What Language Are Rust Plugins Written In

Rust is a video game that was completely released in 2018 and is gaining popularity over the years. There were some beta versions available in the previous years. It’s a game similar to DayZ and was inspired by Minecraft too. The player’s goal is to survive in the wilderness and collect materials, and during the whole process, he/she can be attacked by wild animals, or may face hunger and thirst. Also, the game requires different plugins as you progress, and some of them can help you get better results, and you can check all of them on codefling.com. And when it comes to the programming language, many enthusiasts were hoping that the game Rust is developed in the language with the same name.

But, for this purpose, Whitespace was used, but the plugins can still be written in another language. Whitespace was inspired by C++, but the plugins can be found in Lua, Python, and JavaScript. The whole game is written in different codes and combinations of functions for customizing.

The beginners can play it solo, even though it’s a multiplayer game, so they can practice and improve their skills. After that, they can join the full version, and play it with the complete offer. Since the beginning of 2024, this game is gaining more and more new players, and according to the providers, they earned a few million dollars these months

So, let’s see why it’s like that.

The early access was available back in 2013, and a few beta versions were released until the final one in 2018. There is a map of a fictional world the player should conquer, and collect weapons and other things to survive. At the beginning of this year, some of the most popular Twitch streamers started stream playing Rust, and immediately, the interest spiked up. Many players realized how interesting and fun it is.

Are you interested in the development approach? Let’s see the different programming languages that take a part in creating this exceptional game that didn’t become very popular in the past, but now, more and more gamers want to join it.

As you remember, we mentioned:

1. Whitespace

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It belongs in the group of esoteric languages. It was released in 2003 and as the name says, it gives meaning to the spaces and tabs as characters. The commands are replaced with spaces, tabs, and linefeeds, so instead of typing a long syntax, you are using sequences made of these white spaces as a replacement of binary codes. The code may look weird and funny, and it’s very long, so it’s pretty unexpected for a game like Rust to be developed in something similar to that. Anyway, it exists, and it surely needs some additions, and that’s why most of the game’s plugins are written in different programming languages, so they can be easily integrated into the code.

2. Lua

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We mentioned this one together with the plugins. It doesn’t need too much memory to compile, but it’s a high-level language. Probably you’ve already seen it because it’s used to embed outsource pieces in the code. It’s written in ANSI C, and it was invented in 1993. A lot of functions are implemented in its library, and it’s an example of basic functional programming. It’s usually used as an extension. The syntax is short and predictable, and we can say it’s object-oriented first-class language. It’s widely used in video game development as a scripting language. A lot of games have functions written in Lua, and Rust and WoW are just a few of them. It even has dialects, that are used as standalone languages for different purposes.

3. Python

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Python is similar to C and C++, it’s object-oriented, dynamically typed, structured, procedural, and logical language. The difference is that in Python brackets are not used as in C and C++ and they are replaced with whitespaces, entered with the buttons for space, tab, and enter. The syntax is pretty common, and they have the commands like “if”, “for”, and “while” too. There are also expressions, especially for the functions and advanced coding. It’s commonly used in machine intelligence, and simple and complicated math operations can be done too.

4. C and C++

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C is a structured language, and C++ is “C with a twist”, upgraded to object-oriented, functional, and includes objects and classes. It’s used for apps, games, databases, and servers. The syntax is the same, since it’s practically the same origin, with a few upgrades for more optimized codes. Some people call C++ “a new C”.

5. JavaScript

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We also know it as JS, and it’s a combination of everything the other languages are – the curly bracket is used to separate the blocks, it’s object-oriented, classes are included, dynamic typing, and compiling in real-time. It’s used for different purposes, like interactive websites and apps. It covers a lot of development aspects, and programmers who know it are maybe the most skilled ones on the market.

As you can see, most of your favorite games require a lot of time to be developed. Probably, you have to appreciate the effort and labor of the programmers, who are writing the whole code or use different paradigms, so they can develop a product you will enjoy using.

So, the next time you want to look for a cracked version of some game, remember this article. Every product should be appreciated, especially when there is a whole team of programmers, developers, graphic designers, and artists, who are creating it. Give them the needed support and appreciation.

Surely this article seems like boring content you aren’t interested to read, but it’s what’s behind every game you have on your phone and computer. The more detailed it is, the more effort and labor it requires.

Probably, Rust should’ve waited for 2024 and the whole situation with the pandemic, so the players can realize how good, fun, and entertaining it is. If you haven’t tried it yet, we recommend you try at least the trial version – we are sure you will really like it.