How To Choose The Right Buffet Hutch Cabinet For Your Dining Room?

Arranging and equipping our living space is always a pleasure. Our happiness and joy in doing so results in a large number of ideas and concepts that flood our minds. Searching the Internet, Pinterest, browsing magazines that deal with interior design, discussions with family members and friends, in short, a variety of ideas come, change and constantly spin in our minds.

Living room, bedroom, children’s rooms usually have primacy. We are the first to design, combine and choose furniture and equipment. There is also a kitchen and a bathroom, as vital points of every household, without which life is impossible. The dining room is often left for last, especially if it is separated from the living room and is not in sight as soon as you enter.

However, the dining room is very important, not only as a place for dining and family gatherings at the end of the day or at various ceremonies and gatherings. It gives a note of luxury and comfort, the knowledge that the living space is comfortable and reminiscent of earlier centuries, when it was synonymous with luxury, as well as the living room.

That is why it should be carefully and stylishly arranged. The main ones are table, chairs, buffet cabinet, hutch… it all depends on the space and, of course, the budget and your taste.

What is a buffet cabinet?


The beautifully decorated dining room will be our pride and a reflection of our style and refined taste. Elegant, antique designed or modern, bright colors and right angles and parallel edges … it’s all your choice. It is imperative that the chairs must be comfortable and of an adequate size, so that we do not have the impression that we are eating at the bar in the bar.

One of the beautiful and recommended pieces of furniture is a buffet cabinet or sideboard. To a large extent, its presence beautifies the dining room, and its utilitarian aspect is irreplaceable. Its main characteristics are described as follows:

  • independent piece of furniture (no wall mounting required, no support)
  • usually made of wood (sometimes massive and sometimes lighter)
  • can have its own legs, and can stand on the floor
  • has numerous partitions, larger and smaller doors, shelves and segments for all types of dishes, tablecloths, cutlery, napkins…
  • his upper surface serves to store food we brought from the kitchen, before serving it on the table. There are trays, prepared glasses and drinks, ice buckets and complete dishes with food, which is waiting to be served.

How to choose a buffet cabinet:

1. Size


As with all pieces of furniture, it is necessary to estimate the size. If you live in a smaller living space, of course you will not choose a huge buffet cabinet, in woodcut, as from the court of Medici. You will look to fit the size of each piece as well as the style. The dining room must be functional, it must have a place for the passage and delivery and removal of food.

Also, keep in mind that you need to sit at a table and get up from it. So do not block these shops with oversized and bulky buffet cabinets and other furniture, if you do not have enough space. You can visit here and see that there are numerous sizes so it won’t be hard for you to find right one.2

2. Functionality

Once modern design captivates with its extravagance and beauty of its innovative shape. However, it’s not all in the design. Examine in detail how the buffet cabinet is designed and how its interior space is organized. Think about where and what you would put and whether such a layout and size of divided segments suits you. Estimate whether the size of the top plate suits you. Decide to buy accordingly, because functionality is the most important.

3. Position

Buffet cabinet and sideboard are similar types of furniture. These types of chests of drawers can be placed in the dining room, but if they are not exclusively designed for dishes and dining needs, they can be beautiful and useful in the bedroom and living room.

In the bedroom they are used for storing bedding, laundry, pajamas, mostly personal belongings, and in the living room for all kinds of small items, jewelry, documents… as well as drinks and glasses on the console.

The dining room buffet cabinet would be best positioned parallel to the dining table. Ideally, they should be the same length, so that food is served easily and quickly, by simply turning and moving the dishes and utensils from the console to the table.

4. Style

The choice of buffet cabinet will depend on the arrangement and style of the entire dining room. Colors too. There is a huge selection and all kinds of designs at your disposal:

  • Rustic

This wonderful design is reminiscent of old dining rooms, rural surroundings. Made from coarsely processed wood, neutral, natural colors, they immediately introduce you to the smells of warm bread and fresh milk. You expect apple pie to be served every hour, maybe Proust’s madeleine and a jug of homemade juice on the table. This choice gives warmth, homely atmosphere and the impression of French, Dutch and British villages, in all its beauty.

  • Traditional

For a classic and traditionally decorated dining room and space, in general, a buffet cabinet of traditional style would be a good choice. It is usually a massive, heavy piece, richly carved and decorated. Renaissance, baroque or classicist style of construction will fit well into the same dining room.

With damask, embroidered tablecloths, silver cutlery and oil paintings on the wall, with motifs of still life, will turn your dining room into a target where time stands still, and your guests will inadvertently see themselves in tailcoats and luxurious dresses.

  • Modern


Contemporary or modern style offers even more possibilities. Various materials (wood, plastic, metal .., neurotic colors, simple workmanship, without much detail, eccentric shapes .. and much more are offered by designers of the new age. If you have a hypermodern apartment, it is logical that your dining room, dishes details follow such a style. It is important not to overdo it, because too much, color and shape, does not always work well. Sometimes it is necessary to calm down the atmosphere in the room. You will choose which part of the furniture will play that role.

  • Recycled

In the general trend of reducing waste, today’s time is forcing everything that can be recycled. Tao is also with furniture. Your buffet cabinet and other parts of the furniture can be made from recycled material and parts of wood or something else that have already been cut. Consider this option as well, so if it suits you functionally and stylishly, do something good for Planet and opt for such a piece.


As we have seen, buying a buffet cabinet is not just a bare need for something useful. It can be a real adventure and a test of our aesthetic and functional taste. Having such a piece of furniture beautifies our space, and we can additionally supplement it by placing an adequate picture, photograph, framed poster above, depending on the complete environment. With good company, delicious food, selected drinks, your dining ambience will come to full expression and make your socializing pleasant and memorable.