Are Adult Toys Still Taboo In Relationships? – 2024 Guide

The answer to this question is simple, and it’s a big NO! Why? Because it’s 2024, and we are more open-minded than before. But, it’s a fact that the sex practices that aren’t considered as a tradition are still taboo among the people. The good thing is that a lot of us are finally trying something new to spice things up in the bedroom, and give an additional spark of intimacy and satisfaction. Through the years, people learned that they are able to have sex for clear satisfaction, without having to reproduce themselves, and make kids every year. As we became more open, sex shops became a pretty normal thing, but the people are still avoiding them, thinking there is something to be ashamed of if they visit some store.

The sex toys are more than a vibrator or a rubbery doll we recognize as the most anticipated pieces. There are many more things people today prefer to use in their bedroom (or any other place they have sex). You can check to see the huge choice they have and get inspired by it. Through the years, we learned to appreciate physical pleasure, and improve our sex life. Many couples claim that their sex is much better as they choose to use some toys together.

It’s 2024, and it’s the right time to let those old and conservative beliefs go. Toys are not for single people, neither for homosexual couples. They are a nice addition to our bedroom, and of course, we keep them in private and use them only with the person that is allowed to get in. For example, when a couple is using a vibrator, they can improve the woman’s pleasure, and they can get even closer by doing that. Of course, that device won’t replace her partner, as many people wrongly believe. Also, it doesn’t mean he isn’t good enough – they just want to take the whole game a few levels up.

The fetishes and the rise of the BDSM scene

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People today aren’t afraid and ashamed to talk about their sexual preferences with their partners, even when they are weird or unexpected. We all have different preferences or fetishes, and they take an important part in our intimate life. We can’t expect that the other person will love the same things, but if they are open enough to experiment, you can “meet in the middle” and enjoy what you do.

Another thing we can’t ignore is the rise of the BDSM scene. BDSM is short for bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism, and describes a wide range of untraditional activities, that creates a whole new culture that wants something more than what’s accepted as normal. They do role-play, cross-dress, enjoy in their fetishes, wear latex clothes, and many other things the everyday people aren’t informed about, but this community is practicing daily. In BDSM activities, sexy toys are required and recommended, and these people really enjoy what they do. So, we can take an example, and let ourselves be satisfied with our choices and preferences.

Do you know what is sexual wellness?

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This is something new that is still developing, but it’s related to the convenience and pleasure you get as you have intercourse with your partner, and you give some spice to it. Also, sexual wellness is related to sexual health too, which is no longer taboo. In the past, the girls and women were taught it’s a shame to enjoy the sex, and they only need it to get pregnant and make babies. We are really lucky that for a huge part of the world it’s a past. There are still some cultures and traditions that don’t accept sex as a satisfying activity and don’t let young women have it before they get married.

Toys are always surrounded by stigma

We will get in the past once again, to track the roots for this opinion. A lot of people thought that only desperate men and women are using toys and that they aren’t able to find an appropriate partner to do that. But, let’s see the things from another point. If a woman wants sexual pleasure, it doesn’t mean she has to go out and look for a partner to accomplish that. It’s the same for men since they are able to get pleasure without a partner. Having some toys in your room doesn’t affect badly to your personality. It’s a part of your intimate life, and only you are making the choices about it. You don’t have to wait for someone to approve what do you do, because there will always be some person that will try to make you feel bad about it. So, the golden rule is to keep your intimacy in private, together with your kinky toys and behavior.

We all have to explore our sexuality and embrace it, no matter what other people say. These toys are making our life easier, especially in the last year, after the pandemic started, and many of us were alone at home, without a chance to meet with someone, and have sex with them.

The influence of the pandemic

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No matter how much we hate it, it’s a fact that the coronavirus gave us some extra time to learn more about ourselves and the people we love. For those who live alone during the lockdowns, sex toys were really useful. Sexual activity is setting us free from stress and anxiety and helps us cope with the coronavirus situation better. As we maintain a social distance, and can’t really use a dating app to meet someone and have intercourse with them, the toys are here to help us with that. Also, many couples needed to be separated due to so many reasons, but that doesn’t mean they can’t practice phone sex, or sext, and get pleasure using their hands and toys.

That situation taught us valuable lessons, that we shouldn’t take things for granted, because one tiny virus can change the whole world in a day. So, today, there is no space to be ashamed of your choices, as long as you keep them in private, and don’t try to influence other people’s opinions on them. Some of them are still judgmental when it comes to sex, but if you are a person who enjoys it, then there is nothing that can stop you, as long as you are responsible for your reproductive health, use contraception, and visit your doctor or gynecologist regularly.