10 Major Things to Avoid After a Car Accident

Car accidents can happen in the blink of an eye and sometimes at no fault of your own. Getting into an auto accident can be quite stressful both mentally and physically.

You should know what you should do after an auto accident, like reporting your accident and seeking help for your injuries. You should also know what not to do and avoid after a car accident.

Here are the things that you should definitely not do in an auto accident so that the case is handled fairly and you are compensated in case of being a victim.

1. Leaving the Accident Scene

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Driving away from the accident scene should definitely be avoided as it is considered a crime in many countries. When involved in an auto accident, it is important to stop your vehicle and evaluate the situation, no matter which party is at fault.

Trying to leave the scene without proper evaluation by the police can result in punishment as either a misdemeanor or felony charge.

2. Not Collecting Information

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One huge mistake some make after an auto accident is not collecting information on the other party involved and how the accident occurred.

Make sure to get the personal and insurance information of everyone involved. You can gather evidence from the nearby drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians to help you prove your injury claim. For this, you can seek professional help from St Petersburg car accident lawyers – https://emersonstraw.com/st-petersburg-car-accident-lawyer/.

3. Not Contacting the Police

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Even after a minor accident, it is important to inform the police or other authorities to ensure the safety of yourself and others on the road. Even if your car crashes with a tree or any other object, broken car pieces can pose a danger to others.

Having police write down the details of an accident report can offer clarity. The report can help you if your case ends up in court. It provides an official record that holds value and has information regarding the situation.

4. Underestimating your Injuries

You may feel shocked by the unfortunate event and depressed when your vehicle is seriously damaged. But that does not mean you neglect your injuries, even if they are minor.

If you or your loved one ends up in an auto accident, get yourself checked out by a doctor. You may not see any apparent injury, but it is critical to check it as it may worsen if untreated. Sometimes head injuries do not show any symptoms until hours or days after the accident.

5. Hesitating to Call Emergency Line

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The top priority should be to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the accident. Make sure to call the emergency number even if you are a bystander. It can save a critical patient from going into more complications.

Call for medical attention even if someone appears to be dizzy or going in and out of consciousness.

Leaving the injured person to deal with the situation first can cause the injury to worsen. In some cases, it can lead to permanent risk or death.

6. Speak to the other Party’s Insurance Company Right Away

Insurance companies most likely reach out to the other parties as soon as possible because they know people are mostly confused right after an accident. The insurance company of the party at fault will try to compensate you with as little amount as possible.

Most people do not know how much worth their claim is after an accident. It is best to go to a car accident lawyer before talking with the insurance company. Moreover, some injuries take days to fully manifest, and it is not known how much you need to be compensated for treatment. So only work things out through your lawyer with the other party involved.

7. Don’t Share Personal Information

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If you are in a car accident, never share your personal information like driving license, contact number, e-mail ID with none other than police officers investigating the scene. You are not liable to provide any information to the other party involved in the accident apart from your insurance provider’s details.

Even after the accident, try not to discuss anything without consulting an attorney. People might try to get information out from you but it can cause trouble if the other party decides to file a case against the accident to claim more charges. In such cases, consulting an attorney will give you a higher chance of defending yourself.

8. Don’t Admit Guilty if it’s not your Fault

After a car accident, you might feel guilty even if it’s not your fault. You are not in the condition to think wisely. But always remember not to admit guilt especially if it’s not your fault. You can show your concern towards the other party if they are injured but don’t forget it can be their fault and they are responsible for this situation.

If you think admitting guilt will settle the situation then you are completely mistaken. If you admit it’s your fault then it can be used against you in the courtroom and you might be punished for no reason which can even lead to imprisonment.

9. Click a Few Pictures of the Accident Scene

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Everyone has the latest smartphone in their pockets which also gives you the privilege to click pictures anytime. If you ever get in a car accident don’t forget to click pictures of the accident scene. This will help you to have proof if the other party held you accountable for the accident to save themselves.

Get some pictures of the damaged vehicles, the accident scene, nearby surroundings, the cause of the accident and a few other pictures that you might feel relevant as proof to prove your innocence in case legal actions are taken against you.

Once you assure everyone is fine and no one is seriously injured, call the police authorities and then start clicking some pictures for proof.

10. Don’t be Aggressive while Handling the Situation

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The most common mistake people make after an accident is handling the situation with aggression. Anger will make things even worse. You cannot force someone to admit fault if they haven’t done anything wrong. It can be a traumatic experience to face a car accident.

First, ensure that you and the people you are travelling with are completely fine and don’t have any internal injuries. Then being a responsible citizen checks on the other party if they are alright. Try to handle things calmly and try to react maturely.

The Bottom-line

Accidents happen all the time. You must be prepared for what to do and the things you must avoid after an accident. Call the emergency number if someone is heavily injured. Don’t ignore your injuries to act cool. Take responsibility if you are guilty and inform the police authorities about the incident.