100 Top SAP PS Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

SAP PS Multiple Choice Questions :-

1. With reference to Organization Assignments in Project Systems, which of the following statements
are true?
a. Controlling Area & Company Code assignments is mandatory at Project Definition level.
b. Currency can be changed Only if the controlling area does not allow different company code currencies.
c. Business area assignment is mandatory at Project Definition level.
d. Profit center assignment is mandatory at Project Definition level.
Answer: a, b

2. All the currency-dependent data in the Project System is managed in three different currencies in parallel. These are;
a. Business Area Currency
b. Controlling area currency
c. Object Currency
d. Transaction currency
Answer: b, c, d

3. Project System has its own Organizational structure, which can be a matrix structure.
a. True
b. False
Answer: B

4. Workforce Planning in Project Systems, allows you to assign certain HR resources to activities of a project. Which of the following can be assigned?
a. Person
b. Organizational units
c. Jobs
d. Positions
Answer: a, b, d

5. What are the pre-requisites for distributing work to HR Resources?
a. In Customizing for the Project System, you must have defined profiles for workforce planning in Resources.
b. Assigned work centers to the internally processed activities.
c. Assigned one or more labor capacity to a work center.
Answer: a, b

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6. Which Organization element is mandatory for Creation of the Project Definition in SAP PS ECC?
a. Controlling Area
b. Controlling Area and Company Codec
. Controlling Area and Plant
d. Controlling Area, Company Code and Proj Currency
Answer: a

7. Which of the following are possible user exits that can be used while processing materials from the Project Systems?
c. CNEX0015 — EXIT_SAPLCN10_002
Answer: a, b, c

8. With reference to material requirements in Project System (PS-MAT), which of the following statements are true?
a. 9999 components may be created per network.
b. Project System supports consignment stock.
c. Component scrap is considered during the BOM explosion.
Answer: A

9. Could a user with Access Control List (ACL) authorization ‘Read’ lock a project?
a. Yes
b. No
Answer: A

10. How many levels of WBS elements can be created in Project Systems module?
a. 999
b. 256
c. 99
d. 255
Answer: D