5 Remarkable Uses Of Rubber Plugs & Stoppers

Nowadays, people tend to use many modern things, such as the latest technologies and similar things. However, this does not diminish the value of many small things that are very simple, and yet so useful that nothing can replace them. One such thing is rubber plugs and stoppers. These little pieces of rubber have such a diverse purpose that you certainly couldn’t remember right away even half of the situations when you can use them.

While they are very often used somewhere, as in laboratories, they can also have completely unconventional use, for example for beautifying space and the like. Wondering how? We will give you the answer to that and many other questions in this article. We will point out all the remarkable uses, as well as the different types that exist. All this will show you why these little versatile things are so sought after everywhere.

What to look for when buying rubber plugs and stoppers?

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Of course, that primarily depends on the purpose for which you need it. It will not be difficult for you to find any size, because they vary from those that are only one centimeter in diameter, to very large ones with a diameter of over 10 centimeters. Precisely because manufacturers know they have the widest can of application, they produce all sizes.

As for the characteristics themselves, here again, the purpose dictates the purchase. If you are going to expose the rubber to different chemicals, then it must be chemically resistant and impermeable. Only then will they fulfill their task in the right way, and will not allow chemicals to spill or evaporate. If the purpose is something else, such as commercial or aesthetic, some other characteristics will be important to you such as high-temperature resistance and weathering resistant. To find out what sizes and types exist on the market, visit www.etolrubber.com and read everything you want to know. Then you will exactly know which one is suitable for which use.

Remarkable uses

1. To glide furniture

We all know how hard it is to move heavy furniture when we move or simply when we want to move a piece of furniture from one room to another. Also, then it very often happens that we damage the parquet or any other material that we have as our floor. But here is an opportunity to use rubber plugs and move furniture with ease, and also not to leave any damage. Place the rubber plugs on the corners and you will see how suddenly very heavy furniture will become easy to move. Also, it is not the only purpose related to furniture. It often happens that a piece of furniture is unstable, it is usually a table. Due to damage to one of the legs of the table, we get a complete imbalance. Use rubber plugs to solve this. As we said, there are all shapes and sizes, so you will find exactly the one that is necessary to restore balance.

2. For protection against hazardous substances

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Very dangerous chemicals are often handled in the laboratory to make drugs or something else. These chemicals must be stored somewhere until the next use, without the possibility of spillage or evaporation as this would be very dangerous. With stoppers and plugs, you won’t have to worry. There are special types that are resistant to all chemicals and will protect you completely from them. Of course, it is important to choose the right type and not any stopper, as it can be damaged if it is not intended to come into contact with acids. There is still nothing more efficient for this purpose, and there is no need to be, because rubber plugs and stoppers work just perfectly.

3. For decoration

You wonder how a piece of rubber could be used for decoration. So you just have to be creative and you can make wonders out of it. Just because there are so many different shapes and sizes on the market, you can make whatever you want out of them. For example, they are ideal for mosaic. Paint them as you wish and make a mosaic that will delight everyone. It will certainly draw attention, because who have mosaic made of plugs and stoppers? Such a design especially fits into modern, unconventional apartments and houses. That’s not all you can do with it. You can use them in various creative ways to play with your children, and in the end get a new piece of decor for your home.

4. To plug the hole

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Holes are constantly appearing in our house because every material decays over time. This will create holes in the walls, especially if they are made of wood and many other objects. They are very difficult to seal, but you will solve this problem by buying rubber plugs. If you choose the right size, it will fit into any hole, no matter what the material. This will prevent mice and rats from going through those holes in your house, for example. And you won’t ruin the look of that wall or anything else.

5. As a security measure

If you have a child, you constantly worry that he will fall when he or she is running and hit the sharp edge of a table or other piece of furniture which will lead to serious injuries, like a head injury. Although we don’t usually notice that, when we have a child, we realize that most things in our house have such sharp edges that it is easy for someone to get hurt. You have no way to make them not be sharp, because that would mean you have to remodel the furniture. All you have to do is put these pieces of rubber on those edges and get a completely safe environment. That is a job that will take you 5 minutes and save you a lot of stress and potential injuries.


Here are 5 of the many remarkable uses that rubber plugs and stoppers have. Be creative, because you can use these items however you want.