100 Top E-mail Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

E-mail Marketing Interview Questions :-

1. Why email marketing is very important?
2. What are popular email marketing tools available in the market?
3. What is double opt-in?
4. What is the need of unsubscribe link?
5. What are the various SaaS based email marketing tools?
6. What are the various types of pricing pattern you have encountered?
7. Name some email marketing tools that charge for number of email sents and not for number of subscribers?
8. How to grow you email list?
9. How to integrate landing pages with email marketing tools?
10. What are integration tools you used to integrate your email marketing tools with other tools?
11. What drip marketing?
12. What are the different types of email marketing automation you have done or aware of?
13. How to improve click through rate of emails?
14. How to write catchy subject lines that are not Spam?
15. What are the various measures you use to test efficiency of an email campaign?
16. Compare free plans and their features offered by various email marketing companies?
17. What are the different ways of customizing email contents for a customer before sending bulk emails?
18. Common mistakes in e-mail marketing?
19. What is advantage of plain text template over others?
20. What are the common applications of email marketing? In terms of why you use it?