9 Tips How do You Care For an Indoor Fig Tree – a 2021 Guide

If you’re thinking about adding more plants to your home, you most likely came across the fiddle-leaf fig, a houseplant that is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. This beautiful plant originates from West Africa and it got its name because of its big and curvy leaves that look like a fiddle. However, are these plants … Read more

How Long Does It Take For An Avocado Tree To Bear Fruit – 2021 Guide

For anyone that loves the taste of avocado, planting an avocado tree in your backyard might just be the passion project you need. Sadly, the tree that gives a fruit that most Millennials put on toast doesn’t grow on every continent. This is probably the biggest challenge you’ll face doing your research. The avocado tree … Read more

5 Main Differences Between Cacti And Succulents – 2021 Guide

Speaking of cacti and succulents, we already know these are plants that originate from the desert area. Their most delightful species can be found in the places such as Central and South America, Canada – or in inaccessible tropical rainforests. Even though they are in a similar botanic group – the differentiation among succulents and … Read more