What is the Difference Between a Business Laptop and a Regular Laptop?

Although a vast majority of people might consider there are not many differences between a business and a regular laptop, the truth is utterly different, moreover, if you have been using the same laptop machine for both work and home utilization, you should rethink your actions because they might compromise your career. Namely, you will be able to find out what makes the core difference between a business and a regular laptop, apart from the sole purpose they are used for, in the lines below.

It is important to highlight that there is nobody that could stop you from using the same machine both for home and office tasks, but we should also state that the point of having two different devices, apart from they have different characteristics, is to separate the two for several important reasons. We shall mention only one and that is privacy, but that feature reflects on both examples. Firstly, in order to lead a functional lifestyle, one should think about separating their work assignments from home obligations, and secondly, your home behavior should not compromise your professionalism.


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The first and the most important factor that makes a huge difference between a laptop that is crafted for business and the one whose purpose is to mostly entertain and provide standard features to you and your family is the configuration. Namely, business laptops are constructed to face all the challenges your particular profession might impose on them. You can even consider gaming laptops to be laptops for business, considering their performance, their price, and the fact that numerous individuals make a living by playing video games on their machines. Certain professions would nowadays be unimaginable without the usage of business laptops with enhanced hardware. That does not mean that you cannot have a strong laptop at your home, but the purpose of a home laptop is to support your home needs, so it depends on how needy you are.


Although it might not sound as big of a difference, we should highlight that nothing happens without a reason, especially in the computer science sphere. Namely, famous laptop companies spend millions of dollars to come up with more appealing solutions for their users. Every single detail of a laptop is carefully devised and has a purpose. So, if we talk about business laptops, they are designed to send a particular message and that is why they have sharp edges and are neutrally colored so they can fit any setting, while home variants are more casual and pleasant to the eye. Surely, trends change in time, so does the design that follows.


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Home laptops are not expected to be carried from one part of the world to another so they are not built to endure any particular mechanical damage without serious consequences. On the other hand, a business laptop is crafted to handle more advanced physical exposure as well as it is capable of operating at both high and low temperatures. This difference occurs due to the usage of various materials in the process of assembly; thus, you can expect your home laptop to be made mostly out of plastic while your business variant should have more metal parts that support stability. If you desire to find additional info on particular business models, feel free and visit www.viphouse.rs

Apart from the computer case, there is a noticeable difference in the keyboards. Home laptop versions are not designed to provide your fingers with a special treatment while you can expect to be capable of using a business laptop’s keyboard with ease and for longer periods without getting your fingers tired. Although it might not seem as big of a deal, this particular feature makes a huge difference when it comes to a whole-day typing session.

Screen Quality

Hopefully, you do not have to stare at your laptop screen at home for long hours, but in most cases, that is the case at the office. In order to help their users not to get tired after long working sessions with their laptop in front of them, producers have paid special attention to business laptop’s screen features. What is also important to highlight is the anti-glare technology that prevents the reflection of the screen which enables a more quality picture and better working conditions. Although there are also home laptops with this tech implemented, it is considered a standard in the business world.

Warranty Period

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Apart from the characteristics and the design, another thing that makes a business laptop a totally different device than a home one is the assurance period which guarantees you will be either compensated with a device of the same quality or that your money would be returned to you if the product fails to deliver as advertised. Surely, you can ask for a refund or compensation if the official service fails to fix the potential issue you could be experiencing, but the catch is that with home laptops a warranty period is no longer than 1 year, while you can expect your business laptop’s guarantee to last for 3 whole years.


Although it might be sufficient to talk about the price difference between a home and a business laptop, it is one of the most pronounced diversity factors regarding the aforementioned two. Reasonably, home laptops cost significantly less than their business counterparts, but that does not mean they are not appropriate for certain purposes. On the other hand, although the price of some business laptop models might seem a bit exaggerated, you should always get to know a particular product before judging it solely because of the price tag attached to it. The point of acquiring any model is to find the perfect solutions for your needs, so seeking the actual characteristics instead of asking for the price in the first place should be a good way to start searching for the laptop machine for your cause.

We are sure that you have been aware that there were some major differences between home and business laptop models, and hopefully, we have appointed you to what they are. If you are having any second thought about how much money to spend on a laptop, try reading the section about the price once again. After all, they say that the only good laptop is the one you just bought from a store, so if you are going for a brand-new model and believe the statement, then you have nothing to worry about.