4 Tips on How to Write a Great Name Pun – 2024 Guide

If you’re quite the joker, you probably use plenty of puns in your jokes. But lately, you want to branch out into name puns. Name puns are great. They’re just like ordinary puns, but with the added twist of applying to people’s names.

Because of that, quite a lot of people enjoy them. And if you have a hungry audience for name puns, then our article can help you come up with great name puns. So, here are the 4 tips to look upon.

1. Watch A Comedy Show

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If you’re inexperienced with name puns, then it doesn’t hurt to learn from the pros. There is no shame in watching a comedy show to get a feel for how name puns are written.

While you won’t actually see the comedians put pen to paper, you will see the first-hand application of their jokes. In some cases, this is exactly what everyone needs to start writing good jokes. The same can be applied to name puns.

Comedians focus a lot of their attention on coming up with comedy materials for future shows. Being a comedian is a full-time job that they take very seriously. So what better way to find out what the pros are doing than to visit or watch one of their shows?

2. When You Come Up With Something – Write It

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This is the golden rule of writing jokes. Ideas come and go in our heads. You might think you’ll remember the joke for later on, only to completely forget it. That leaves you frustrated and disappointed that you didn’t write it down.

So the next tip has to do with writing down all the ideas that come to mind. Even if they’re not that good, write them down and work on them later on. Every bad joke can be worked around and turned into a great one. The same applies to name puns.

Considering that name puns are essentially jokes around names, they’re not that hard to come up with. But when one does come up, make sure to write it down.

3. Read More About It

The internet is a pun-tastic (pun intended) place to read tips and tricks on how to be better at something. Since your objective is to come up with great name puns, the internet can help you do that.

Plenty of people enjoy reading. While text isn’t the internet’s favorite media, it is still a very popular media nonetheless. If we look at what people on the internet enjoy doing the most, it’s watching videos. This is why YouTube is so big.

But for all of you jokesters that love reading, the internet is a wealth of information. You can find plenty of websites with examples of name puns. This beats the idea of going to a show or watching a Netflix special.

Since chances are there isn’t a comedy show anytime soon, going online and reading about the subject will help you the same way as listening to a comedian in the flesh. Tons of websites serve as databases for jokes. But you’ll need to look for the ones that specialize in name puns.

So what better way to learn how to write name puns than to visit gloryofthesnow.com

4. Be Practical

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We said earlier that coming up with name puns isn’t all that hard. Well, we were sort of dishonest when making that statement. If you’re a complete rookie, then it will be hard at first. You might even struggle to come up with one.

But through hard work and determination, you will eventually come up with your first name pun. As always, it won’t hurt to hasten the process to come up with more jokes. One way to greatly speed up the process is to think of real-life examples of pun-worthy names.

Think of your friends and families and if they have such a name. Will is quite a pun-worthy name, and so is Lilly, Sandy, Cliff, etc. All these names have puns to them. All you need to do is think long and hard and you’ll eventually overcome it through practical examples.

Other Types Of Puns

While the purpose of this article is to help you write name puns, it doesn’t hurt to learn more about the various other types of puns that exist.

So, let’s take a look.

  • Homographic

These are some of the most common types of puns. Homographic jokes are essentially using words that sound the same, but are written differently. The purpose of this joke is for the pun to replace the actual word and make sense in the joke. While the pun is written completely differently, it sounds the same.

This is why this type of joke uses homonyms.

  • Homonymic

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This type of joke is similar to the homographic. Much like the previous one, it does include using words that sound the same but are written differently. But in homonymic jokes, the pun is meant to have a different meaning.

This is usually because the pun has multiple meanings as a word. An example of one such word is “tie”, “arm”, “air”, “band”, etc. All these words have multiple meanings, meaning a comedian can repurpose them for a homonymic joke.

  • Compound

This type of joke is harder to come up with than the previous ones. A compound joke is meant to include multiple puns. But once you come up with the first one, then you’ll probably get the hang of it and have a much easier time finishing up the rest of the joke.

To find out just how creative compound jokes are, we recommend you go online and look for them. Some of them might sound silly, but you can’t fault a person for coming up with multiple puns in the same joke.


So we’ve given you 4 pun-tastic tips on how to write a great name pun. While no doubt you’ll struggle at first, you will get the hang of it eventually. Being a comedian is a hard task, so don’t get discouraged if you hit a brick wall.