Tips To Boost Your Electric Skateboard Battery Life

When we talk about electrical devices, nothing can bother us more like a bad battery. After all, the price of the product depends on the quality of the battery. We are sure that at least once you have eagerly taken your favorite device, but then it happened: the battery meets your needs too short to be able to do anything. Nobody wants to be in this situation.

With the new era, new electrical devices are being created. Once upon a time, the streets were crowded with children riding roller skates or skateboards, and the battery was no problem for them. Only human strength was used to get them moving. Today, electric skates are popular, which require the skill of management, but not pushing the skate. They can save you time and energy, but things can get complicated. Imagine you bought an electric longboard and enthusiastically set out to conquer the streets and brag to your friends. Still, the skate remains motionless on the ground or moves slowly. What’s happening? Of course, the battery!


Some people simply have bad habits that can affect battery life. Bad habits in a short time can damage your battery much more than you can imagine. That is why here we offer you tips to correct your behavior and maintain the correctness of the battery of your electric skateboard.

At the very beginning, let’s go back a few steps, to the time when you are in the store and choosing your skate. Most people choose the skate according to their appearance or popularity. Which is the first mistake you can make. If you want a quality product, and not just aesthetically appealing, you need to understand how certain things work. Read the specifications of the product you are interested in carefully.

Pay special attention to the battery quality section. Voltage is very important because it depends on the torque of the motor that drives the whole system. The higher the voltage the higher the speed. In addition to the voltage, it is also important how many amperes the battery has. They do not represent the power of the electric current. As with voltage, more amps means higher engine speed and power.


The current obtained is measured in ampere-hours, so pay attention or compare several different products on this issue. The speed of charging the battery depends on this detail. When the voltage and ampere-hours are multiplied, the power hours (VH) are obtained. A higher VH guarantees you more driving time. If you want to learn much more about this and even order quality batteries, we recommend this website.

These would be some of the basic things you need to know when choosing a motorized electric longboard. However, this is not the end of the matter. It is not enough to just buy a product with a great battery and think that the thing is over. There are mini rules we need to follow, such as never, but never leave the battery at 0%. whenever your battery reaches 30% of consumption, immediately take the time to put your skate on the charger. This way you save the battery, its power, and longevity.

Another very important thing that protects your battery, and we are sure that you had no idea about it, is the outside temperature. If possible, avoid riding your skateboard in very high temperatures. Even if not used, the battery of your skateboard can discharge very quickly if it is left at too low a temperature. On the other hand, if the temperature is too high, it can damage your battery permanently. This should be taken into account.


Let’s move on further. If you put off your electric skateboard for a long time, don’t expect the battery to serve you just as well. Even if you don’t skate or you just don’t have the conditions, turn it on or improvise. This way you take care of your battery properly. The panels on the battery of any electrical device wear out on their own if the device is not used. We can simply compare this to our bodies and muscles.

If we do not use them regularly, they can atrophy or lose their strength. With regular exercise, we maintain the strength of the muscles, and if we talk about electrical devices, with regular use we maintain the strength of the plate in the batteries. Therefore, it is necessary, even in the months when the weather conditions or simply the living situation does not allow you to drive, turn them on, let the battery discharge, and recharge it. And it’s not that complicated.

One of the most common mistakes you can make with your skateboard is to recharge your battery. So, you drive a crate, you see that there is no battery and you put it on the charger for at least 5 minutes just to come to life until your enthusiasm passes. This is one of the most common mistakes we have ever made. Although it may sound tedious at the moment, properly charging the battery is crucial for its maintenance.


If they are charged at regular intervals, of course, the battery will last longer, and not only this time, but it will be more durable for each subsequent one. As we have already mentioned, do not wait for your strength to drop to 0%. as soon as you notice that 20% or 30% appears on the display, take the time to charge the battery to its maximum of 100%.

These are some basic simple things that should be respected. We hope we don’t have to tell you that the battery should never, but never be submerged in water, drilled, or otherwise physically worn out, offer an open flame. Do not pretend to be too expert and repair and open the battery yourself. Make sure that your battery is well connected to the entire system and that it is protected from external influences. If you notice any malfunction in the entire skate or the battery itself, we recommend that you consult an expert to repair these things, because you can only do more harm than good.