100 Top Dreamweaver Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Dreamweaver Multiple Choice Questions:-

1. How many Sites can you define with one copy of Dreamweaver installed on your computer?
A. unlimited
B.  2
C.  10
D.  999
Ans: A

2. What do you add to a template in order to control where page content goes?
A.  Text Frames
B.  HTML Controllers
C.  Editable Regions
D.  Page Content Controllers
Ans: C

3. Which of the following is NOT a Style?
A. Linked
B. Embedded
C. Inline
D. Orthogonal
Ans: D

4. Which of the following is NOT a Hotspot tool?
A. Orthogonal Hotspot Tool
B. Rectangular Hotspot Tool
C. Oval Hotspot Tool
D. Polygon Hotspot Tool
Ans: A

5. Which of the following is not supported by older browsers?
B. Layers
C. Frames
D. All of the above
Ans: D

6. Which of the following is the HTML tag to start a Heading Level 3?
A. <H3>
B. </H3>
C. <#H3>
D. <H3/>
Ans: A

7. Which type of style should you use if you want to use the formats on multiple pages?
A. Linked
B. Embedded
C. Inline
D. Orthogonal
Ans: A

8. When you create a “recipient” hidden field for a form, which of the following is the ONLY correct way to type the word “recipient?”:
A. Recipient
B. <recipient></recipient>
C. recipient
Ans: C

9. Which file controls how your frames will appear?
A. Frameset
B. Master Document
C. Template
D. Timeline
Ans: A

10. What can’t layers do if you want to convert them to tables?
A. Be close
B. Contain a Color
C. Be larger than the target table
D. Overlap
Ans: D

11. The trick to getting a ball to bounce around a Web page is to:
A. Add AnimationBounce layers
B. Add keyframes to the timeline
C. Add Bounce parameters to the Object properties
D. Dreamweaver does not support animation… use Flash instead
Ans: B

12. By default, what’s the Fps shown on the timeline?
A. 15
B. 1
C. 20
D. huh?
Ans: A

13. When you swap images, it’s best if:
A. The images are the same “Mime” type
B. The images are the same color
C. The images are the same size
D. You use the “Constrain” tool
Ans: C

14. Which of the following is false?
A. The Site Map can be saved as an image
B. You can FTP files using Dreamweaver
C. You can create forms in Dreamweaver
D. None of the above
Ans: D

15. Which of the following is NOT a Page Property?
A. Title
B. Tracing Image
C. Margin Width
D. Timeline
Ans: D

16. Dreamweaver users work in the Document Window using one of how many views?
A.  3
B.  5
C.  2
Ans: A

17. The general definition of a(n) ____ is a set of linked documents with shared attributes, such as related topics, a similar design, or a shared purpose.
A.  index
B.  website
C.  Internet
D.  Homepage
Ans: B

18. ____ provides the largest text.
A.  H6
B.  24
C.  H1
D.  Bold
Ans: C

19. Dreamweaver’s ____ feature allows users to select colors and make perfect color matches.
A.  Color Cube
B.  Palettes
C.  HTML view
D.  Eyedropper
Ans: D

20. The W and H boxes in the Property inspector indicate the width and height of an image, in
A.  inches
B.  pixels
C.  points
D.  millimeters
Ans: B

21. A subfolder is a folder inside another folder.
A.  True
B.  False
Ans: A

22. A Web site’s home page is normally named home.htm or home.html
A.  True
B.  False
Ans: B

23. _________ view is a hand-coding environment for writing and editing code.
A.  Design
B.  Split
C.  Code
Ans: C

24. ________ images are used to add texture and interesting color to a Web page.
A.  Clip Art
B.  Animated
C.  Background
D.  Cropped
Ans: C

25. In the __________ mode, you create tables by drawing them.
A.  Layout
B.  Expanded
C.  Standard
Ans: A

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26. A ___________ is a vertical collection of cells in a table.
A.  Row
B.  Column
C.  Table ID
Ans: B

27. A _____________ is the container/intersection where a row and column meet in a table.
A.  tag
B.  table ID
C.  link
D.  cell
Ans: D

28. A ___________ can connect users to a place on the same web page or place on another site.
A.  root folder
B.  typeface
C.  text editor
D.  hyperlink
Ans: D

29. In order to define a site, users must create a both a ___________ and ____________.
A.  domain name / IP address
B. login/password
C.  site name/home page
D.  site name/root folder
Ans: D

30. Which of the following is NOT a valid reason for defining a local site in Dreamweaver?
A. To enable Dreamweaver to create relative links between documents
B. To enable Dreamweaver to display all your sites files in the ‘Files Panel’
C. To provide details of your Web server so that you can upload your site
D. To allow Dreamweaver to conduct link checking between documents
Ans: C

31. To view and change current formatting for selected objects or text, you would use:
A. Insert bar
B. Property Inspector
C. File Panel
Ans: B

32. You can insert dates into your web page that will automatically be updated whenever you save the page.
A. True
B. False
Ans: A

33. To insert a special character, what category on the Insert bar do you use?
A. Common
C. Text
Ans: C

34. Which panel can be used to manage and create new sites?
A. Files
B. Application
C. Tag Inspector
Ans: A

35. What should the home page of your site be named?
A. home.html
B. Anything you want to name it
C. index.html
Ans: C

36. Cell padding determines the number of pixels between adjacent cells.

Ans: B

37. Which graphics format can you Not insert into your web page?
A. bump
B. gif
C. png
Ans: A

38. Which view must you be in to draw out a table visually?
A. Standard
B. Layout
C. Table
Ans: B

39. Formatting using CSS styles allows each individual’s browser to control the way your page is displayed.
A. True
B. False
Ans: B

40. What is the proper way to manually type an email link?
A. email:[email protected]
B. mailto:[email protected]
C. mail:[email protected]
Ans: B

41.    The latest version of Dreamweaver is:
A.     Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5
B.     Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
C.     Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
D.     Macromedia Dreamweaver 8
Ans: A

42.    Dreamweaver is sold by what software company:
A.    Adobe
B.    Macromedia
C.    Microsoft
D.    No company, the program simply appeared one day on the web.
Ans: A

43.    You can use Dreamweaver to create:
A.    HTML, XML, and CSS files
B.    PHP, Java, and ASP.NET
C.    The new space-time continuum format STCML
D.    all of the above, except the space-time continuum thing…
Ans: D

44.    HTML tags are surrounded by:
A.    brackets < … >
B. parenthesize ( … )
C.    quote marks ” …”
D.    Fire-breathing dragons who try to keep you away from tags
Ans:  A

45.    You can save images for the Web in these formats:
B.    PSD, Tiff
C.    Flickr
D.    ftp, Fla, jsp
Ans: A

46.    The first page of a web site should most commonly be named:
A.    home.html
B.    index.html or default.htm depending on the server
C.    MySite.html
D.    Something cool, so the other sites will not make fun of it
Ans: B

47.    The </h1> is an opening tag.
A.    True
B.    False
C.    Do I have to learn HTML tags?
D.    Close your darn tags! Were you born in a barn?
Ans: B

48.    Bonus question: What is the refrain of the pop hit single Dreamweaver by Gary Wright
A.    Tomorrow, tomorrow, there’s always tomorrow…
B.    You never count your money …
C.    Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away…
D.    Dream Weaver, I believe you can get me through the night
Ans: D

49. What option in the Target pop-up menu is chosen to open a linked document in a new browser window while keeping the current window available?
A. _top
B. _self
C. _blank
D. _parent
Ans: C

50. What does the asterisk after the file name in the document title bar signify?
A. document is untitled
B. page is not located within the site
C. the extension to the file name has not been specified
D. unsaved additions or deletions were made to the page
Ans: D

51. Using Dreamweaver, it is possible to convert layers to tables and tables to layers.
B. False
Ans: A

52. What describes the correct way to create a page layout that always fills the browser window, no matter what size window the viewer has set?
A. Add a spacer image to the table.
B. Create the table cell with a percentage width in the HTML.
C. Use the Dreamweaver Autostretch option to set the table width to resize automatically.
D. Create a fixed width table that corresponds with the specific numeric width of the viewer’s browser.
Ans: C

53. Selecting header in the Property inspector for a given table’s cell makes that content (Choose two)
A. bold and centered in most browsers
B. justified in all browsers
C. a <th> element
D. bold and italicized in most browsers
E. left-justified in all browsers
Ans: C

54. A template can be modified after documents have been created based on the template.
A. True
B. False
Ans: A

55. What accurately describes the way templates work in Dreamweaver? If a template file is opened you can edit
A. nothing in the file, unless no pages have been created from the template.
B. everything in the file.
C. any editable region.
D. anything in the file, but only in Code View.
Ans: B

56. What happens when content in <DIV> tags is viewed with 3.0 versions of  Netscape?
A. No content is displayed at all.
B. The content looks the same as it does in any other browser.
C. The content is only displayed if the visible attribute is set to true.
D. The content appears in the same location as where the <DIV> tags appear in the code.
Ans: D

57. The behaviors that come with Dreamweaver were written to work in all browsers.
A. True
B. False
Ans: B

58. What panel is used to change the event that triggers an image swap?
A. CSS Panel
B. Assets Panel
C. Frames Panel
D. Objects Panel
E. Behaviors Panel
Ans: E

59. What is one way you change the color of the text in Dreamweaver 4.0?
A. Highlight the text and then select: Edit>Font>Color from the menu
B. Highlight the text and select a new color with the Color Picker in the Properties panel
C. You are unable to change the text color in Dreamweaver, it can only be changed in the HTML
D. Highlight the text and change the color in the Objects panel
Ans: B

60. Bullets in unordered lists can only be circles.
A. True
B. False
Ans: B