working environment where this reliability comes as an absolute must. When it comes to commercial ones, they are all around us.

Not only that they are used in our homes, but they are also used as a part of ATMs and many other systems people need to use for a wide array of everyday activities. It needs to be said that they are not nearly as reliable as industrial ones.

Reliability and Performance

As you can presume, industrial computers are much more powerful than normal ones. They have the possibility of using some of the most powerful software, strong automation software, and electrical systems. Of course, you can see that they are working with maximum reliability and the best possible performance. We’ve already mentioned that some of them are designed to be used in harsh environments where machines with less power simply cannot be as effective.

In some cases, conditions that can be considered typical in some of the industries can have a negative effect on machine’s productivity and efficiency. That’s why it is important to use machines that are powerful enough to endure all of these negatives. When you take a look at commercial PCs, you will see that they are simply sufficient to the requirements. Therefore, they are used only for people’s everyday activities who don’t require so much power from them.


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When it comes to the question of expandability, it makes sense to say that industrial ones have much more capacity for it than common PCs. Since they have high capacities, we can see that any upgrade will be handled much better by them than normal ones. According to some experts, we can see that the most powerful industrial computers of our time have the capacity to run the applications developed in the next five years.

While it may doesn’t sound too impressive, believe us, it is. The reason being that every year we are witnessing a plethora of upgrades that require new levels of capacity to work without any obstacles. When you compare that to commercial ones, you will see that they are nowhere near that level and that we cannot expect to be as powerful in the next year, let alone five years.

Therefore, we can see that industrial ones have much more capacity for expandability.


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Commercial PCs may require a low initial investment at first, but we can see that chances of these costs growing are pretty high. For example, just think about how many times you’ve repaired your computer and how much money it was required from you to pay for the repair. While the initial cost is pretty low, the total cost of ownership can be pretty high, depending on the situation.

However, you will not buy something that you are not going to use in a full capacity, right? So, it all comes down to what you really need. But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider any other alternatives placed in front of you.

When we’re discussing industrial computers, we can see that the initial investment for them is pretty high. However, with them having the capacity to overcome even the biggest problems, you can see that you will not be required to pay for any repairs since there will not be any of them for a long time. So, you can see that, when thinking about the cost considerations, you should look much beyond that the original price. That way, you will be able to find a perfect long-term solution.

The Bottom Line

We can see that there are some major differences between these two concepts, even though the initial idea is practically the same. Of course, they are used for completely different reasons. So, developers practically adjusted them to different surroundings and needs. Of course, this kind of practice is what made one of these concepts so powerful that they can withstand pretty much all the obstacles. At the same time, the other one is used for everyday activities.