Are Maine Coon Cats Easy to Train – 2024 Guide

If you are planning on getting yourself a new friend to accompany you while you are at home, and you have already passed the dilemma of whether to get a dog or a cat in favor of the cats, you should definitely consider the Maine coon cats. They look beautiful, and they are one of the most interesting types of felines because of their character, and how funny they can be.
Like any other breed, you can teach them almost anything that you want, that they are capable of, however, you will need to spend some time on that.

Comparing them to other breeds, they easily understand, and they learn things quickly, so they are great for people who had not had a pet before. The easiness is dependable on how good your methods are, and how invested you are in the whole process because it is not the same for everyone, however, this is just said when compared to the other types. In this article, we will talk about the Maine coon cats, and most importantly on ways that you can train them to teach them things that you like them to do.

How much time do you need to teach them things


This cannot be said with an exact number of days because there are many factors that are included. The most important thing is how much are you investing to achieve that, and how regular you are. For example, some people have time to teach them things every day for a couple of hours, and some have less than that, so you can see that the results can be different because of that factor.
In addition, it cannot be the same time for the same results because the methods can be different.

If you are just repeating, they will understand but way slower, however, with implementing a method where you give them something that they like, or you punish them when they do a bad thing, they will come up with results quicker.

How to ease the process

To make this whole process quicker, you should understand what Maine Coons want, and how they react to a change or to your method of explaining to them what you want. To make this happen, you should do research about it, and write down the things that you think may work the best in the situation that you are in. Maybe you are doing something wrong and that is why it takes time, so you can see different things that people do, and you will be proud of the work that you have done.

Some of the things that we will recommend you to do are to learn what your Maine Coon wants to eat the most, and use a technique where that is involved. For example, you tell them to do something, and if they do, you give them a small reward for that, so every time you do that again, they will listen to it thinking that they will get something in return.

What is the best time to begin


There is really no correct time for this either, however, it is best to begin whenever you first get the chance. That way, you will begin early, and you will have more time to come to the results that you want. If you happen to get a small kitten, it is best to start as soon as possible as suggested by In case you are getting an older feline, you should understand that you can still teach it things that are unknown to it.

Keep in mind that they will do this at a much slower pace, so you will have to be more patient. You will have to try harder to make them pay attention to what are you saying or what are you trying to make them do, so make sure that you have something with you to give them as an indicator that they did well. Because of the fact that they are older, you should understand that they might not be able to do certain things, so you should not be hard on them, and respect what they can possibly do.

Understand when it’s over

This is something that you should definitely practice to notice some signs that your feline is not willing to participate in the lesson anymore. No matter how quickly you want to make them learn, it will happen at the time when they want so you should not force these activities. Since they are not the same as other animals, they don’t have the ability to stay at the same spot and trying to learn what are you giving them commands to.

The periods where you have your cat learn some things should not belong because that way you are only losing the time that you could’ve used in something else. Make sure that you are only doing this when they are receptive to what you say so you save yourself from losing your time. When you notice that they are licking themselves, or when they are doing something else and not listening to the things you say, it is over, and you should let them on their own.

Things to consider


There are some things that you should avoid doing to make the process go well. Firstly, you should not implement the things that you have to teach your kitty to do when you have to do something that they don’t like because they will stop listening to you thinking that you are doing that to do things that they don’t like. Secondly, you should not discipline it when they are not walking after you because they will stop listening to you completely.

To come up with the results of the things that you want to teach them quicker, here are some things that you should implement when you are in the process. Firstly, every time before you begin, you should do something they like, whether give them a pet, something they like to eat, or both. That way they will listen to you better and you will have a better spent time.

Secondly, you should make sure that you are not overdoing things for the day, make every lesson quick so you can use the time when they are most receptive. Thirdly, you should end the lessons the same way you started them, do something they like, pet them for a while, and give them more of the things they enjoy eating.