8 Underrated Casino Movies You Really Need to See

People get inspired to try gambling from different sources, one of them being the movies, of course. There have been quite a lot of movies on this topic that have managed to get the attention of the audience and earn big money. But there are also those underrated, that deserved to get much more attention and money.

Since this activity has become so popular today, mainly because of online gambling, we give you a list of all those films you simply have to watch and see how characters in the movies have been portraying skillful and famous gamblers. Each of those we are going to mention deserves to be on your movie nights list if you share the same passion for dice.

1. 21

You don’t have to be a genius to guess what this movie is about. The game of blackjack, of course. It is based on a true event, and it tells the story of a group of talented students who are taught by their math teacher how to count cards in this famous game. They try to use their new knowledge, where else but Vegas to earn large sums of money. What follows is a dramatic story of hedonism, betrayals, and passion with a lot of adrenaline-pumping situations.

2. The Sting

If you enjoy old movies here is the one with a famous pair of actors, who have often shared the screen, Newman and Redford. They play two swindlers, one of whom is a professional and the other a beginner in this craft. Their common target is a criminal “boss” who loves to gamble. Gambling movies rarely have as many twists and turns as this one, and the attempted con that this acting duo pulls off earns this movie the third spot on our list.

3. The Hustler

Again, one of the movies, starring Newman. Probably from a time when online gambling was still science fiction, and one could only dream of being able to play games like pokies via https://www.casinoranking.lv/online-pokies/ .

The main character is an aspiring pool player who wants to test his skills against one of its legends. Unsuccessful at first, he decides to accept the ruthless mentorship of a guy who wants to make him the player he once was. This is one of those films that describe how the pool was once played for money behind closed doors, and also about the beginning of gambling in the USA.

4. Casino

All those gamblers at heart, and those interested in the topic simply cannot pass the chance to watch this movie, as it is legendary. Perhaps the most famous of all time. It’s about the casino scene in Las Vegas, which is largely controlled by the mafia. A mafia-connected casino owner, and a slightly psychotic usurer whose behavior begins to threaten their lives.

5. Seabiscuit

Although not focused on gambling, it tells a charming rags-to-riches story of a jockey, a trainer, and a horse. The main character, a depressed person down on his luck, gets one possible takeaway in life; an apparently useless horse found by a cowboy trainer. He finds an incredible jockey who continues to guide the horse to numerous victories in one of the great underground stories of the twentieth century.

6. Rounders

This American film presents a young guy who is a gifted poker player. He loses all his money in one game and decides to stop gambling and devote himself to studying law. His attempt to live a normal life is presented, until the moment when his best friend finds himself in big money problems, clashing with the gangsters to whom he owes. Then the only way to get the much-needed money is to return to gambling.

Besides these blockbusters, there are a couple of documentaries worth watching on the subject.

7. The stake (Ulog)

Source: medium.com

A documentary feature film based on true stories of people who were in a gambling hell. The very beginning of the film is a true story written from the car on the mobile phone of a guy who shared his experience on a gambling forum. The film features young people from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia who talk about their lives and how they solved their gambling problems. The film is of an educational nature.

8. Life on the line

It features many top names from the sports betting scene, including professional gamblers. The film’s theme is the high-stakes professional betting that takes place around the Super Bowl and offers an exclusive inside look at a world usually closed to the public.

We did say in the beginning how most people find it inspiring to gamble when watching movies on the subject, hence this article should also have a disclaimer, warning you that you should pay special attention to where you gamble. The Internet has greatly changed the way we live, work, shop, have fun… What was once considered suspicious and fraudulent activities today represent some of the biggest online services we know. Online gambling and all related industries have also experienced remarkable growth and their popularity is increasing manifold every year.

When playing online casino games, you are primarily in a safe environment, your home, your car, or elsewhere. The degree of anonymity is obviously extremely high in contrast to going to a real casino facility, which in itself is an additional point to ensure your privacy. Games are extremely easy to access on a whole range of devices, so the online industry is growing dramatically, which brings with it a very competitive environment that benefits players.

It is especially important to maintain a high level of self-control. Because of its availability, it can be easy for a person to get carried away and lose quite a lot of money. That is why one should make a plan and stick to it – never gamble with more than what you are ok with losing, and never get the situation of losing to frustrate you to the point when you start chasing losses.