What Type of Gambler Are You – 2024 Guide

People who have never gambled do not know that there can be different types of gamblers. Players differ in their playing style and how they treat the game. Some people take gambling too seriously and devote a lot of their time to it. Others are just having fun and filling their free time. There are also those players who constantly want to test their luck and see if anything has changed since the previous time.

You may have already found yourself in one of the short descriptions. Or maybe you have a recognizable and unique style that can’t be covered by any general category.

Gamblers know exactly that in order to be consistent in what they do, certain skills and talents are needed, but of course, also the knowledge related to games and casinos. Therefore, we will go straight to the main point. What styles of gamblers are known in the world? Stay tuned to know more on this topic.

1. Professional gamblers

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This is the rarest category of gamblers. These people gamble to make money for a living. They invest a lot of money in games, but they also know when it’s the right time to invest more.

You can often find them developing strategies that can be incomprehensible to casual players. Also, professional gamblers are very measured, and patient and have a high level of self-control in their actions. These people don’t let themselves get upset about a game, which is a really intelligent approach to the whole process. Their tolerance level is really high, which also means that they don’t let the outcome of gambling annoy and frustrate them.

It is very important to emphasize that these people are rational, even when they lose. But they rarely lose because they know when the time is right to stop.

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2. Casual gamblers

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This is the most represented category of social gamblers. They gamble not only for fun but also because their friends do the same. Casual social gamblers will never spend a large amount of money gambling. They actually find entertainment similar to going out for a drink or a barbecue with friends.

They gamble with a precisely defined budget and always have control over how much money they invest in casinos. That is why they can rarely become professional gamblers.

3. Serious gamblers

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This is the second type of social gambler. They have serious intentions to win something in the game, although they are not professional gamblers at all. Mostly this is their coping mechanism and escapes from reality.

If you recognize yourself in this description, we recommend that you find another way of coming to terms with reality. Serious social gamblers have the greatest tendency to become addicted to gambling, and this can cause problems in family and friendship relationships later in life.

4. Conservative gambler

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These are experienced gamblers who, despite all their knowledge and skills, will never exceed the limit they have set for themselves. For them, gambling may be exciting and interesting, but they would never put it first before family and friends.

Conservative gamblers stick to traditions and never spend too much money. They mostly go to land-based casinos because they don’t want to get hooked on online casinos.

5. Compulsive gamblers

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This is perhaps the worst category of gamblers you will learn about today. These people spend a lot of money and have no control over their actions. They often want to be smarter than the machine or the casino itself.

Gambling is already part of their private life and they no longer know the difference between what is reality and what is a game. They are constantly looking for a new strategy that will bring them a sure victory.

They often break relationships with family and friends, just because they are constantly looking for new gambling challenges. Their behavior borders on serious addiction and often requires professional treatment.

6. Escape (relief) gamblers

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These are people who also need an escape from reality. But they want to escape from serious problems and gambling helps them to feel some emotions. Most often these are people who suffer from constant stress, anxiety, and depression.

Whether they’re losing or winning, they need emotional stimulation. This is another category of coping mechanism that, as good as it is, can also bring terrible negative consequences for those who play.

7. Personality gamblers

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These are people who like to bluff and trick others in order to gain material benefit. You will often see them being the loudest in the room and trying to get all the attention.

Of course, as you can guess, this is all part of their plan to get rich gambling. Unfortunately, things don’t always go the way they wanted or planned.

Which of these gamblers are you?

Did you recognize yourself in any of the listed categories? Do you belong in more of them, or are you something different from what we all know? Can you define your gambling style? Would you like to try something different than what you are used to?

There are many questions waiting for your answer. But we have one that is sure to catch your eye.

Do you know what is most important in gambling, no matter what your style is?

As you can guess, it is a personal responsibility. You should behave responsibly with your money, but also with the time you devote to gambling. Try to establish healthy gambling habits as much as possible.

And of course, if you notice someone getting into trouble because of gambling, offer your help. If they are aware of the problem, they will accept it. But try to avoid conflicts, because gambling vanity is really too big.

What we can recommend you, in the end, is to ask for help yourself if you have problems. Any addiction can be overcome if you recognize it in time. Gambling can be as destructive as it is fun. So be smart in your actions. It’s the best you can do for yourself.