5 Things to Know Before You Buy Your First Bong

In case you are planning to buy your first gong then you know that it is not an easy task at all. There are so many options, so you may be wondering what is the difference between them. The fact is that each bong will eventually provide you with what you bought it for – smoking and enjoying. However, this does not mean that they are all the same. Each bong can give you a unique experience, depending on its shape, size, material, style and other characteristics. Depending on what you want to achieve, you will select a specific type of bong. To make this process easier for you, we decided to share with you some of the main things to know before you buy your first bong.

1. Start from the size

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The first thing you want to think about before buying your first bong is which size suits you best. You can find a lot of small bongs on the market that are easily portable, so if you move often or want to take your bong to a friend to enjoy it together, then smaller sizes can cost you more. Also, if you don’t want the bong to be visible in your home, a smaller one will be a great choice.

However, in case you want a beautiful, big bong that will adorn your home, why not? This can be a very nice addition to the apartment, especially if it fits your style.

Yet the difference is not only in the aesthetics and practicality, but also in the smoking experience itself. A larger bong will allow you to inhale more smoke because it has a larger chamber. But it is also more likely that the smoke will be colder due to the longer distance it takes to reach the mouth. Think about all of these factors and make a decision about the size of the bong that makes the most sense to you.

2. Material matters

The most common materials from which bongs are made are glass and plastic, but metal and ceramic options are also available, although they are not that common. Glass bong is aesthetically much more beautiful and effective and can be a good choice if you do not plan to move it too much. However, glass is very fragile and can be damaged and broken much more easily. Also, glass bongs are quite expensive compared to other materials, so if you are on a budget, you may want to consider a plastic alternative. If that is not an obstacle for you, but you are ready to invest a large sum of money in a quality and beautiful bong, the glass is definitely a way to go. Plastic bongs are a good option in case you plan to carry your bong around or if you want to prevent annoyance due to breaking a glass one. You are less likely to damage the plastic bong in any way, and realistically, it is not a big damage even if it happens.

3. Think about your lifestyle

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Another important thing to consider before buying a bong is your lifestyle as well as your overall style. This factor is often overlooked, which eventually proves to be a problem. Why? Because you won’t choose the same bong look if you have an elegant and refined style and if you’re a more relaxed person who doesn’t care much about aesthetics. Also, if you prefer smaller gatherings with just a few friends, then it may make sense to invest in a more expensive, glass bong that will give everyone maximum enjoyment and perfect experience. But in case you often throw parties with a large number of people in your apartment, then the last thing you need is someone accidentally breaking or damaging a bong under the influence of alcohol. Plastic, cheaper bongs are a more logical option in such situations.

Also, think about whether you are the type of person who is willing to regularly clean and maintain your large bong. If you are mostly on the go and quite busy on a daily basis, then the last thing you need is a bong that will require half an hour of cleaning each time you finish using it.

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4. Do you have pets?

Before buying a bong, think about whether there are any other external influences that you should take into account. For example, if you have pets this can be a limiting factor. Your enthusiastic cat can easily tear down your new expensive glass bong and break it into pieces. Also, having small children who like to explore around can be big but if you are considering buying a large glass bong.

5. What is your lung capacity?

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Another thing to consider here is how much lung capacity you have. This does not mean that you should go for an examination and measure your lung capacity, but that you should keep in mind that bigger is not always better. In case you are a long-term smoker who has a large lung capacity then it is okay to buy a bong with a large chamber that will give you maximum enjoyment. However, if you don’t usually smoke and want to use a bong for casual smoking while relaxing with your friends, then it doesn’t make much sense to invest a huge sum of money into a large bong. Small one will be quite enough.


Buying a bong is a fun and exciting event, but it can also be very confusing if you are not sure what you are actually looking for. A large number of different bong options are available on the market. They differ in size, material, shape, style, and other characteristics. Think about your lifestyle, how often you will use the bong, whether you will transmit it, as well as whether you have pets or small children that could knock down and damage the bong. Lastly, think about your lung capacity and how big a bong you really need. Once you take all the factors into account you will be able to choose the best bong for your needs and enjoy it to the maximum.