Hardware Wallet Buying Guide 2024: Trezor Model T Vs One

The most popular Trezor Model T is one of the newest hardware wallets launched by SatoshiLabs. In fact, it symbolizes a crucial checkpoint in the various generations of well-known Bitcoin hardware devices.

Although the Model T is comparatively more expensive than Trezor One, it comes with some of the most advanced functionalities that aren’t accessible in the previous Bitcoin hardware wallets. Consider reading through to learn more about Trezor Model T vs One and whether it is worth purchasing!

Trezor One Functionalities

The Trezor One was the first Bitcoin Wallet that was launched in the year 2014. In fact, it came with advanced features that helped in protecting a user’s private keys from unauthorized actions. Some of the pros and cons of Trezor One are listed below for your convenience.


  • Quite simple to use.
  • More than 500 crypto assets can be supported.
  • It mostly comes from an open-source dataset.


  • Numerous missing features are now available in the newest generations of the hardware wallet.
  • It could be more durable since it has a comparatively smaller screen.

Model T Functionalities

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The famous Trezor Model T has all the latest features, including a giant touchscreen. Therefore, users will only be able to interact and use the components in a somewhat enhanced manner. Some of the pros and cons of the Model T are listed below for your convenience.


  • One can now make use of the best touchscreen.
  • Easy to initiate a complete passphrase on any device.
  • Offers all the features available in the Trezor One model.


  • It is comparatively more expensive.

What Is More Suitable For Beginners?

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When it comes to beginners, one would definitely prefer an easy interaction process as compared to advanced or latest features. Almost every Bitcoin wallet out there is user-friendly. However, there are a few differences between the Model T as well as the Trezor One, which you will need to know.

The Trezor One model comes with an advanced touchscreen; however, Model T has an in-built touchscreen. Trezor One is an ideal option for you if you prefer more simplicity. In fact, this model also gives you a hands-on interactive experience, thus making it easy for many people to learn as well as use. Apart from that, Trezor One is comparatively cheaper, yet again making it an ideal option.

As for the Model T, it is definitely a more significant upgrade compared to the Trezor One. Considering the fact that it has an in-built touchscreen, one can make use of a more comprehensive set of features and functionalities. Another benefit is that you can now easily set up this wallet with your laptop or even phone. Therefore, if you are a beginner, you will definitely be impressed with the features as well as functionalities that a Trezor Model T has to offer!

Security Features

The security features of Trezor One and Trezor Model T are entirely different. In fact, the most critical aspect here is the fact that one needs to be wary of their cryptocurrency security and where precisely the private keys are generated. When it comes to the former model, you might have to constantly interact with your desktop, which paves the way for more vulnerability as compared to the Trezor version T.

In fact, if you are interacting with an infected device, there is a high chance that the security of your cryptocurrency holdings in the Trezor One model may be compromised. Apart from that, you may be more vulnerable to numerous other attacks. Therefore, it is usually best to go for an option that is secure as well as safe to use. On the other hand, the Trezor Model T has numerous features to keep your holdings secure in your device. Thus, this comparatively makes things easier for the users.

Installation Process

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The installation process is quite easy-going as well as user-friendly. However, the setup process of the Trezor Model T is way more accessible since it has an in-built touchscreen which makes the installation work less. If you are new to making space for cryptocurrency, then you must consider investing in a Model T.

When you have to install a device that contains buttons, you might find the setting up process extremely time-consuming as well as tedious. However, when you only have to set up the essential parts, you will find it easier since handling an in-built touchscreen is relatively easy.

Yet again, a critical aspect to keep in mind is the fact that both devices utilize Trezor software. Therefore, the most basic job of handling your cryptocurrency holdings will be done regardless of the device you choose.


Both the hardware wallets are compatible with your smartphones. Apart from that, these Trezor models are compatible with your laptops, Android as well as iOS devices. If you mainly depend on a third-party wallet, then there is another good news for you!

The majority of the cryptocurrency wallets that fall under the third-party category are compatible with these devices too! Therefore, one can handle security and lack of functionalities from both Trezor models. Yet again, if you are a beginner, you might find the latest version more user-friendly and advanced.

Best Features

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The basic Trezor One model does not have any advanced features as compared to the Model T. This fact is quite evident since the former is a first-generation Bitcoin wallet. As for the latter, it has an advanced touchscreen, thus enhancing the usability experience as well as the overall security. Therefore, the user does not have to entirely depend on devices connected to the internet in order to use their hardware wallets.


You might have difficulty choosing between the Trezor One and the Model T. However, all of these options will come down to the amount an individual wishes to invest. The Trezor One model, as well as the Model T, will get even the most essential jobs done for you. One can avail of numerous benefits if one opts for a more expensive upgrade. Therefore, consider choosing the best for your cryptocurrency holdings!