7 Beginner Tips And Tricks For Running Dungeons In WoW

All the World of Warcraft experts and experienced players were once newbies in this industry, and they needed tips and help to get to know the game better and gain their knowledge and skills as time goes by. You can’t compare with them if you are a beginner, since you still need to learn the basics and get to know the different parts of the game, so you can make a progress.

The World of Warcraft is known for its dungeons and raids. They are instances in the game, and depending on which version you play, you need to reach some level, so you can access it. We can say that dungeon is a term that refers to the area that is conquered by enemies, and you and your group should set it free, or an instance for party or raid, or also an instance for a 5-player party. Once you decide to play WoW, you will face this term very often, no matter which iteration you prefer.

If we have someone to guide us through the game, no matter what version you prefer, the whole thing would be easier, but there are a lot of things we need to discover alone too. Once you’ve passed the newbie phase, you will be ready for the advanced approaches and pro tips, but at the beginning, try to stick to these ones:

1. Prepare in advance

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Before you play, you need to at least study the concept of the game, so you can get ready for it. That means you need to understand the basic concepts, like what gear and weapon you have, the characters, maps, raids, how the potions and foods are used, and what items do you need to play. Also, when you are in a dungeon, you need to recognize and get to know your role too. Most of the time, you will work with a group, and everyone has different roles assigned. When you come to the point you are completely ready, make sure your gear is functional, and don’t forget to take all the items you need, so you can play the best you can.

2. Get to know your class

You need to research what your class covers, so you can discover what you can do and how valuable a player you are. That means you need to be aware of the aspects your class can offer, like special talents, spells, the gear you can access, and many other important features. Keep in mind that you can find online guides on the classes, and just like for the whole game, you still have to take your time and understand what you are doing.

3. Learn what are instances

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As you suppose, the instance is a term that refers to a dungeon, created for your party, and usually, you get a chance to get through a portal located somewhere in the dungeon. There are many WoW players who play the game mostly for the dungeons, since a lot of goods and items may be claimed through them. The low-level instances come with the blue portal, but as you get higher in the game, you will get chances for advanced dungeons, that you can enter through different color portals.

4. Keep contact with the whole group

In order to make things right, you need to stay with your team until the last phase of the dungeon. You are all there to protect your backs. They are your additional pairs of eyes, and you are the same for them. You can give them instructions, and they will do the same for you too. You can all create some group strategy that will help you complete the instance.

5. Get some help

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Probably you already know about the specialized services known as carrying services or boosters. Those are special packs of features you need to pay for, so the operator can take over the game and complete it, if you are in some stage you can’t really pass. These offers may include dungeon boost, weapons, characters enhancements, and packs of items that can be useful for some stage to be completed. If you are interested in this, you can visit https://buy-boost.com/wow/wow-mythic-plus-dungeons-boost.

6. Be polite to the other players

Especially to those in your group, because your skills combined may result in exceptional outcomes. Make sure you get to know them better, and of course, try to stay calm if some of them are rude. Don’t get into fights, because nothing good comes out of them. Keep in mind that the current party is not forever. Try to help them out, just like they are trying to do that for you.

7. Be practical

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Use the tools you have available, like the Dungeon Finder so you can easily find a group to work together with. You also have to choose the role you want to take, even if you decide to go for the leadership one. Also, you can take a dungeon that fits your current range, or you can go for some of the specific ones available. You need to find a group to join or let the others know they can join your instance.

Your time to enter the dungeon through the finder is limited, and you need to react immediately. You can leave it if you don’t like it, or if your connection goes down during that time, you will be re-queued in the line. Don’t forget to get ready for the dungeon in advance. You need to have enough food for energy, but don’t forget the drinks. Repair all the items you will need, and make sure you have enough place in your bag, as the instances are full of loots.

At the end of this article, we will suggest you not lose your mind if you do something wrong. Also, trust your gut when it comes to unpredictable situations. It will help you get more experience – and that means you will get better with every newly completed dungeon.