6 Things You Should Look For When Buying 3D Printers Online

Buying goods online can be a real deal, or a deal-breaker, depending on the person’s experience and their ability to track down the legit sellers on the Internet, and not fall for different types of scams. We don’t say it’s easy, especially when it comes to tech gadgets, that have to be packed and shipped to the customer.

Since the start of the pandemic, a lot of people are using the benefits of shopping online, and have the package delivered to their door, so they can maintain the proper social distance and avoid going to malls and shops. That means even when we need some tech device, we will have to hold on to reviews and descriptions. Today, 3D printers can be used at home, and they are available in many sizes, prices, and features. If you don’t have an idea what exactly do you want, you can always pay a visit to websites like 3dstore.dk or those closest to you, and you can choose exactly what you need. But, at the same time, you must be careful with a few things, including:

1. Is the store registered and approved

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You can see plenty of offers through the social media platforms, and as you look for more products online, the targeted marketing will easily find you, and place similar ads and offers to what you are looking for. Many people will fall for these ads, but in many cases, malicious links are included and can end up with a huge scam. So, no matter if you are buying a 3D printer or anything else, you must look for registered sellers, who have a license to sell products, offer great customer care, and have an acceptable return and refund policy if something isn’t working.

2. Learn about the different types of 3D printers

These printers are producing physical objects. The Fused Deposition Modeling type is releasing melted plastic, that is used to form the objects and stick them together as needed. They are available for free users and can be pretty affordable too. Another 3D printing option available is stereolithography, which works in a similar way, but it’s using UV rays to warm up the plastic material. The printed product is of better quality than FDM. And the last one is Selective Laser Sintering, which is the most expensive, and usually made for professional use and the highest quality printout. The laser is melting the printing powder, and the printer is using the semi-liquid product to create the objects. And yes, it supports some metals too, which is not the case with the other two. So, it’s not enough just to want to buy

3. Compare the prices and features

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Probably we don’t want to spend a lot of money, but cheap products can be good enough, just like the expensive ones sometimes don’t meet our expectations. Since we are talking about spending at least $800 and up to $3,000 or more, you probably have to research the topic, find the most reliable sellers around you, check their prices, the features of the models, and their shipping policy. Sometimes the delivery option can be pricey too, and you have to calculate every expense. The simple models that look like a pen can be found for $100 per piece, but they offer only basic printing, without a lot of options for customization of the printout.

As an additional tip to this one, you have to learn more about the materials used to print too, since there are a few of them that are suitable with most of the models. They are known as thermoplastics, and they are different types of polymers, that are melted due to the printer’s work, and after the object is made, it becomes hard once again. Some of them are difficult to work with, others aren’t eco-friendly, some can be only found in a limited color choice, so you will have to make a lot of decisions until you place your order online a 3D printer. You have to learn more about the available types and models, and of course, the purpose.

4. Determine the budget and don’t forget about shipping expenses

As you do with everything else, you will have to plan the money you spend carefully and don’t forget about the shipping expenses too. Since we are talking about a specific and delicate machine, shipping can be an equally delicate process. The packing, storing in the vehicle, and delivery to you is either calculated in the price, or they will charge it separately. Be careful about that, and always ask for the delivery fees, so you won’t be surprised when the delivery service asks for more money.

5. Safety concerns

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Keep in mind that the plastic should be heated at a very high temperature, and burns are always possible if you aren’t careful. Also, it may release some gas as the plastic or another material is melting, so maybe you will have to cover your face with a mask, or wear safety glasses. Always use a ventilated room with enough windows, so the fumes can go outside. But, keep in mind that this may have environmental concerns, especially if you are doing a lot of jobs, and may increase your carbon print in nature. That’s why you must read the product description before you put the gadget in the basket and proceed to checkout.

6. The return policy

It can easily happen for the device to be damaged during shipping or doesn’t work properly after you have it. The reliable sellers should always have an acceptable return policy, or even an option to refund the money if the product is nothing like on the ad. That’s why you must avoid the social media target ads and only shop from verified online stores.

As you can see, most of the concerns are related to the sellers and their service, then the product itself. If you don’t think you can do this online, and you don’t need the device immediately, you can leave the purchase for the future, when you can try the product before you buy it.