How to Win at Online Pokies: 4 Tricks to Improve Your Odds

Let’s have fun, let’s play pokies. This is something you’ll hear all over the time in all casinos, and maybe you even said it yourself a few times. We’re talking thousands of times. Why? Because playing pokies is fun. Also, you can win a lot of money.

Yes, you can lose too, but we’re talking about playing in good measure. That’s where the entertainment lies. So, are you good at these games? This is the question we asked on purpose. If you doubt your ability, you still have things to learn about pokies.

The sole fact that you’re reading this article means that you are prepared to expand your knowledge about pokies. This is good. We love to hear it. You can never know everything. Considering how fast online casinos are developing, you have novelties every day.

But, thanks to the same tech that brought us online casinos and new forms of gambling, we have the chances to learn about these games. This is an educational article. It’s going to be a little bit fun, but with the advice that will take you in the right direction. Are you ready to use the power of the internet and expand your knowledge of the world of gambling?

We know you are. How? Well, here you are, reading the third paragraph of our text. We are almost there. Only a few lines below and you’ll learn how to win at online pokies: four tricks to improve your odds. When it comes to gambling it is all about the odds.

You need to find the best odds to win and then beat them. Not an easy task. But, the tips you have below are a good measure for success. All that is left for you is to keep reading, and after memorizing these tips you can become a winner. Also, you don’t have to memorize them, just have this article bookmarked. Let’s start.

1.  Learn About The Odds


We already said it – it all starts with the odds. If you want to win at pokies you need to understand one thing. Odds! Not every pokie machine is the same. If you ever played any game at a casino you know about the term house edge.  Pokies have a house edge and it differs from game to game. House edge is the advantage the house has over the player.

In most instances, the house edge is set at 5%. Do you know what this means? It means that the average loss on a $100 bet amounts to $0.50. most players see this as a simple calculus. You spin the wheel and you lose $0.50. That’s not right. This is why we told you to understand the odds.

You need to make a better understanding of both the odds and the house edge and how they relate to each other. These odds and house edge are given so that player understands that the house has the advantage. As far as your game is concerned you could lose $100 in a matter of minutes. You could also win $500 even faster. These odds apply to massive amounts of times you could play.

2. Partner Yourself With a Reliable Casino


Sometimes to win, you need an ideal partner. Like Bonny and Clyde, or Tom Brady and Gronk. You can choose the metaphor you like. What’s important is that you have the right partner. It is a hard task, especially this day. Hear us out, we’re not talking about marriage. But, finding the right online casino might be even harder.

There are just so many of them. You can never be too sure that you got the right one. As we said, there are just too many sharks in the pond, and if you don’t swim with a partner holding a harpoon you’ll be eaten. To find a safe and secure option, that offers the games you love, and is fair above all else you’ll need to investigate a little bit.

Nobody expects you to be Sherlock Holmes in A Game of Shadows, but reading a few reviews is a must. You can also get recommendations from your friends, and other players or you can listen to us and try out

3. Never Recoup Losses


Losing is ugly. Have you ever lost a game of anything? A soccer match between friends, or a basketball pickup game? It doesn’t matter, losses hurt. But, when it comes to online gambling it gets worse. You’ll lose not only a match, but you’ll also lose money. So, when you lose, there’s only one thought left – getting the money back. A hard task.

There’s always another day another chance. Playing slowly and with little amounts of money is the best road to take. But all of us are weak when it comes to this type of fun. Entertaining as it is when you lose you need to stop. Take a break.

Always do this. Rushing back to the casino trying to recoup what you lost is not the answer. You’ll only dig a deeper hole. What we suggest is taking a step back resting a bit from all that online entertainment, and waiting for another day, another bankroll to play. You’ll win another day, but never while you try to recoup what you’ve lost.

4. Focus on The RTP


Instead of trying to recoup your losses when they happen, try to avoid them. This can be done if you play pokies with good RTP. Return to player is at the essence of every game in this department. Pokies and similar games are not to be played for a little bit.

You can do this if you’re in Las Vegas. But when you play online they are still required to play for a longer amount of time to generate earnings for the casino and winnings for the players. RTP is the amount you can expect to get back over a certain period you play the pokie.

Let’s say a pokie has an RTP of 93%. What this means is that you’ll earn $0.93 for every $0.01 you put forward. So, you need to focus on pokies that have a high RTP. Those with an RTP higher than 95% are your best chance of a win.