How to Know if Your Pipes Are Corroded? 6 Plumbing Tips

Corrosion is the beginning of a complete disaster. Corroded pipes will ultimately damage your walls and kitchen and washroom and the places from where they pass. Because corroded pipes mean that they will eventually start leaking. And this leakage will destroy your walls and other things.

Some of the common causes of corrosion in pipes are ageing. As time passes by, oxidation occurs and this oxidation results in corrosion. Eventually, corrosion results in damaging the pipes.

Furthermore, when you are facing a corrosion issue you cannot solve it by yourself. This is something that needs professional help. Therefore, if you are experiencing any such issue and you need plumbing services, be sure to visit

But if you are in doubt about whether your pipes are fine or they have corrosion problems, you need to look for the signs. We are going to tell you some of the signs that will be there in case of corrosion. So let’s have a look at them.

1 – Discoloration of water


Corrosion means there will be rust in the pipes. And what will happen if there is rust in there? Of course, it will come out with the water. Therefore, discoloration of water is one of the biggest signs of corroded pipes.

However, this does not mean that the water will always be colored. Therefore, if you are not observing any discoloration all the time, it is normal. Just pay attention to the color of the water in the morning. Or when you open the tap after a few hours. The water gets colored when it stays in contact with rust for a long time. That is why, if you do not open the tap for the whole night, the morning water will be discolored.

In addition to this, you should also notice the color of the water. Rust is different for different metals. For example, if you have copper pipes, the color that you will see will be blue-green stains. On the other hand, if you have steel or iron pipes, you will see reddish to brown color.

2 – Weird smell and change in the taste of water


Smelling a weird odor in the water or tasting something weird is also a clear sign of corrosion. Though the change in smell and taste might be because of other reasons, you will know for sure. Whether the color and taste are changing because of the corrosion or because of something else, you will be able to tell.

Of course, not everyone gets their drinking water from taps. However, even if you are not drinking the water, you are gargling it. Even without gargling, you can smell water when you are washing your hands and face or taking a shower.

So when you smell something from the water, make sure to observe it and get it checked. Thus, you will know the cause of it.

3 – Leakages


Leakages can be because of different reasons. But if you are living in an old home and you have not changed the pipe for many years, there is a high risk of corrosion. And as a result of corrosion, there will be leakage.

So if the pipe is dripping water or you are experiencing leaks, make sure to go through a complete check. This will give you a better idea of where the problem is. So if there is corrosion, you will know it.

4 – Clogged pipes or problems with the pressure of water


What happens when pipes corrode? Oxidation occurs and this chemical reaction causes the pipes to rust. As a result of this, there are several rust particles accumulated in the pipe. In case of aging and not taking any remedial measures, the corrosion will increase and this will result in creating more particles. More rust means there will eventually be a blockage in the pipe. This blockage is clogging and it will affect the pressure of the water.

So you will get low water pressure or in case of a severe problem, the pipe will be clogged. Thus, you will face water supply issues.

So if there is a problem with the flow and pressure of water, make sure to take notice of that. You wouldn’t like to make it a bigger problem.

5 – Temperature fluctuations

You might not take it seriously but this happens. So if you are experiencing temperature fluctuations in the water for some time, you should look for the reason. Because one of the causes of this temperature change is corrosion.

Corroded areas will be weaker and thus, the external temperature will be able to show its effect. Therefore, this is not something that you should ignore because this is an early sign of a bigger problem.

6 – Hearing unusual noises from the pipes


Rust will damage the waterways. Therefore, you will experience unusual things. But of course, unusual things do not necessarily mean that there will be ghosts or things like that. However, small changes and unusual things in your water pipes are a sign of plumbing issues.

And why would you hear strange sounds? Rust particles are still iron, therefore, if there is too much rust, it will create sound upon moving. So whatever problem you are experiencing, you should pay attention to the root cause of it. Whether the cause is corrosion or not, you will be able to prevent any bigger problem from happening.

Final words

Plumbing issues can cost a lot if you do not take timely measures? So never ever take them lightly. If there is a small leakage, do not let it get bigger. Take it into account on time and deal with it. Small leakages end up bursting the pipes. As a result of this, you will have to replace the whole pipe. In addition to this, the damage to the walls, floor, and surrounding things will be unimaginable.

That is why, if you encounter any plumbing issues, make sure to get it checked on time.