The Importance of Car History Checks and How to Get One

Have you ever wondered about why getting a car history check is so important? There are numerous reasons you might want to establish the history of a vehicle; understanding these could help you determine the right approach for your own car purchase, too.

Why is a Car History Check So Important?


There are numerous reasons that running a car history check is so important – and this is true both for buyers and those who have already purchased a new vehicle. In line with this thought, it’s well worth keeping the following points in mind to help inform your choices.

Some of the main reasons that car history checks are so important include the following points:

  • View details about the car’s past MOTs: Knowing what your chosen vehicle’s been through is important, as this can inform how it will run going forward. It’s worth noting here that a car’s MOT history will show whether it’s had any major repairs (which could indicate that the vehicle has been used heavily) or if there are any advisories that are likely to go wrong in the next MOT. These could cost you a lot to repair, so it’s worth considering when making an offer on a vehicle.
  • Check the seller is being honest: The number of car sale scams is on the increase, and these can be surprisingly sophisticated. As such, a car history check can potentially be important to help verify the seller’s honesty. By entering the number plate details into a car history checking tool, you can check that the sale car’s information matches with the vehicle itself; in addition, these checks verify whether the car has previously been written off or marked as stolen, which can help you avoid buying from a fraudulent seller.
  • Verify that finance is paid off: If a car was previously purchased on finance, the owner should not sell it until the finance is fully paid off. However, not all sellers realise this. As such, ensuring that the car does not have any outstanding finance is vital to ensure you don’t accidentally end up taking on responsibility for the finance (which could leave you liable to paying for the vehicle twice – ouch!)
  • See how many owners the car has had: If a car’s regularly changed hands, it could potentially indicate a subtle problem and highly variable uses. As such, checking how many owners the car has had can help you make sure you’re not buying a vehicle that’s been used and abused by many people for a premium price.

These are just three of the main reasons that you should always run a car history check – and this even applies if you don’t know the history of your current car. Indeed, if you’ve owned your vehicle for a while, it’s still worth knowing what it went through prior, helping you understand more about its performance.

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