What Foods Cause Cellulite?

The cellulite problem is increasing day by day. Although the level varies but around 93 percent of women have cellulite in their bodies. Therefore, it is a common problem. But why is it this common nowadays? Because of our eating and living habits. Our foods are changing. We are moving towards fast-food eating. And instead of cooking food at home, we tend to eat from restaurants.

Roadside eateries and restaurants use several such ingredients in excessive amounts that disturb our natural metabolic system. Furthermore, less physical activity further enhances the cellulite formation in our bodies. So how to get rid of it?

According to Linda Ward from ecellulitis.com you can get several different treatments to get rid of cellulite from your body. These include laser therapy, carboxy-therapy, and cupping. However, the therapy depends upon the type of cellulite that you have in your body.

This is about the medical treatment of your problem. However, certain foods significantly increase cellulitis in the human body. So the best way is to avoid eating these foods and start eating healthy.

Furthermore, you can also start doing exercises and increase physical movement.

So here are some of the foods that significantly increase cellulitis.

1. Processed foods and meat

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Processed foods have high sodium content, which plays a more significant role in cellulite production. If you take deli meat in your breakfast, it offers 790 mg sodium in one standard serving. However, people tend to increase their protein intake in breakfast and thus, increase the serving size.

Our daily sodium intake should be no more than 2400 mg. However, when we increase the serving size of processed meat, it covers the daily intake level. So when you take all the sodium in the morning, where would the remaining sodium go? Of course, it will increase the level of sodium in your body.

So what does sodium do? High sodium content in the body will cause water retention. So with extra water weight, your cellulite will become more visible.

2. Cheese

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Cheese also comes under processed food and it has high sodium content. However, every cheese type varies. The sodium content of every type is different so the serving size will also vary. For example, feta cheese has 400 mg of salt is only a serving size of a quarter cup.

Furthermore, the problem is that we are consuming more fast foods. Whether we eat pizza or burgers, there is cheese in it. You are eating loaded fries, there will be cheese. Furthermore, some of us are cheese lovers. So we cannot resist it.

Therefore, we should eat plenty of hydrating foods and reduce the high sodium content.

3. Canned soup

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Canned soup is one of the easiest food options. Usually, people have it for dinner. After a tiring working day, you won’t have the energy to cook a meal. However, you need to eat food to get energy. Therefore, you will prefer such foods. However, they are loaded with salts. This will again increase the sodium content in your body. Thus, causing water retention and increasing dimpling of cellulite.

4. Sweet beverages and sodas

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One of the main reasons for cellulitis is less collagen in your body. Collagen is the protein that gives a smooth skin texture. The most common reason for less elastic protein is aging. Therefore, there is no permanent way of treating it.

However, there is another reason for less collagen production, which is high sugar consumption. The majority of our foods are sweet. For example, cereal and bread have some sugar amount. Although the daily serving amount is not much but if we take every sweet thing, the overall sugar content will increase.

Furthermore, we also take sweet beverages and sodas and other drinks in high amounts. And all of these beverages have high sugar level that goes in your body. So when you regularly take such drinks they increase fats and also decrease collagen production. Thus, as a result, you will have more cellulite production.

5. Barbeque Sauce

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You already know the negative effects of high sugar and salt content. And Barbeque sauce is highly rich in both of these. It has salt and sugar. So when you put the BBQ sauce on your food, you should know that you are getting about half of your daily intake.

So if you take 2 tablespoons of sauce, it means you will have 15 grams of sugar in your body. The worst part is that this sugar is from corn sugar of high fructose content. This is an additive that is responsible for increasing appetite. That means you will feel hungry and will eat more.

So if you are habitual of eating such foods with sauces, you will eat more. Thus, it will increase your blood sugar level and your body will release more insulin than store fat.
So what’s happening here is that you are taking high sugar and salt in your body. This will result in a more cellulite appearance. Furthermore, the high sugar level will increase the fat level in your body. So it will bring you double trouble. Therefore, you must always avoid eating such foods. Even if you are taking them, reduce the quantity.

6. Pizza

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One of our most favorite food is pizza. It is yummy, tasty, and rich in flavors and fills us up. However, it has everything that increases the sodium level of your body. There is cheese, processed meat, salty and pickled vegetables and sweet bread. So when you are eating a pizza keep this thing in your mind that you are filling sodium and sugar.

Furthermore, there will be unhealthy fats in your food. These will slow down the blood circulation level. Thus, our body cells will receive less oxygen. As a result of which, we will feel lethargic and tired. So it is not just the salt and sugar content but also unsaturated fats. All of this will be dumped in your body.