8 Words and Phrases All Online Gamblers Need to Know

The gambling world is full of fun and intrigue. It is a place where you search for your luck and test the limits of how far you can go without making your life a living hell.

Gambling is often misunderstood, from statements that it is home and life wrecker because it is highly addictive to that it is only a recreational thing that is used for fun. Gambling indeed is a type of sport, a recreation where you test yourself, your skills and ultimately your luck.

To be a successful gambler you have to have strong willpower to thrive in this. You need to fight the bad habits it brings and you need to be as cool and restrained as possible because only then you can reap the benefits of gambling. There are certain things you need to know when it comes to gambling, online like these www.australianonlinecasinosites.com, or live casino spots like those in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

You need to know certain moves, words and phrases that are most commonly used in gambling, and this article today will tell you about some of the most important phrases and words that are used in gambling no matter what kind of game you play.

From card games, slot games like ones you can visit here, to roulettes there are some things you need to know. Since we used some of our previous articles to tell you about some strategies and secrets regarding these games, today we will focus on terminology you need to know to make your life, and play-times a lot easier.

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Account management

Since we are talking about an online world and online gambling right off the bat you need to have an account in each online casino to play. This is one step more than what you would initially do when going into a real casino where you need to exchange money for chips, here you have to create an account that you will fill with cash by doing an online money transfer via your credit card or from places like Pay-Pal and similar. Here you will be able to monitor all of your transactions going into the casino from you or going from the casino toward your account in your bank.

Poker face

For all poker players there, this is not something new, and all of you have heard this once or twice so far. It is used both in gambling and as a phrase in real life. It is supposed to depict a person that has inscrutable look on their face that is showing no emotions and thoughts and feelings. These types of gamblers are usually considered professionals because in gambling this type of face and personality is highly necessary to achieve any type of success. Those that are liable and easily fall for tricks and bluffs will not reach far, as well as those who can’t control their feelings when gambling.

Double down

This is another common gambling and real-life phrase that is often used. In gambling, it means that you are doubling your first bet and it can be for two reasons – you have something good in your hands or you are bluffing/expecting something good to come. Doubling down is a term that is used in both online and regular casinos and it is used in card games. This is something to know especially for you that are just starting to gamble because this is one of those phrases you will hear a lot.

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RNG – Random Number Generator

Now in the online casino world RNG is also something you will hear a lot. Random Number Generator is the thing that decides whether you will get your lucky number or not. It is a sequence of random numbers that are randomly generated by a computer and decide anything from which cards to be shown on screen, to what dices show there or what pictures are shown on your favourite slot game. The things you see on screen are the results of RNG that works instantly as you pull the lever or press the button, the animations are there just to make the whole thing a bit appealing.

Betting limits

Betting limits are a phrase that is found both online and on land casinos. They state the limit of the bet you can make at every individual game and they are visible. The bet limits are there to provide safety for you and the casino. There are online casinos though that don’t limit bets and there are certainly no-limit games but they should be played with extreme caution because games like that can set you back significantly.


Bonuses are also a term that you must know when you are playing online. Most online casinos set a large bonus on games to attract more players and to increase the number of bets made. Sometimes you get large bonuses on just signing up and there are bonuses on money spent. These are something that differs in all casinos and they are meant to get you to play, but can also be a thing that brings you a lot of cash if you are lucky and if you know how to use them.

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House edge

Now although this says house edge this doesn’t apply to land-based casinos, it is also an edge that online casinos calculate for themselves. This information can be found in the legal department of online casinos and it is something that must be stated, as per law. So, all of you can be aware of just how much is going to the casino from your money. If the casino has a house edge of 3% then it means that you should expect to lose 3% of your money in the long run.

Wager requirement

This phrase is tied with the bonus side of things. Every online casino sets certain bonuses to draw you in, as we already stated, but if you don’t read carefully, you can’t claim that bonus. When reading carefully you will find wager requirements that are a set of rules to how much you can stake of your own money to be eligible to draw the bonus from the casino. So, as you can see nothing comes for free, and even bonuses have their requirements.