3 Signs you Need a New Firewood Processor

Wood is one of the most common and oldest substances that man has used since its inception. That was, along with stone and bone, his first weapon and tool and means of making dwellings. I’ll find out fire becomes the most important material for heating, ie the production of thermal energy, but also food preparation. In the Middle Ages, forests were used to produce firewood, and wood coal was used in metal production technology. Large quantities of wood are also used for the production of ships and houses.

In today’s time of rising energy prices and energy in the world, it is necessary to turn available and available energy sources for the purpose of independence from imported energy and conservation environment. Forest biomass as world-class renewable energy accounts for an increasing share of replacement fossil fuels and in order to preserve the environment and other benefits of society. There are many reasons why wood is one of the favorite firewood. In addition to being financially affordable, wood is very caloric.

After all, is there the same nicer than enjoying by the fireplace while the wood crackles and smells?

When making firewood, depending on whether the process is manual or mechanized, they are used various tools or machines such as chainsaws, axes, hydraulic splitters, circular saws, wedges, and processors. Firewood-making machines can be divided into hydraulic splitters and processors, and they find their application in amateur-making firewood for their own needs and in professional manufacturing companies. The use of machines in the process of making firewood reduces the physical effort of workers and increases labor productivity.

As we can see, there are many machines that make your daily work easier, both at work and at home. One of those things is definitely wood cutting and splitting machines. These machines are especially useful during the period of preparing firewood for the winter. However, these machines can be quite expensive and take up a lot of space. You save on time and money if you bought or plan to buy a combined machine and a firewood processing machine that will turn large logs in a short time into shredded wood ready for your fireplace.

Buying this machine is very much considered a smart investment because you will save your time and the job will be much easier to do. You can also make money by providing heating services to other people.

Sometimes, after years of use, you may notice that your firewood processor has done its best and that it’s time to replace it with a newer and better model. When is the time for a new machine?

1. Machine leprosy in effect

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Sometimes it is simply noticed that the machine is running slower and not doing the job as it used to. That tells us two things – either to invest some money in the repair in the hope that it will work just as well as before or to replace it with another machine. There are many different models of new and used machines on the market, so we believe that everyone will find what they are looking for. Of course, our advice is to buy a new one, because that’s the only way you will have a guarantee.

2. It doesn’t cut like before

Sometimes it will be enough to change the cutters, although this is not easy with these machines.

3. Some part is damaged

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If the firewood processor breaks down, you don’t need to immediately think about buying a new one. Of course, you will try to fix it. But the problem may arise the moment you realize that spare parts for this model are not available in your market, and ordering from abroad costs too much. Yes, this is an obvious sign to get rid of that machine and buy another one.

What should I pay attention to when buying a firewood processor?

There are many processor manufacturers today, so the technical features of each are different with respect to drive, sawing diameter, splitting strength, etc. However, the differences in principle there is almost no work. We can distinguish partially automated processors where it is necessary to move the handle on the control unit to perform the splitting operation completely automatic which performs sawing and splitting operations automatically. Processors usually consist of 6 main parts:

  • drive part (electric motor, etc.) for starting the machine,
  • entrance ramp for energy wood,
  • conveyor belt for bringing energy wood into the sawing position,
  • sawing device (chain saw, circular saw),
  • splitter (hydraulically movable cylinder)
  • Conveyor belt for transporting logs

Great attention should be paid when working on processors (and splitters) to safety and protection at work in accordance with the norms.

What are the best manufacturers?

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On the market, you can find many manufacturers of processors and machines for cutting and cutting trees – Palax, Krpan, Uniforest, and many others. For whatever you decide, study carefully the specifications, type of drive, and build quality.

What safety equipment is needed?

Appropriate equipment and tools are needed to prepare firewood. The most important thing when working with mechanical devices is safety. Work clothes should be reliable. This is a job you shouldn’t start without work gloves, goggles, pants with an anti-cut insert, and proper footwear. No matter how experienced you are with handling this type of machine, extra caution is always needed, just one second of inattention can lead to an accident.

Final thoughts

What you need to consider when buying is the average diameter of logs because there are different models on the market. Firewood processors from uniforest.de productivity rely on efficient handling of logs, smooth material flow, and user ergonomics. Another thing you need to consider is the power of the machine, as well as how often you will use it and for what purposes. If you are planning to start a business, you will need a bigger and stronger machine.