What’s The Difference Between TypeScript And JavaScript

Working on projects that include programming, especially when creating web pages, you have surely used java for that purpose. Until you reach some point where you have developed something big, and it becomes too complicated, you have to look for a better solution. That is what the big companies did, and came up with the typescript. While it basically gets the job done in a similar way as the previous version, it is less complicated, and it can be used for bigger projects that require long lines, and a way to keep things simpler.

To determine which option is the best for you, you will have to know the differences between them, and you will have to know what you need them for. You can always switch from one to another, so you can do everything how it is supposed to, but most importantly be efficient, and keep things simpler so you can do more, instead of losing time looking for a mistake you did so you can fix it. To make things simpler for you to understand, we have made this article to show you the differences between these two programs.

Explanation of JS

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This is a program that is meant for developing pages, making them more creative and serving the purpose while being interactive. That means when the person using the site clicks on something, it gets something in response. Being one of the first programs for this job, everyone who works in this field has at least basic knowledge of it. The program was used at first for client use, and then it had some upgrades which made it suitable to work on servers as well. The words used for the codes are similar to other applications, so you will not have trouble learning them if you had any experience before.

When you learn it, you are basically set for this job, however, that might take some time. One of the things, why this option is mostly used, is because it is supported on every search engine, so people can have their sites used on every app that the customer has, making them accessible and easy to use.

Explanation of TS

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While the previous version is used for any opportunity until it gets too much to handle, this option is made exactly for that transition. When it gets too big, you can just simply transfer here and continue working. It is meant for bigger sites because the code is shorter compared to one of the previous options, and that makes it easier to work with, and it serves the purpose of finding mistakes easily since you have to read less to find them.

To conclude this, TS is made as an upgrade for the previous option, and it is basically the same, just you can do more things with it, and when you are done, you can translate everything back to it, so it can be recognized by the engines.

If you still can’t figure out why Typescript is favored over Javascript, that question is answered at https://serokell.io/blog/why-typescript.

Where do they differ

The first thing that differs them is the purpose that you should be using them. JS is made for jobs that are still starting, or that are meant to be less complicated than others. TS is made to serve a purpose as an upgrade to the previous one when the text you have written becomes too long and you are not able to find your way around it, making it hard for you to find mistakes that you have done. It shortens the text and makes it easier to work with.

The other thing is the way they work. To work with JS, you don’t need a specific program that you have to open up, you work on the browser and that is it. TS is a specific app that you have to use, and with that come all the options that it has.

However, with JS is easier to check the progress, because all you have to do is load the page, TS takes time because you have to make it into JS first and then look at what you have done. That is why it is better to work with JS first and keep the other option for the times where you need them more.

When should you use them

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JS can be used right away because you don’t need anything to start working. You just start typing and you check for the results occasionally just by loading the site. It is a better option to be used when you are just beginning because you will type more and it will be made in detail using the functions that you gave it. However, when you develop the result, the text you have written becomes too big, and you will have hard times working with it, because you will have to read more, and you will have problems knowing where you have written something that may cause a problem in functioning.

That is when you transition into TS when the work you have done in JS has become too big and you have hard times working with it anymore, you should transfer to this option and continue with your process. TS is basically made to upgrade from the previous version and have an easier job in the future.

That does not mean that it is better than the JS because it is not. They are just made for different purposes. For example, if you thought about starting the project using it, you will have more trouble because you might oversee a few things, and when it comes to testing what you have done, you will have to translate everything into java, and then try it out. That will take up time that you could’ve used for something else, instead of losing it for transferring information just to try things out.

They are both similar and different, and you should use them when it is time. You cannot speed things up if you think that you will use the program with more options because it is made for different purposes. Make sure that you are using them well and everything will be done with ease.