5 Benefits of Using Field Management Software for Your Business

Opening Word

It has been said many times before already, but there is no prosperous business in the 21st century without the smart use of technology and software. If you mean to rise above your competitors and leave them in your rearview mirror, you have to utilize smart technologies and modern trends the right way. Only then will you be able to take your business to the next level.

This is even more obvious and important for businesses that deal with field employees on a regular basis. If your service of the product means having a lot of employees far away from your offices and constantly on the move, field management software is exactly what you need. In this article, you can learn all about it as well as get familiar with all the benefits it can introduce to your place of operations. For additional information, we highly advise you to check out tillerstack.com.

What is it in the First Place?

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Naturally, you have to know a bit more about the field management systems if you are to properly introduce them into your business. We should first mention that no matter what the specific business in question is, there are numerous aspects that are common concerns for a wide range of companies that deal with quite different things.

For example, the absence of optimal workflow and paperwork overhead is a key issue. Most companies still deal with it old school, with pen and paper, while others use Excel and similar solutions. While useful, it is largely outdated and time-consuming. For more precise analytics and time conservation, modern software is much better.

What is more, overlapping of schedules, mismatching of required technicians and their respective skillsets and the jobs at hand, and failing to quickly react to emergencies and urgent situations are all made easier through the use of an average field management software.

Then there are things like mileage and fuel consumption and spending too much money on repairs for wear and tear of vehicles simply because the routes and tracks were hardly optimized.

Delay of all sorts may cause downtime and stranded shipments, important data may get piled up and not in the system at the end of a shift, and so on and so forth.

Such problems constantly cause you to lose money and endanger your relationship with clients. If you want to deal with the three core things every business should strive for, those being increased efficiency, cost reduction, and increased customer satisfaction, look no further than field management software for your business.

The Benefits

It is high time we looked at the most important benefits of such systems and why you need to implement one into your routine.

1. Standardized Workflow and Dynamic Scheduling

Humans are creatures of habits and it is much easier to perform tasks if there is a clear schedule. When things are standardized in a way that everyone and everything contributes to the one and the same workflow, the result is a successful company. Standardizing your workflow means dealing with every single process from dispatching to invoicing. For the best helper along every step of the way, think about adopting a field service management app. Once you start using it you will see how much time was wasted due to inefficient schedules and shift overlays.

2. No More Paperwork

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Ah yes, paperwork, the dread of all companies who wish to increase their performance and cut useless parts of their daily operations in favor of something more productive and urgent. Excessively complicated administrative procedures always come with tons of paperwork to fill, send, and receive, but so do the little ones that seem obvious. Data loss and inaccuracies appear more often with more paperwork, so eliminating it once and for all or at least appropriating it to how you can utilize it better is crucial. Software made for this will eliminate the incredible amount of paperwork that appears daily and prevent duplicates, information loss, and inaccurate data.

3. Cost Reductions Galore

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If you want to cut your financial losses across the board, there is hardly a better solution than this system. According to the companies who already use similar solutions, they have managed to cut hundreds of thousands on fuel while delivering more packages and arriving at the desired destinations quicker and more efficiently. Once you have standardized your routes and determined how to do things, it will be easier and more straightforward to calculate the best roads to take without paying for excess fuel for your fleet. Those who take longer to get there cost your business, while those who take alternate routes and stay idle on their journeys also lose you valuable profit. Once you get a new system going there will be no such errors and everyone will be doing the best work possible.

4. Inventory Management and Equipment Tracking

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If you have a lot of inventory in your storage that is simply too challenging and overwhelming to keep track of, or if you have to track down new parts and equipment on a regular basis, smart software like this will help you dearly. It will also be easier to keep track of the outgoing and incoming vehicles and what they are carrying away or bringing to the headquarters. Being able to tell exactly how much of something you have or need at any given moment will eliminate potential downtime and waiting, giving you more efficient work hours.

5. Accurate Matching of Tasks and Employees

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There is nothing worse when you spend time and money on getting an employee to their destination only to learn that they are not the right people for the job, or that they delivered the wrong package. Whatever the situation may be, you have just lost time, money, and customer satisfaction. To make things even worse, you have to repeat the process one more time with greater care, urgency, and politeness so as not to lose the customer. With precise software, task matching will become easier and mistake-free. You will always be sure that the right people are on the right jobs.