7 Ways to Lower Your Cable/Internet/Phone Bill

Communication and entertainment are the two most important aspects of our lives right now; living in an age where we are and can be restricted to our homes at any given time because of the widely spread coronavirus, we need services that can assist us to stay entertained and connected with our loved ones. Having said that, money is also a prime contributor to everything we do at this point because many people are being underpaid while working from home and some might have had faced terminations.

On such a note, it is important to invest that we invest our money carefully and in services that make it worth it. Here is a little quiz for you, other than housing, what is the biggest monthly bill you have to pay? High chances are that it would be one for your cable, internet, and phone service. While many might have made peace with the high-amounted bills, you do not have to. In this article, we have brought a number of ways through which you can lower your cable, internet, and/or phone bill.

1. Find out about the service providers available in your area

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Getting a decent arrangement on cable TV, internet, and phone might require some tolerance and creativity. The main thing that you ought to do is discover which providers offer their services in your locality. Note that not all service providers offer services in all states and out of those that are, their costs and plans might fluctuate according to the specific area. Hence, you ought to do a great level of research by contrasting the services that are offered by the service providers in your locality. In this way, you will know which provider will allow you to set aside some cash. As well as contrasting costs, you should make sure to compare expert opinions, customer feedbacks, internet speeds, variety of plans, channel count and lineup, and equipment charges, etc.

2. Bundle your joy

Everyone knows that joy comes in bundles and this principle works very well when it comes to cable, internet, and phone services. If your home gets all of these three services from different providers, then you are really good at wasting money. Subscribing to different service providers for all these services means you are paying a lot more than you have to. Most providers offer all three services and allow customers to bundle up services for discounts. For people who use all three or even two of these services, bundles are a necessity. Double play and triple play bundles not only save you money but also make you a much worthy customer for your provider. If you live in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut, you can find the best internet and cable bundle deals by clicking here.

3. Screen Your Bills


For a new customer, the first few months are like the honeymoon phase – everything is peachy, accessible, and convenient. While you appreciate superfast internet speeds and 4K channels, you likewise pay the lowest amounts as a new customer.

But you must know that after these months, things would change entirely and you will experience a sudden price hike. Consequently, you should try to understand your monthly bills and if you find any extra charges, make sure to contact your service provider for clarity.

4. Make do with just the internet

This is fairly a strong move however absolutely awesome. Prior to settling on any choices, you should know about your inclinations. In case you are somebody who does not want all TV stations or is more interested in binge-watching TV shows and movies, you can just cut the cord. Getting rid of your cable service can save you a gigantic measure of cash while permitting you to keep yourself engaged with good quality content. There are various paid and free on-demand streaming platforms and you can use them for entertainment purposes.

If you like live programming like sports and news, you can also subscribe to a live TV streaming service. While there are a lot of available options, our budget-friendly picks are Philo and Sling.

If you are concerned about communication, you can utilize online communication tools. For example, you have Instagram, Messenger, Snapchat, and WhatsApp for casual chats; and for professional communication, you can use Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet.

All things considered, plainly the entirety of your necessities can be satisfied by a decent internet plan thus you do not have to continue to pay for the other two services.

5. Scale Back Your Services

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If you need to partake in every one of the services while setting aside some cash, you ought to consider scaling back. You should simply drop the additional things that do not mean a lot. For instance, in case you are paying extra bucks for movie channels like HBO or Showtime, you should simply drop them. You can watch movies online through a number of free streaming platforms. You can also drop some other premium and HD channels.

Another good approach will be to limit or drop your DVR arrangement. It is an extra expense and is not all that necessary.

Like cable, you can downsize on the internet too. Evaluate your utilization and in case you are paying for more than you require, you can simply scale back your internet plan.

6. Negotiate like a pro

If you know about the charges and services of various service providers, you can utilize this data as an influence to get a lower price.

Some of the time when you choose to drop your membership; your provider offers to slash your prices. This can make you stay with your present ISP and let you set aside some cash. By being persistent and courteous, you can negotiate like a pro. Moreover, if you have additional data like your on-time billing record at hand, it can tip the scales in your favor.

7. Work with Public Wi-Fi

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While depending on public Wi-Fi always is not appreciated, it is fine to use on occasion. A definite method to get a good deal on the internet is to get an arrangement with a data cap. However, managing your data is a task. What you need to do is utilizing your internet for significant tasks only and for less delicate activities like sharing general messages, web browsing, etc., you should utilize public Wi-Fi.

Most hotels, libraries, cafés, eateries, and other public spots offer free Wi-Fi. Websites like Open Wi-fi Spots can help you locate public Wi-Fi spots near you. Utilizing the public internet can cut your TV bill, too, especially if you can use it to watch the shows that you would normally watch on TV.