50 Top NDA Interview Questions and Answers

NDA Interview Questions and Answers

1. Why are you willing to join the Army?
Most regularly raised a query for NDA NA applicants during the individual meeting is why you want to be a part of the defense sector. As the applicants will be participating in their first meeting, this query is the most predicted query. So you need to get ready your purpose properly. Few applicants say that they want to work for the nation and few say that the dress (Standard uniform) feels them pleased and proud, for few applicants cash is also the purpose behind becoming a member of Native Indian Armed Forces.

2. Can you give the ranks of the Air force or for Army and Navy?
Applicants have a choice to apply for the Army, Air Force, or Navy Departments at the time of filing application for the NDA. Selection of the cadre is a bit challenging for the science students as they feel more responsible for the post compared to the Arts Students.

3. Tell about the Indian Army’s important operations?

  • Candidates who prefer to join NDA should come prepared to give the correct answers to the questions shot by the NDA officials during the interview.
  • These support the candidates to get selected for the SSB meetings and personal Interview process. They should be cautious that NDA officials can query about the importance of Nation and achievements of the NDA team.

4. What is meant by AFSPA?

  • AFSPA means Armed Forces Acts of the Parliament of India which has the power to grant additional powers to the IAF in distributed areas according to the act and terms.
  • In short, it’s a collective name for the Acts passed by the Indian Parliament to serve the Jawans and officials for their action to eradicate evil in the society in distributed areas and provide legal immunity to the NDA officers.

5. What is IOR give a brief of it?
IOR stands for the Interoperable Object Reference in Indian Army. The term also has other meanings such as Indian Ocean Region, Investigator of Record, Issue of Requisition, Immediate Operational Requirement and Indian Other Rank.

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6. When and how the Indian army/air force day celebrated in the Nation?
Every year Indian Army celebrates October 8th as Air Force Day this year it falls on Sunday. The celebration of Air Force Day was started from the year 1932 as its prime responsibility in terms of security and to carry aerial warfare in the clashing time. It’s a remarkable history that the Army fought with Pakistan, China, and other 2 wars too. The Indian Air Force played a vital role in blocking the Burma and Japanese Army during World War II.

7. What do you know about the AGNI missile?

  • Agni-V missile is developed by DRDO officials who are expanded as Defence Research and Development Organisation of India.
  • Agni missile is nothing but solid fueled Intercontinental ballistic missile which has expanded Indians to reach 5500 km away strike targets.

8. Do you know about the Indo-Pak Wars and the reason behind them?
There are numerous reasons behind the war between India and Pakistan one among them is the Kashmir Problem. When both the countries got independence Kashmir was under Maharaja Hari Singh who happens to be the Hindu ruler though Kashmir is a Muslim dominated area. At that time Pakistan has sent its tribal armies near the capital state Srinagar. Hence from then, there was a war between India and Pakistan. Sharing River waters is also one among the disputes between the two countries.

9. What is the job of a pilot and define the significance of G-Force?
G- Force is nothing but an attractive force caused due to gravity by the acceleration of one by another object. It’s a simple way to increase the apparent weight by decreasing negative G-Force.

10. What are you if you are not into NDA and define why you choose army?
I prefer to be a part of NDA as it is a place to learn how to perform well by handling pressures along with the self-satisfaction of serving Mother India. It is the best opportunity to build the best career and be fit till death kisses you in person.