7 Tips For Buying A Used Air Conditioner For Your Car

Air conditioning in the car for many days is not a luxury but a necessity, especially on hot summer days when the temperature exceeds 86F. Drivers in a hot car are often nervous and in a hurry to get to their destination as soon as possible, so mistakes they make while driving are common. Your ride must be comfortable when you go on a long trip, especially if you have children with you.

For this reason, we advise you to regularly check the condition of the air conditioner in the car so that you have enough time for possible interventions. It is best to perform the control in an authorized or specialized service before the start of the season. However, if you forgot to do it in the spring, do it at any time as this will avoid unwanted situations, expensive repairs, and negative health consequences. We also advise you to periodically check yourself between the two service intervals as follows:

Turn on the air conditioner and test if it cools enough and if the fan is running at all speeds. Listen carefully for strange sounds that may indicate a malfunction. In the event of any change in the operation of the air conditioner, be sure to visit one of the proven car air conditioning services. If everything is in order, we have prepared for you a few tips and recommendations for proper use and maintenance of air conditioners.

The air conditioner can be retrofitted to almost any car – the only limitations are with older models for which no suitable device can be found. These are the tips you need to follow if you want to install a used air conditioner in your vehicle.

1. Check that the air conditioner is serviced regularly

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With proper use and regular service, the air conditioner should serve you as much as the car itself. The air conditioning service must be performed by a professional because an inadequately performed service of filter replacement and refilling the system can adversely affect your health. respiratory problems. Also, keep in mind that it pays more to do regular service than repairing or installing a new one.

2. Listen to the operation of the air conditioner

By buying a used air conditioner, you have a great chance to buy the bacteria of the previous owner, in case he did not regularly service it and change the filter. You will check the operation of the air conditioner by turning it on and listening carefully for unusual sounds. If the sound does not turn up, adjust the temperature to the minimum and wait for ten minutes. The most common mistake buyers of used cars make is to briefly turn on the air conditioner and not wait to see if the car will cool down.

3. Cost-effectiveness

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Inquire about the prices of used and new air conditioners and think about which ones pay off more. If you opt for a used one, count on possible additional costs such as servicing and replacing the filter. Since used air conditioning is not cheap either, pay attention when buying. It is recommended that you shop at a verified location. On usedpart.us you can learn more about it.

Many do not use the air conditioning in the car completely properly, which can create additional costs due to the more frequent need to charge and maintain the air conditioning or even repair it. Therefore, below we bring you 4 tips to help you use the climate more efficiently, especially in the summer when driving without air conditioning is unthinkable.

4. Sun protection of cars

For the most comfortable temperature in the car cabin, it is necessary to protect the car from direct sun while it is still in the parking lot with the help of protective foils, blinds, and covers. This is very important if you are on the coast where the temperature inside a vehicle left in the sun for a few hours can be over 60 degrees. This will prevent the air in the cabin from getting hot and will cool the car’s interior faster when the air conditioning is switched on.

5. Proper use while driving

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The suggestion is to include cabin air recirculation because the air conditioner cools the air more easily, which is partially cooled by the hot air coming from outside. Direct the flow of air towards your feet and windshield to avoid a direct blow of cold air into your face that could impair your health and cause respiratory problems. You must set the temperature so that it is about 45F lower than the outside so that your body does not suffer a shock after you get out of the vehicle. It’s quite enough to make your ride comfortable and there’s no need to overdo it with cooling. If, on the other hand, you insist on a larger temperature difference, be sure to turn off the air conditioner 15 minutes before arriving at the destination and turn on the ventilation to avoid temperature shock. This way, the temperature will gradually equalize and your body will be able to withstand the outside temperature more easily.

6. Cleaning and disinfection of the air conditioning system

During the operation of the air conditioner, moisture is created in the evaporator, which is extremely conducive to the development of various bacteria and microorganisms that can be harmful to your health. The direct consequence of inhaling this air can be irritation of the eyes and respiratory organs, unpleasant odors during the operation of the climate, allergic reactions. Turning off the air conditioning 5 minutes before the end of the ride and boosting the ventilation will dry out the evaporator and significantly slow down the growth of bacteria.

If you smell an unpleasant odor during an operation it is most likely caused by accumulated bacteria, and you must disinfect the air conditioner at a service center. Depending on the frequency of air conditioning use, climate disinfection is recommended once or twice a year. It is advisable to do the treatment in case you feel an unpleasant odor when turning on the air conditioner. It is recommended that you disinfect the ventilation system when buying a used car.

7. Regular climate maintenance

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With proper use and regular service, the air conditioner should serve as much as the car itself. For your car’s air conditioning system to always be in good working order, it is first and foremost necessary to maintain it regularly. This means that regular inspection and cleaning of the system, replacement of filters, and checking the amount of gas are performed once a year. The correct system is a basic prerequisite for the efficient operation of the climate, and thus savings in its replenishment or replacement.