6 Tips on How to Choose The Best Social Media Platform for Marketing Your Business?

Social media marketing has seen an unprecedented boom in the last couple of years like never before. More and more businesses are moving online while maintaining their strong offline base. But, it is often a hurdle for new businesses or businesses with no digital presence to choose an ideal platform for their marketing.

There are numerous social media platforms and figuring out which platform serves the best purpose of the business is a tough nut to crack.

However, there are a few tips and tricks to find out what works in your favor. If you are confused about which one to choose before embarking on your digital journey, this article is specially written for you. Keep scrolling to know more.

Despite knowing your ideal platform, not all times luck works in your favor. But, a perfect social media strategy coupled with marketers can save you from a huge social media crisis. Instant-Famous.com is one such savior to growing digital businesses.

Tips to choose right social media platform:

1. Define your audience:

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The first step you must take before choosing a social media platform for you is to define your target audience. It becomes easy for you to filter the available platforms.

A few questions like “Who is my product or service about?” “Who will need my product or service the most?” “What is my product or service goal?” helps you understand who you should target. Not everyone is present on all social media platforms. If you start with all the platforms available that may lead to burnout.

Also, defining your target audience and target platforms increases your RoI and Conversion rate. Hence, it is essential to demarcate your target audience to choose the right social media platform for your marketing.

2. Choose a platform:

Although all social media platforms allow content marketing and all the other types of marketing, specific marketing content goes well with only some social media platforms. Hence, it is important to define your marketing goals and formats as well.

Make sure the marketing platform you have chosen aligns with the social media platform content format. For example, Instagram is the best choice for influencer marketing, whereas Youtube is better for lengthy video marketing.

Even Tik Tok is a clever choice for influencer marketing. Thus, marketing format plays a vital role in choosing a social media platform that defines your business’s goal well.

3. Consider your target audience:

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Not everyone is present on all social media platforms. While Pinterest is famous among the female user base, TikTok is the best choice to target Gen Z teens. Hence, it is better to study and analyze the social media platform demographics before stepping into the social media space.

This can be done by studying the industry or platform analytics or by manual observations as well. Make sure the platform you have chosen has plenty of room for you to reach out to your target audience.

Ensure your target audience are present on the platform you have chosen. Your marketing efforts are difficult to pursue without knowing your goals and objectives and whom you are selling and targeting.

4. Competitor research:

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One wise way to choose an ideal platform for your marketing endeavors is to research where your competitors are actively present. Your target audience will probably be on the platform where your competitors are.

Although this cannot opt as an alternative step to analyzing your target audience, it can complement your efforts in choosing the right platform for your digital goals. Hence, analyze the presence and active participation of your competitors on social media platforms to come to a conclusion.

5. Align your business goals with digital goals:

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One common mistake all marketers do is ignoring their goals. It is crucial to align your business and digital goals to make sure you end up on the right platform with the right digital marketing strategy. Also, assess if the platform you have chosen helps you to represent your business in the best way possible. Also, try seeking expert advice if you are stuck somewhere.

Also, make sure your competitors and target audience are already present on the chosen platform. Without having your target audience, marketing is like shooting in the dark, which means you won’t get any profitable outcome despite putting in significant efforts.

6. Nature of the business:

The nature of the business plays a huge role in deciding the right platform for your marketing goals. While Instagram is a good place for cosmetic and other beauty-related marketing, Linkedin supports B2B and B2C businesses well.

However, these are not the only ones the respective platforms support. They can encourage other products and services too but, you need extensive research and data to come to a conclusion about what works best for your nature of the business.

By analyzing the nature of your business, you should assess the category your product or service falls under, the goal of your business, the goals of your marketing efforts, and your ultimate business goals to come to a final decision.


Social media marketing has become an essential part of marketing for businesses these days. However, marketing online without a strategy and in an unorganized fashion is a disaster.

As there is already a lot of competition and an overwhelming crowd online, it is difficult to make your voice heard. Hence, properly demarcating your digital goals, audience, and platforms can help you market better and in a targeted way.

In this digital era, it is almost impossible to survive the market competition without hopping on the social media marketing trend.

Although the traditional marketing style continues to support the business objectives, social media marketing holds more potential as compared to other marketing types and trends.

Hence, it is essential to have a strong social media presence. But, before that, a robust strategy is necessary to thrive in the digital space, without which no matter how strong your efforts are, they are just futile.