How Hard Is It to get a CCIE Certification – 2024 Guide

CCIE certification stands for Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE certification); it is a sequence of certificates given for technical examinations given to senior professionals of networking those who build, design, maintain, implement and troubleshoot the complex enterprise infrastructure networking.

The whole CCIE examination and certification program is separated into six different series, which includes

  • Collaboration
  • Data Center
  • Routing and Switching
  • Security
  • Service Provider
  • Wireless

CCIE was started in 1993 and is regularly updated by Cisco. Among all the Cisco engineers, less than 3% achieve the CCIE certification, which accounts for less than 1% of the worldwide networking professional population. Cisco has kept no formal prerequisites for a candidate who wants to seek the CCIE certificate. But, a typical candidate wishing to get the certification prerequisites for qualifying will burn through a huge number of dollars and a year and a half of study time. An underlying endeavor at the lab test is needed inside a year and a half of finishing the CCIE certificate composed test – if a competitor bombs the lab test, the individual must retest and pass it inside a quarter of a year.

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 Difficulty Level of CCIE Certification

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How hard is the CCIE Examination? Can I actually Pass the Examination? Is it worth giving a shot?

Cisco started its CCIE certification examination in 1993 when Cisco used to be a successful IT company with switches and routers manufactured and exported all around the world. The certificates from Cisco are divided into three different levels, CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE. The highest level being CCIE is the most challenging examination and certificate to get, but once you get CCIE certification, you will be referred to as a network expert.

CCIE certificate is difficult in the beginning, and to get yourself CCIE certified, you are first required to pass the CCIE written examination. The written test is not a cup of cake for everyone as the content of the examination is of expert level and is very difficult—very few candidates pass-through this written examination. If a candidate passes the CCIE written examination, he or she must sit in the LAB examination and pass within a year of passing the written examination. Suppose a candidate fails to pass the LAB examination within the stipulated one year. In that case, the written test is automatically revoked, and he or she has to go through the hard work of passing the written exam all over again.

In the beginning, you want to go to CCIE for the LAB exam, and the candidate should have long periods of involvement or experience with Cisco organizing in light of the fact that only if you are involved with Cisco devices frequently then only you will be familiar with the configuration commands of Cisco which is required in Cisco examination. Cisco also provides candidates with a training program.

The candidate can sign up for the training program with Cisco’s training organization. The company will configure the actual device to make the candidate familiarize them with the commands. But the main problem with the training program is that it’s very expensive and unaffordable for many candidates, which is amongst the main reasons for CCIE having a low passing rate.

Benefits of CCIE Certification

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The examination of CCIE may be complex but is amongst the certification that brings up your salary and has its advantages, just like every cloud has a silver lining. It may need a lot of hard work but also brings in a lot of benefits along with it.

Few advantages of getting a CCIE certification are:

  • It Pays a High-End Salary- People invest their time, money, and hard work to get a better career opportunity. With CCIE certification entered into your resume, getting a job with a high-end salary and reputation will be like a piece of cake.
  • The demand for CCIE certification has been growing ever since 1993- The need for certified CCIE engineers is growing, so is the seek for the certification. According to a survey done in 2017, the demand for CCIE certified candidates will be around 300,000 around the world by 2024. But there is a massive gap in demand and supply. As of 2024, there are only about 38,000 CCIE certified engineers around the globe.

This proves that CCIE certification has a higher value, and a candidate qualified with it will have enormous opportunities worldwide.

When Should you Pursue this Certification?

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The certification indeed is challenging but is also known to bring a ton of benefits to your career and brings a lot of opportunities in the future. What the world doesn’t explain is when to apply for this program. If you are a fresher, your hard work is not worth it as it won’t matter even if you are CCIE certified. The industry looks freshers as learning and budding students. Business looks as freshers as sprouting students.

They don’t anticipate that freshers should know and comprehend everything from the very first moment. In the event that they do, that is basically a reward; anyway, putting resources into courses, for example, CCIE, would essentially demonstrate that you are excessively anxious. All that finance and time would procure results just when you have achieved an experience of at least 3-4 years.


The CCIE examination is exceptionally difficult. To become a professional with the CCIE certificate, an extremely hard examination should be passed. It requires some investment and a lot of time to plan and prepare for the test. The preparation for the study requires your full undivided attention. It would be best if you gave at least half a year without enjoying any weekdays, occasion, weekends, and any hour of the day. All your days and waking hours must be fully dedicated to your examination.

Putting your finance and your time in the accreditation is pretty much as significant and huge as picking a vocation or a career. Achieving this accreditation would be a stage forward towards your career in the networking field.