How Different is Alkaline Water from Other Bottled Water

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In the modern-day and age, the question of which water is better for us seems like a strange one. One would assume that by now the human race and society has already determined what the different types of water do for us and came up with the ultimate solution. Well, things are not that straightforward and that is not necessarily a bad thing. There are a few prominent types of the most important liquid on the planet that we can consume, but have you ever heard of the alkaline sort? In this article, we will talk about it and determine how it is different from the rest of the bottled waters you can get. If you wish to find out more information about this and explore the best brands of alkaline water, make sure to check on this website.

What is it?

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This is a special kind of the most important beverage that we get by treating it with a special machine. It is produced by using an ionizer machine on regular water and subjects it to electrolytes. Ordinary and purified water is perfectly fine for drinking but it can be argued that it lacks the required calcium and magnesium levels that our systems need. The very name of “alkaline” is often confusing because this water is different from the naturally occurring alkaline water which does not go through the process of ionization. To escape the confusion, artificial ionized waters should actually carry the name of ionized water in order to be easily distinguishable but it seems that the name is stuck and there is nothing that can be done any longer. Natural springs can give us real alkaline water just like we get mineral water, but this is not the same one we are talking about here today.

How is it different?

So how exactly is it different from the regular bottled stuff you drink to stay hydrated every day, you may ask. The most important thing about it is the increased amount of PH or a higher free hydrogen atom concentration. When water has low pH, it is considered acidic and therefore not of particularly high quality. The average pH for commercially bottled water is 7, and anything above it falls under the category of alkaline.

However, true alkaline waters are only the ones with a pH level of 9 and above. The more pH the water has the healthier and better for the body it is. In short, this is all the science you should care about when choosing the right brand for your daily needs. They have all the same basic minerals you can expect from other varieties but in higher and better ratios. These include magnesium, calcium, and bicarbonate, three minerals that the best waters must-have.

Health experts and the studies on bottled water they have carried out over the years claim that alkaline waters give out bodies a more balanced dosage of pH, more hydration, and improved vitamin absorption. This is more than enough to convince you that it is a superior product that the water you are drinking right now.

What is more, the distribution of oxygen in your body can become better if you start drinking alkaline and the acidity in your stomach will get lower. These are all health benefits that you can comfortably live without, but if you want to increase your health over time make a switch as soon as possible and do not go back to regular water.

Ionizing at home

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You do not have to buy bottles to drink alkaline wither, as there now exist ionizers for home use that you can purchase and make your own alkaline water. Filters and distillers are the most common, while reverse osmosis is also popular. However, the easiest thing you can do is add lemon or lime to your water by the process of infusion. Simply add a slice of your favorite citrus fruit to the glass and drink it like that. Using alkalizing powder and pH drops will also get your water over the margin and make it alkaline. Not only will you be drinking a better beverage, but you will also give your body new your minerals and vitamins it would otherwise not get. If you wish to treat your family to some additional healthiness and immunity but have already done everything you can think off, start enhancing what you drink and you will be more resistant in no time.

Other types

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Just to prevent confusion and to give you all the info there is, we must talk about other types of water, mainly mineral, filtered, purified, and distilled. Mineral water is the one that has essential minerals for a healthy human being and it can be natural or artificial. Natural springs have rocks and soil that treats the water cleans it, and gives it more minerals than is on average. Artificial processes aim to make up for the lost minerals during the cleaning and purification of natural water since it also contains contaminants. Mineralized is the better and more appropriate name for artificial mineral water.

Filtered refers to the water that has had its impurities removed. It is also natural but it goes through a process of filtration that eliminates the bad things from it. The purifying technique is different which is why filtered, mineralized, and purified are not the same products. The technique used in filtration here implies activated charcoal and carbon.

Purified water comes from different processes used to treat natural water like reverse osmosis, distillation, carbon filtration, microfiltration, electrodialysis, deionization, ultraviolet oxidation, and others. These all have one and the same goal which is removing contaminants for up to 10 parts per million. Laboratory procedures used purified waters since it lacks impurities and contaminants. Drinking it is not advised because it can help remove the electrolytes already in the body.

Lastly, distilled water has all the harmful chemicals removed from it through the process of distillation when regular water is boiled, turned to steam, and then captured and cooled. It does have fewer minerals than regular drinking water and is, therefore, less healthy but not unhealthy. It does often have higher acidity too, which is why not many people drink it. Instead, it is used in for other things like ironing.