Why Are Some Flower Delivery Services So Expensive?

Sending flowers to someone is one of the best ways to show appreciation, love, gratitude, and that you care about that person. It is one of the most popular gifts. With the expansion of online stores and advanced methods of transportation, you can send this type of package to any location in the world. The most important is to choose a reliable store and delivery service so you can be sure that you have made the right choice, and that the recipient will be satisfied as well. In that matter, we recommend you to visit felicita-flowers.com if you are interested in international flower delivery.

Moreover, it is crucial to learn more about plants that you want to send and the conditions they require to stay healthy when they reach the destination. The biggest issue is that flowers could get dried before they reach the address. Therefore, you should consider various options before you make the right choice. For instance, if you want to send flowers to some distant location, you should look for online options available in that country, so you can be sure that the delivery will be fresh.

The requirements depend on the type of plants that you want to send. Some of them might require more delicate conditions, while there are those with higher resistance that can survive in a package for a longer time. This can affect the price of the delivery as well. Here are the main reasons why some of them are highly expensive.

Special Requirements

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As we already mentioned, some plants need special care, and advanced methods of transportation to stay alive. For example, if you want to send fresh flowers, they will require enough light and water every day. In case that you want to send them to a distant location, the transportation can last for more than one week. In that matter, standard delivery services are not able to provide you with such service where their employees will take care of the plants.

Therefore, you can look for a specialized service that will guarantee you that the flowers will be delivered in good condition. However, you can expect a much higher price for such a service. The best option to avoid these additional charges is to look for the store in the country of the person that you want to surprise with flowers and order delivery from there.

Time of Delivery

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When it comes to standard delivery services, the time needed for someone to get a package is one or two days if you are sending it to the person who lives in the same country. You can expect a day or two more for the countries around yours. However, if you are sending the package to another continent, it can last for one, two, or even three weeks for the delivery to reach the address. That can be a problem when you are sending plants, especially fresh flowers that need special conditions.

In that matter, specialized services are a much better option. The time of delivery is much shorter, especially local ones. For example, you can order the delivery, and it can be at the particular address in only a couple of hours. That is a great option because you will have more time for planning and setting the right date and time of delivery. Still, don’t get surprised when you see the price of this service because it can be much higher than a regular delivery.

What About Distant Locations?

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We already mentioned that the main problem with these deliveries is related to distant locations. If you are interested in a particular sort of flower that only grows in a limited area of the world, this is the only solution. However, it is crucial to select the right delivery option and prevent the plants from getting dry on the way. Luckily, some companies are working especially in this field, and who have the right equipment and workers to ensure that the flowers will remain fresh and healthy no matter the location where you send them.

Furthermore, since these companies are using advanced methods of transport, and hire more people to take care of the plants and secure their arrival, the price is much higher as well. They have a well-prepared organization with special cargo planes and vehicles. The price can be even higher if you are ordering the flowers from a distant country for yourself. They will have to fly to that area, pack the flower in unique conditions, and then deliver it to you with the same plane.

Additional Expenses

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The costs related to transport are not the only ones included in the price. It is not a rare case that people are having some special requirements, or they are ordering from distant places. For instance, if you live far away from the airport, they will need a special vehicle to deliver the flowers to you, and that will increase the price even more. In that matter, never rush with your decision and check out all of the alternatives before you decide to order flowers from abroad.

Last Words

Besides the prices of delivery services, some plants can be quite expensive as well. The requirements and special needs can also increase the price. It is common for companies to keep the flowers in refrigerators along the way during transportation since that is the best way to keep them healthy. That is another factor that is affecting the price. Also, the size of the package is important as well. Besides that, there are special sorts of plants, like Kratom or Cannabis, and you can order them only with the license, and from the countries where it is legal. This type of delivery is also more expensive. Always check local flower shops to see what they have to offer before you decide to order the flowers online. There are many benefits from online platforms, and you can save a lot of time and effort, buy that will come with a price.