25 Funny Travel Gifts for Friends That They Actually Want

For people who are passionate about discovering new places and lands, travel is a part of their lives. To be ready for these long trips, they need to prepare a lot of luggage and equipment to ensure the most relaxing and fun time. If you are wondering how to choose gifts that are both funny and meaningful for travel followers, please refer to the article below.

Here, we have a lot of suggestions for funny travel gifts for friends from giftomg.com! No matter what gift you choose, the most important thing is from your heart.

• Funny Coffee Mug

Source: pinterest.com

This Spoontiques insulated travel mug is perfect for road trips. Thanks to its clever design with a secure-lock lid, you can keep your favorite drinks delicious on the go, whether you’re traveling, at the office, or running errands. This Funny Coffee Mug is compatible with most car cup holders. Also, it has funny quotes in the middle so it’s perfect for making a funny travel gift for friends.

• White Travel Mug

One more travel mug suggestion for you to give as a present to your friends! This White Travel Mug is made of high quality ceramic with unique design on both sides. Your friends will be excited and delighted while you enjoy your juice, coffee, tea or hot chocolate with this mug. An unique, happy and useful gift for both women and men on birthday, Christmas, thanksgiving, or any other occasion.

• The Awesome Travel Trivia Book

This Awesome Travel Trivia Book is definitely the perfect item for those travel enthusiasts. It contains a lot of useful information about the countries of the world, different cultures, and interesting facts. For example “Do not use cement but can still build the Great Wall”, or “Why does Antarctica forbid dogs”, etc. Each of the interesting facts listed in this book is real, so the recipient can begin their exploration of this beautiful planet with confidence and charm.

• Funny Travel Gift T-Shirt

Source: pinterest.com

T-shirts are not picky items to wear, no matter how fat or thin you are, you will feel comfortable with this outfit. Therefore, choosing a t-shirt as a funny travel gift for friends will be very welcome. This Funny Travel Gift T-Shirt features a lightweight, casual yet trendy look, sturdy double-needle sleeve and bottom hem – for campers, travelers, backpackers or hikers long road.

• Funny Travel Makeup Bag

This funny makeup bag will be a great accent, adding charm and color to your or your friends’ life. It is double-sided printed with high quality coating so the image is high quality and vivid. This bag has plenty of space to store cosmetic items such as lipstick, powder, makeup brush, mascara, wipes, etc. Light and easy to carry suitable for daily use. Great travel accessory for women with a sense of humor and love to travel.

• Portable Reusable Urinal

Looking for a funny yet practical gift for those who enjoy long-distance travel? Umm, how about this female urinal? Impressive enough? It’s a must-have accessory for girls when camping, hiking, cycling, backpacking, canoeing, hunting, or festivals. Made of premium silicone, this product is waterproof, dustproof, odor resistant, durable and reusable. Colors are as varied as gray, green, red, purple and blue. It is exactly a portable urinal for women to carry in a travel bag – so convenient!

• Foot Hammock

Source: youtube.com

Long flights or long trips can make you uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. This Funny Foot Hammock can tackle at least one of them. With this wonderful accessory, you can relax your legs and back wherever you are. This is rated as one of the best travel accessories you can find. Add this footrest hammock to your list of must-have gifts for your travel-loving friends!

• Mziart Funny Luggage Tags Set

Mziart Funny Luggage Tags Set (6 luggage tags) has bright colors and personality – perfect for your bag or personal items so you can recognize them easily. Each of these luggage tags is made from high-quality rubber so it is sturdy, thick and water resistant under adverse weather conditions. Great gift for your loved one, colleague or friend in your life.

• Etsfmoa Unisex Beanie Hat

Etsfmoa Unisex Beanie Hat is the next suggestion in our list of funny travel gifts for friends. Made from a super soft acrylic blend, this hat with lights provides excellent insulation from the cold winter air perfect for traveling, camping, running, fishing, cycling. It has four bulbs, which are easily removable and can be adjusted to get the desired amount of light. Warm, comfortable and washable – perfect as a gift for both men and women.

• Hanging on Neck Cell Phone Mount Holder

Source: youtube.com

This Hanging on Neck Cell Phone Mount Holder is a very practical smartphone accessory used on the neck, hand, table, bed, floor, car and other places. With 360-degree rotation, you can easily bend and freely adjust any angle as you like for convenient viewing. Perfect for watching phone, watching movies, listening to music, playing phone in bedroom, living room, gym, office or traveling.

• Silly Folding Umbrella Hat

The Silly Folding Umbrella Hat has a diameter of 37.4 which is wide enough to keep your head, arms and what you are carrying dry in the rain and cooler in the sun. It acts as both an umbrella and a wide-brimmed hat – very portable and comfortable. Adjustable chin strap should fit most adult heads. A great gift for your friends who love to travel or enjoy outdoor activities.

• LED Flashlight Gloves

Light is needed everywhere, especially during long trips. Your friend will definitely need LED flashlight gloves to be able to do what they want – a great helper for mountain camping, traveling, fishing, cycling and other outdoor night activities. They are made of soft, lightweight fabric that is breathable and skin-friendly. Fits different table sizes for both men and women thanks to the adjustable strap. Funny gifts for friends or loved ones who love to travel.

• Shinywear Cute Rabbit Sleeping Eye Mask

Source: facebook.com

Usually when traveling, we have to take advantage of a nap in bright light conditions to regain strength to serve the trip. At this point, the help of an eyepatch will be essential. You can absolutely sleep better with this funny blindfold. It’s a combination of lovely design and soft material – great to envelop your eyes in cool and refreshing comfort anytime, anywhere. Why not give this funny blindfold to your friends so they have the best travel experience?

• Crocs Bistro Clogs

Long road trips can make your feet sore. Crocs Bistro Clogs can make you feel more comfortable. With their anti-slip spikes and closed toe design, these Clogs can be the best accessory to protect your feet, ankles and heels all the way. They are also very easy to clean – just using soap and water and are reusable. Give this practical gift to your friend so they can enjoy comfort and fun while traveling!

• Animal Paw 3D Printed Socks

Animal Paw 3D Printed Socks is one of the funny travel gifts for friends you should not miss. As travel lovers, they will definitely like something a little wild and natural. These socks are modeled like real animal feet – a great choice for a funny gift. Package includes 1 pair of leopard socks, 1 pair of cat socks and 1 pair of tiger socks. Good stretchability should fit most men and women. A comfortable, warm, easy-to-wash and fun gift, isn’t it?

• Funny Passport Cover with Luggage Tag

Source: freepik.com

Funny Passport Cover with Luggage Tag is made of durable leather that can resist scratches and damage with regular use – perfect for holding passports, bank cards, airline tickets, foreign exchange bills and other cards. It features a paper insert for adding personal information and a button-down flap to keep belongings from falling on the move. This is really a great gift for friends or family.

• Wild Republic Wild Smiles Face Mask

Wild Republic Wild Smiles Face Mask is made of 69% Polyester and 31% Cotton – washable and reusable for both men and women. This mask is loved for its fun pattern, fashion, comfort, safety and fit. A great gift for frequent travelers to protect their face/mouth from smog, ash, pollen, car fumes, secondhand smoke and other air pollutants.

• Travel Size Poo-Pourri

This Poo~Pourri lavender vanilla is the perfect blend of lavender, citrus natural essential oils and vanilla. This is an effective way to help stop bathroom odors and prevent odors before they ever begin – seriously! There will be no more unpleasant odors when sprayed in the bowl before you go. With a capacity of 10ml, you can use it up to 20 times. Oh, what a fun yet practical gift for your travel enthusiast friends.

• Giant Pizza Throw Blanket

Umm, what do you think of a giant pizza that can keep warm? It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? But it’s real! Giant Pizza Throw Blanket looks like a delicious pizza but has the ability to keep you warm on those cold nights. It can be used as a sofa blanket, sleeping blanket, travel blanket or camping blanket. Simply find somewhere to lie down and curl up in a blanket – more than enough for a quality sleep. The perfect gift for your family and friends to have the best travel!

• Funny Travel Duffel Bag

Source: youtube.com

This Travel Duffel Bag is lightweight, soft, wear-resistant and easy to carry because it’s made of fine-grain canvas. It can also be folded into a small bag – very stylish and convenient. It can be used in 3 different ways: shoulder, cross-body or hand-held thanks to its adjustable and detachable handle and strap design. The outside of the bag features an adorable squirrel making it a funny travel gift for friends to easily store all of your essentials.

• U Shaped Decorative Travel Neck Pillow

To be able to rest better and regain strength for the fastest travel, a U-neck pillow is considered a relatively useful item. With a soft and comfortable design, this U Shaped Decorative Travel Neck Pillow can help support your neck very well when traveling by train or plane. Thanks to high-tech 3D printing and dyeing technology, it is lint-free and does not fade easily. Anyone will fall in love with it at first sight because of its funny and genuineness!

• 100% Leak-Proof Car Organizer

This adjustable Leak-Proof Car Organizer acts as an automatic trash can to keep the car neat and tidy. With its collapsible design, you can put it on the car seat, floor, hang it on the back of the seat with a drawstring or place it anywhere. It uses waterproof, leak-proof and easy-to-clean material so there’s no need to worry about food spills or other stubborn stains. It can also be used as a storage bag for items like cups and other accessories. A funny travel gift for those who travel often!

• Easy-to-use Portable Bidet

Source: pinterest.com

This Travel Portable Bidet is an easy way to instantly wash your bidet anytime, anywhere, and the perfect solution for any on-the-go situation – conveniently in your briefcase, purse or suitcase. It is very easy to use: Just fill it with water, screw the cap on, point the nozzle in the right direction and squeeze the soft bottle. With a unique nozzle design, it is more clutter-free and convenient to store the nozzle than any travel bidet. Easily take it with you on vacation, travel or whenever you want.

• Archie Mcphee Instant Underpants

Archie Mcphee Instant Underpants is a must-have for those traveling or camping trips. Why? You don’t always have enough panties in your backpack because they also take up a lot of storage space. At this time, the disposable underwear for both men and women is the savior. These panties are compressed into a convenient capsule – just soak them in water for a moment and you’re good to go! A funny but useful travel gift!

• Funny Travel Keychain

This Funny Travel Keychain is the last funny travel gift for friends on our list. Made of high quality stainless steel, it is very durable, resistant to corrosion, rust and discoloration. The rectangular size fits most keys, making it an accessory that can be used every day even in bad weather. This funny keychain in black will complement any outfit or bag. A great travel gift for your loved one, colleague, best friend or girlfriend!


Surely, our suggestions about funny travel gifts for friends have helped you choose the most unique and practical gift, right? It’s time to order and gift your friend for a memorable and fun travel experience! Remember to follow us regularly to update more useful gift knowledge!