How Custom Stickers Can Boost Your Sales And Brand Awareness – 2024 Guide

Marketing is a crucial part of any business. When you start your business, it is very important to create brand awareness in the very beginning. It is necessary to draw people’s attention to your brand and inform them about your business and products and/or services. In this modern age, everyone is relying on online marketing, which is completely logical, considering the fact that technology is the number one tool. However, there are also offline tools that can be useful when working on creating brand awareness. Stickers are one of them. Well-designed promo stickers are a great way to improve your marketing, reach more people, and therefore customers. Here is how custom stickers can boost your sales and brand awareness.

1. They can help you stand out

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Nowadays, many companies do pretty similar jobs and offer similar services, and this is the case for almost any industry. In such a crowded market, you need something that will make your brand stand out. Custom stickers can help you with that. When you have a stand-out factor, you can draw the attention of a much larger number of people to your business and they will remember it much faster. If you are creative, why not use your creativity to create something striking and different? Striking stickers with an authentic design will be very eye-catching, especially when it comes to children. Depending on what your business is about, you can fully customize the graphics stickers and achieve the effect you envisioned. Besides being able to express yourself, creating custom stickers will boost your business and brand awareness. The competition will have no chance.

2. Stickers can provide information about the product

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Another good side of using custom stickers is that they can contain more information about your product. If there are some interesting facts about your product that you would like to inform your potential customers about, stickers are a great way to achieve that. Why? Keep one thing in mind: if you want people to read what is written on the product, you must first attract their attention.

And when the product is on the shelf in the supermarket among thousands of others, it is not easy to achieve this. That’s why interesting stickers can be a good way to interest people, who will then read the information about your product that you listed on the sticker. This can be an additional incentive for them to buy your product. And when they are convinced of the quality of the product, they will continue to buy it.

3. Stickers can support the rest of your marketing strategy

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Custom stickers are sometimes enough on their own to achieve phenomenal marketing and achieve amazing results. Some companies like Pedigree or Reddit are good examples of a great marketing strategy with custom stickers. Of course, this is not the case with everyone, so sometimes the stickers themselves cannot make a significant boom. However, they can be a good support to the rest of your marketing strategy. How? For example, you can offer your potential customers free stickers in exchange for their email addresses. And we all know how important email addresses can be when we try to advertise our products. Creating an optimal email list can significantly boost your business and raise awareness about your brand.

Of course, in this case, it is very important that the stickers look interesting and attractive because otherwise, people will not be interested enough to give you personal information like this. If you are put off by this idea because you think you will have to give a lot of money, we must dissuade you. At you can find very cheap custom stickers that your future customers will adore. When they see the creative stickers you’ve made for them, they’ll be happy to give you their email address, and it’s up to you to find your way to their heart afterward. Don’t limit yourself to just one strategy, but use the combination that will bring you the best results. It is important to understand what works for your business and take advantage of it.

4. People love stickers

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Finally, let’s not forget a very important thing – the emotional component of marketing that leads to much higher sales. What does this mean? This means that it is necessary to provoke emotion in people if you want to raise their awareness of your brand and nudge them into buying your product. One of the positive sides of custom stickers is that they can evoke strong emotion and lead to a much better connection with your future customers. Depending on how you design the stickers, you can make people laugh or feel compassion, love, enthusiasm, or any other emotion you want to provoke. It is up to you to decide which way you want to go. With a little creativity, you can achieve emotional reactions that will surely lead to the purchase of your product and a huge interest in your brand.

Also, don’t forget that people like stickers. Have you noticed that? Interesting stickers seem more like a gift instead of aggressive marketing with a goal to increase sales. While that may be your ultimate goal, people don’t feel that way, and that’s the most important thing. This is a much softer approach that works better for most people because they don’t feel like you’re forcing them to buy something from you. Instead, they often feel the need to buy from you (consciously or unconsciously) as a token of gratitude for receiving the gift. See how effective custom labels can be in attracting customers and raising awareness about your brand.


If you are starting your business, keep in mind that it is vital to raise awareness about your brand. Of course, nowadays, online tools are number one, because we live in a time when technology dominates our lives. But don’t forget the offline tools that can also help you with marketing and boost your sales. Interesting custom stickers are a great way to get people interested in your business, connect with them, and subtly get them to try your product. And once they are convinced of its quality, they will come back again and again.