Cricket Betting Glossary: Understanding Bookie’s Terms

If you are not from India or Australia, you might be surprised by the fact that cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. Learning more about it can be especially beneficial if you prefer betting on various sports events from time to time. That will provide you with more flexibility and a better chance to hit an easy win. However, it might be challenging at the start since this sport has its own unique rules.

In that matter, start by learning more about the rules and terms used in this sport. Some of them might be found in the odds for these events. An interesting way of learning the basics about betting on cricket is to start with virtual games, and you can learn more about that if you check out

Moreover, there is no reason to rush with your actions on some betting platform. Before that, you should read more about common terms used in this sport since most of them are implemented in offers as well. Here are some of the most important terms that you should know about cricket and betting.

Standard Offers


Some terms are the same for all events, and they represent basics like predicting a winner, setting a margin, exploring the odds, and more. For example, arbitrage is a very profitable solution that can be implemented in each sport. The main point is to research the offers and find the right difference where you can select different outcomes and secure the return of your investment.

Another terms that you should know about is handicap. It represents a difference in score where one team has to win by a determined difference in points to win. For example, if the handicap on the latest game between Sri Lanka and Australia was +10, and you select it, you will lose since the result was only four points in advance for Sri Lanka.

Moreover, you have to learn more about margins, and how you can benefit from them. You will see that there are different sections in the offers where you can see over and under offers. These are the margins for different aspects of the game. For example, amount of points in the game, or one half.

There are many other terms that you will find when you start betting. The key is to never rush with your decision or choose some odd only because it sounds interesting. The key is to research the offers and select the odd with the best probability.

Important Terms for Cricket


While there are many terms that can be found in different sports, there are some unique that can be found for each particular sport as well. Since cricket is so popular in India, it is not a surprise that there are so many of their words implemented as standard terms.

For example, bhav represents a standard off for a winner of the game, satta is betting, while satta bazar is the market. Moreover, we have to mention the century, which is related to the batsman and how many points it will win. There are some interesting 50% bets available as well, like winning a toss.

You can select various details of the game and place a bet on them, such as the best batsman in the team or the game, the best bowler, 6 overs, and more.

Tips For Winning More Often


The first thing that we have to mention is related to the importance of proper analysis. There is no need to rush with your decision when it comes to spending money on these events. Instead of that, always compare the opponents and check their form, history, previous results, and more.

Furthermore, the selection of bookies can make a difference. You should know that most of them are offering some attractive features for newbies. Therefore, if you are planning to start betting on cricket for the first time, you can get many benefits if you find the right website.

Another thing to do is to determine the right approach. There will be numerous offers available, but choosing only higher odds is not the best solution. Even though it can provide you with a higher profit, you have to know that bookies are experts in creating odds, and when one is very high, that means that the chance for that outcome is very low.

Pay attention to how much money you are spending as well. Playing without any clear plan can only lead to financial issues. Keep in mind that gambling can be very addictive, and that you can easily lose your focus and start spending more money than you can afford to lose.

The best approach is to combine the money management with proper research and focus on favorites with better probability of winning. It will provide you with a much lower profit, but you will have a decent chance to make profit each time you play.

There are some progressive strategies that you can implement as well. For example, if you focus on single games, you can start by predicting one result, and then continue by playing singles. You will have to determine the starting amount, and then choose the following ones according to your efficiency. For example, you spend $100 on one game, and lose. Your next investment can be $200, and then continue raising by unit or doubling. Each time you win, you should start with the initial amount.

The Bottom Line


We have mentioned some of the most common terms that you will find when you want to bet on this sport. Also, many of them can be seen in all other sports. The key is to learn more about their meaning so you can be sure that you are choosing the right combination.

Also, you should research different platforms and see what offers they are providing. Since this marketing is expanding very fast, a lot of new combinations and terms are implemented all the time.