Trending 7 Highest Paying Jobs in New Zealand for 2024

If you’re looking for work in New Zealand, you’re probably well aware of how difficult it can be to obtain high-paying positions in such a competitive job market. People looking for new employment or launching their careers may experience a great deal of stress due to the competitive environment and higher-than-average cost of living.

If you find yourself in this situation right now, remove some of the uncertainty from your search. It makes no difference if you are a recent graduate or even a seasoned professional looking to shift careers. In either case, using this guidance will aid in your future planning.

What Salary In New Zealand Is Deemed Rich?

Across all industries in New Zealand, the very low average wage is approximately NZ$25.50 per hour, or NZ$53.50 per year. The majority of employees make around NZ$40,500 and NZ$80,500 annually.

You must make more money than the average pay in New Zealand to be regarded as “rich” and to live comfortably. A salary of approximately NZ$100,500 or so would likely place you in the “rich” or “wealthy” category for the majority of people.

Of course, there are many more considerations that go into these classifications, like the number of debts you have or the amount of kids you have. It jobs in New Zealand give more job assistance in locating one of the highest-paying jobs, find here to locate the ideal position for you.

1. Strategies and Consulting


The Consulting as well as Strategy industry comes in second in the league of highest-paying sectors. People who work in the area concentrate on assisting clients in the private sector in expanding their enterprises by offering advice on wise long-term investments.

The top 3 jobs and salaries are:

Management Consultant: NZ$130,213 on average

Legal Consultant: NZ$115,056 on average

Information Technology Consultant: NZ$87,193 on average

2. Construction


The list of New Zealand’s highest paid industries is headed by the construction sector. This is hardly shocking given the substantial population expansion New Zealand has had over the years. The infrastructure of the nation has been under pressure from this growth, and there is a greater need for new homes, flats, etc.

The top 3 jobs and salaries are:

Construction Manager: NZ$95,049 on average

Average pay for quantity surveyors ranges from NZ$46,085 to NZ$95,015 for those with expertise.

Average pay for a novice plumber in New Zealand is $55,000; for experienced plumbers, it ranges from $80K to $100K.

3. Resources, Mining, And Energy


Coal and oil are just two of the many natural resources which are extracted in New Zealand for energy. Additionally, there are numerous positions open nationwide in the silver, platinum, iron, and other resource mining industries.

The top 3 jobs and salaries are:

Management: NZ$118,333 in average pay

Mining Operations and Maintenance: NZ$106,500 on average

Oil and Gas Service and Maintenance: NZ$101,346 on average

4. ICT


ICT (information and communication technology) ICT positions are among the top paying professions in New Zealand. The people who work in this field invest a lot of effort into enhancing communication across a variety of platforms, such as radio, computer, television and network hardware, mobile phones, applications, and video conferencing.

The top 3 jobs and salaries are:

Delivery Services Manager: NZ$178,590 on average

Chief Information Security Officer: NZ$164,000 on average

Data Science Manager: NZ$152,300 on average

5. Engineering

Another incredibly lucrative sector in New Zealand is engineering. All types of enterprises, from manufacturing and building to agriculture and aviation, require the assistance of engineers.

The top 3 jobs and salaries are:

Engineering Project Director: NZ$169,000 on average

Engineering Production Manager: NZ$156,000 on average

Field Engineering Manager: NZ$141,000 on average

6. Software Developers


Software Developer Websites, software applications, and computer software are all created and maintained by software developers.

In New Zealand, there are a tone of IT-related jobs open, especially for people with experience in software engineering, data management, online administrations, and computer networking. Since there aren’t enough suitable candidates to fill these positions right now, skilled recent grads have many options to start making a good income after graduation.

Around NZ$77K is the beginning wage average for software engineers. This could be a lucrative career path to pursue if you already have a computer science degree, information systems, or a similar profession.

  • In Finance:
  1. Finance Director (201,500 NZD)
  2. Financial Manager (191,500 NZD)
  3. Investment Advisor (182,500 NZD)
  4. Risk Management Director (164,500 NZD)
  5. Economist (159,500 NZD)
  6. Tax Director (158,500 NZD)
  7. Audit Director (156,500 NZD)
  8. Investment Fund Manager (152,5500 NZD)
  9. Accounting Manager (145,500 NZD)
  10. Auditing Manager (142,500 NZD)
  • In Business Administration:
  1. Chief Executive Officer (217,500 NZD)
  2. Chairman of The Board (211,500 NZD)
  3. Chief Financial Officer (200,500 NZD)
  4. Regional Director (193,500 NZD)
  5. Executive Manager (176,500 NZD)
  6. Chief Corporate Officer (175,500 NZD)
  7. Managing Director (174,500 NZD)
  8. General Manager (169,500 NZD)
  9. Risk and Capital Manager (164,500 NZD)
  10. Chief Operating Officer (163,500 NZD)

7. Civil Engineer


The designing, coordinating, and supervising of the construction of diverse buildings, from highways to water supply systems, is within the purview of civil engineers.

There is now a severe lack of civil engineers in New Zealand. These people are required to help with infrastructure supported by the government, housing projects, and road construction.

A degree, which typically takes 4 years to complete, is required to be a civil engineer. A Bachelor Engineering degree, which normally takes three years to complete, is an additional choice.

With plenty of possibilities for development as you advance in your career, civil engineering offers a respectable beginning pay (on average between NZ$60K and NZ$70K).


As you’ll see, not every one of these positions will put you directly out of college in the NZ$100,000+ range. That doesn’t mean, though, that they aren’t well-paying positions with lots of potential for future growth (and better salaries).

Either of these degrees you pursue can still lead to many opportunities for you. They might assist you in beginning to make a high wage earlier than you (presumably) would’ve had if you had chosen a different career.

Are you prepared to start your job hunt now that you have more information about the highest paid jobs in New Zealand and what it takes to be hired?

Whether you’re a college grad or in the middle of a career shift, keep the advice given above in mind. In this approach, you can locate a job that fits your skill set and allows you to make a good pay.