Steps to Take When You are Locked Out – Opening Your Door Safely

Locking yourself out of your home or car can be a frustrating experience, but it doesnt have to ruin your day. Knowing the right steps to take when you find yourself locked out can help you regain access quickly and safely. Whether youve misplaced your keys, had a door accidentally slam shut behind you, or experienced a malfunction with your lock, there are several methods you can try to get back inside. From simple DIY tricks to professional locksmith assistance, this guide will provide you with the necessary knowledge to open your door with ease and peace of mind.

Assess the situation and stay calm


In the event that you find yourself locked out of your home, it is essential to assess the situation calmly and rationally. Panicking will only hinder your ability to think clearly and come up with a solution. Take a deep breath and consider all possible options for getting back inside. Whether you have a spare key hidden somewhere, can contact a friend or family member with a spare, or need to call a locksmith, staying calm and thinking logically will help you resolve the situation efficiently and safely. Remember, in times of crisis, a clear mind is your best asset.

Attempt to contact a roommate, neighbor, or landlord for assistance


If you find yourself locked out of your home, don’t panic. The first step you should take is to attempt to contact a roommate, neighbor, or landlord for assistance. Reach out to them by phone, text, or knock on their door if possible.

Communication is key in these situations, as they may have a spare key or be able to help you in some way. Its important to stay calm and ask for help when you need it. Remember, we all have experienced being locked out at one point or another, so don’t hesitate to reach out to someone you trust for assistance.

Look for spare keys hidden around the property


When you find yourself locked out of your home, one potential solution to gaining access is to search for spare keys that may be hidden around the property. Explore common hiding spots such as under doormats, above door frames, or inside plant pots. Be sure to thoroughly check all possible locations where spare keys may have been tucked away for emergencies.

Remember to keep safety in mind and ensure that you are not inadvertently revealing the location of spare keys to potential intruders. If necessary, consider sharing spare key locations with trusted neighbors or family members for added security.


In conclusion, being locked out can be a stressful experience, but with the right knowledge and tools, you can open your door safely and effectively. By following the steps outlined in this article, such as using a credit card or calling a locksmith if necessary, you can regain access to your home without causing damage to your property.

Remember, if you are ever unsure or uncomfortable with attempting to open your door, it is best to seek professional help from a locksmith like the one mentioned at Stay safe and prepared in case of future lockouts by familiarizing yourself with these steps and keeping emergency contacts handy.