10 Reasons Why a Video Podcast is Worth The Extra Effort

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word “podcast” is an audio recording. That would be the traditional understanding of this term. Lately, more and more people are starting to create podcasts with a video element. Adding a video to your original audio podcast makes it much more appealing as a final product. With this process, your listeners become a lasting audience, which originally was your goal, wasn’t it?

Therefore, this format is today considered the most popular way to interact with the crowd. Whether you want to tape it for work or just for entertainment, this method is very efficient. Nowadays, vidcast is an unavoidable marketing strategy business, which gives results. The video manages to establish the audience that is interested in your work and gives many advantages to both viewers and yourself.

Creating a video podcast requires a lot of research and extra work. This brings us to the question “is it worth the extra effort”? The answer to this question depends on many things, but with the support of Poddster.com we are here to point out the advantages of this phenomenon!

Here are 10 reasons why a video podcast would be worth a look:

1. Visualization to better results

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When was the last time you listened to the radio? And watched a video on YouTube? What is the reason for the higher demand for video clips? The answer just lies in the visualization. It’s in our nature to be visual creatures, which means that if you appear in person in a video, more people will pay attention to what you’re saying. Hopefully, now you could notice the advantage of video podcast, it contains both sight and sound.

The combination of these elements leads to a faster and more efficient reception of the desired message to the audience. Studies have shown that direct face-to-face communication is the best option for receiving positive feedback. With said words, gestures, and facial expressions, people can make a more credible judgment on the topic.

2. Closer interaction contact

Gaining the trust of the audience is not an easy job. It is a more complicated process than it seems at first. There is a great advantage of vodcast. Instead of listening hastily, this way you have the opportunity to gain trust by interacting with the viewers. If you have a defined goal, people will have a sense of familiarity or a greater connection with you. The visual way of presentation, which was mentioned earlier, builds a deeper and longer-lasting relationship between the two sides. When a person attaches a certain topic to your appearance, that’s a success!

3. Advertising for free on Google and YouTube

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As you know, Youtube is a popular platform where you can find a video about every topic. Whether you are interested in sports, or you are a fan of PC games, you are thinking about learning a foreign language or you are interested in the global economy, you’ll get all the information in one place. According to recent research, it’s estimated that 1.9 billion people watch a video on YouTube every month.

Imagine now that 0.5% of the total number of people follow your vodcast! What a number! Let me remind you that Google now owns YouTube, which means that you would appear on both Google and YouTube searches for your topic. All you need to make your goal more successful is to make a good video podcast! Appearing on YouTube is free, and the video will be available to everyone with no time limits! Vodcast could be the wind at your back! So, do you think that’s a good start?

4. Quick growth

The video podcast is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Just one review of your video clip can open the doors to your prosperity. With the possibility of sharing, liking, subscribing, etc., you reach a spreading audience. The main goal is to have a lot of views, right? According to research, we have data that even 64% of consumers change their thoughts after watching popular, tagged videos. Work on a video like this!

5. Focused attention of the viewer

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How many times have you caught yourself wandering your thoughts while listening to an important lecture and suddenly you realize that you missed an important part? With a video podcast, something like that is less likely to happen. Human attention lasts approximately ten seconds, so the task is to make the video more interesting. That’s how the audience will be focused on one topic at a time. If you attract a person’s attention in a shorter time and more efficiently, you have a better chance that that person will listen carefully to what you have to say.

6. Boost SEO

Not only that introducing video honors could bring you more followers, but it could also open up new opportunities for collaboration. The more views your video has, the greater is the possibility of getting a lot of interested people, the number of comments, likes, etc. This moment is very important for SEO! If your video has been the subject on social networks, then you don’t need to worry about ranking on searches.

7. Easy to use

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No matter what kind of business you have, marketing is an indispensable item in your work. Vodcast is an easier, faster, and more effective way of advertising. Not only easier but it’s also a cheaper one. Production quality is not of great importance for this type of marketing. Interaction with the audience is far more important. The video should be as interesting as possible to provoke more reactions.

8. The power of association of concepts

You’re new in this and people are still not familiar with your personality and work? No problem. If they type in search of a term that your video contains, one of the available options will exactly be your work. To get more followers, you can include famous people in your video podcast. This way you can be the first thought when people see VIP from your vodcast. It’s in human nature to associate concepts and things that seem complex to them.

9. At the top of social networks

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The use of social networks has become an essential part of our daily lives. If you want a larger audience, it’s necessary to be active on these networks. According to one study, it’s estimated that social network users spend more than half of their spare time watching videos. Therefore, we find video podcasting a great option to impress the new generation.

10. Minimize costs

Today, more or less everything is digitized, and that of course includes recording video podcasts. The cost of delivery and publication of this advertising method is significantly lower. Restoring videos as well as updating them is simple and almost cost-free. Costs like postage, printing, etc. are eliminated.

As you can see from the above, a video podcast is an opportunity noteworthy. For your business idea to be accepted by a wide audience, with minimal effort and costs, you can easily achieve your goal. Keep up with the latest trends!