Best Volleyball Bookies + Tips

Betting on Volleyball means betting on the power of teamwork. But why? Collectivity is the essence of this sport. Volleyball stands out more for the group than for the individuality of the athletes.

During the Olympics, the sport stands out for the quality of the teams. So, it’s worth checking the best betting sites with high odds and, if you like faster competitions, give your guesses!

In this article, you will understand how to bet on Volleyball and earn profits with the sport! We would like to thank author Kate Richardson, specialist on sports betting on site, for helping with the betting tips for volleyball.

Volleyball Betting Sites

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Finding a bangladeshi bet site that offers Volleyball events is easy. Today, practically all of them have at least one competition of this sport. This does not mean that the odds for all bookies are good. Or that they all have good bonuses or good deposit and withdrawal policies.

The 5 bookmakers listed below are some of the best in Volleyball betting options, as they stand out from most competitors:

  1. 1xbet
  2. Bet365
  4. Betway
  5. Megapari

Most Important Competitions

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The most important competitions in Volleyball involve international teams. They usually occur every 4 years. Not that National League is unimportant. They are but serve a lot as a basis for revealing new athletes for the country’s national team.

Pay attention to the Volleyball calendar. Bookmakers offer events from the main international tournaments, but not always from the national ones.

In general, the biggest competitions in the sport are:

  • Olympics
  • Women’s and Men’s European League
  • Women’s and Men’s Nations League

There are many teams who usually stand out in most competitions. Brazil, for example, always has good results in the Nations League, both in women’s or men’s competition. Other powerful teams are: Russia, France (men’s), Serbia, United States, Italy (women’s) and Poland (men’s).

That is why it is important to know which teams are involved in the competition and analyze which ones have the biggest chances of winning that event.

Betting markets

We can consider volleyball an easy sport to be understood on mightytips. Inside the court, the game variations are not many. Despite this, the variety of betting markets is quite high. You can place different types of bets in relation to points and sets.

There is also the possibility of guessing the winner of a competition or a match. Or, who knows, on specific issues within a game. So there’s no doubt about betting on Volleyball, check out the competition’s top 10 betting markets!

1. Moneyline


Certainly the most common market. This is the simplest bet there you will find on betting sites. On this market, you have to guess who will be the winner of a specific match.

It is important to point out that there is no tie in Volleyball. For this reason you will not find the 1×2 market in bookmakers. Which means you can only bet on team 1 or team 2.

2. Handicap on Sets

In Volleyball there is usually a very favorite team, especially in international matches.

In such cases, Moneyline odds can be low. Which, for some players, turns out to be unattractive.

An alternative is to use a Handicap!

You can handicap the favorite in order to increase your odds a bit and make the bet more valuable. On it, you are going to put a disadvantage on points to the favorite team. So, for you to win the bet they will have not only to win the set, but to win with a certain difference.

If you bet on a -5.5 Handicap, it means that the team needs to win the set with at least 6 points of advantage against their rivals. If you are sure that it wins overcoming the applied disadvantage, using this market is certainly an option to consider.

3. Total Match Sets

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The total of sets is the Over/Under of Volleyball. You can bet that the game will go below 4.5 or above 4.5, for example.

If you bet on under 4.5, it means that you are expecting the game to finish with a 3×0 or maybe a 3×1. However, when you choose the over 4.5, the game will have to reach the extra set and finish 3×2. Remember that, in this kind of bet, it doesn’t matter which team wins the sets or the match. The only thing that matters is the amount of sets.

Best Volleyball Bookmakers

There are many options of good bookmakers for you to choose, however it is important to take some things into consideration when actually considering a bookie among the best options for volleyball.

The best volleyball bookmakers offer you a good variety of competitions, not only the international events but also national leagues for you to follow and place your bets. Other important things to consider are the bonuses, the odds and the extra features offered by the bookie. The more positive things they have in their favor, the best is the bookmaker for volleyball bets.

Volleyball stands out for the importance of the community. Above all what counts is teamwork.

In Football, Messi can catch the ball from before the midfield and score a goal. In Basketball, LeBron can hit a basket on his side of the court. But in Volleyball, the real aces stand out in the set. Individual talent 100% serves the group.

In this sense, a positive point of Volleyball is that some games can be predictable. Mainly involving national teams. This modality combines very well with the use of statistics. Knowing how to interpret them can lead you to several successful guesses.

It should be noted that volleyball also has value in live betting. This type of bet can make things easier in very close matches.