The Future Of Gaming: What’s Next For The Gaming Industry

Only a few decades have passed since the appearance of video games, although it seems to us that games have always been a part of our lives. As the years go by, the games become more and more popular and their future looks incredibly exciting.

None of this would have been possible without technology developing at an incredible rate. We can constantly try new gadgets that complement everyone’s user experience. So, the gaming industry has never been more exciting, and read below what awaits you.



Players get a whole new dimension of realistic play thanks to virtual and augmented reality. It is a technology that completely or partially controls the virtual world. The user experiences a great experience, because the elements of the real world intertwine with the virtual.

An example of such an environment is the game Pokémon Go. Using the GPS, camera and gyroscope of these devices, Pokemon combines elements of the game with a real user environment, making it the first mobile game to successfully use augmented reality.

The combination of a very popular franchise and widely available technology has proven to be a phenomenal recipe for success and will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the development of mobile technologies.

Woojer Vest


You can make whole VR and regular gaming experience even more realistic if you use vest like Woojer which really attracted our attention after we watched The reaction of the man testing this vest is priceless.

You know that feeling when you’re at a concert and when you feel the vibration of the bass. It’s a real adrenaline rush. And imagine putting bass on yourself and feeling every sound while playing games. Definitely something that will be a must have for gamers in the coming years.

Cloud Gaming


This way of playing has a number of advantages over traditional means of playing games. Thanks to the stable connection for the flow of information, you will not have to download or install games on your smartphone, computer or console.

However, this service is paid on a monthly or annual basis. There are also games that are charged extra, while there are also games that you can download for free. The great news is that you don’t have to buy new hardware for this purpose. Piracy will probably be prevented

All you need to play the latest games is a stable internet connection. That’s enough to play any game, on any device. Cloud gaming has been around for a while, but the user base has been much smaller compared to the current situation. The reason is the low average internet speed. Fortunately, the days of slow internet are a thing of the past. Large industries have worked on that, especially with the adoption of 5G.

5G network


The network is represented almost everywhere and will soon become the standard. This is a very important step for the industry. Of course, faster internet brings with it numerous benefits in gaming. With less latency, higher speeds as well as increased reliability, the 5G network brings several changes to the gaming industry.

One of the many is the significantly improved upload and download speeds on smartphones. Therefore, online games depend on the speed of the Internet, because in poor conditions they cannot achieve optimal performance.

Internet speed is also affecting community development and market expansion. The more players access quality games on smartphones or computers the better the market situation will be.

The novelty is that 10 times more players can participate in this AR experience at the same time than is possible on the 4G network. In addition, mobile device battery consumption is significantly lower. For the gaming industry, not only does the 5G network have the potential to allow gamers to download huge data in minutes, but this network could lead to a dynamic shift in both the way and where video games are played.

Player behavior changes. As the 5G network allows CPU power to be transferred to the cloud, previously bulky devices will be simplified. A prosperous and bright future awaits the gaming industry with the help of the 5G network.

The position of women in the gaming industry


Although gaming is often considered an industry for young men, things have changed a long time ago and continue to change. This means that the influence of women in this industry is growing, and this is confirmed by data from previous years.

True, a higher percentage of gamers are men, but among game lovers today we have as many as 40% women. Millennials are most present in this industry.

When it comes to brands, it is interesting that French brands whose target group is predominantly female: L’Occitane, Carefree, and Benefit Cosmetics – were the sponsors of the 2020 tournament. For two of the three companies, this was the first sponsorship in e-sports, while Benefit entered the sponsorship in women’s e-sports last year through a tournament in Australia.

So, gaming is no longer an industry intended only for men, women are very present, which is an important fact when it comes to advertisers who address the female target group.



Gaming streaming services are becoming more and more popular and are expected to become one of the main ways to play video games very soon. This service allows the use of platforms such as Twitch or YouTube. No special and expensive computer is required for this operation.

The advantage of streaming is that the game can be accessed from any computer and anywhere in the world, all you need is a good internet connection. Everything you need to run the game is located in the data center and from there it is broadcast to your computer. VR and AR should really allow for impressive gaming with new game genres and new social elements.



Today’s console models have advanced a lot compared to the original models, and the manufacturers promise us many more surprises in the future. We can see this as their response to the development of smartphones and other technologies, because the next generation of consoles will enable physical and digital games. You will enjoy the latest graphics, fast loading and easy access to new games.


The gaming industry has flourished in recent years with a tendency to further develop in step with the rapid development of technology. It offers numerous opportunities for young developers and talents to build a career in this interesting field.

He estimates that every third person in the world is a gamer, and the development of mobile phone games, which are now of the same quality as those for a desktop computer, has contributed the most to that. It is stronger than the music and film industry and its annual income is measured in tens of billions of dollars.